About Us

Fashion is constantly evolving, something that started with conservative couture silhouettes to present where AIs and VRs decide the way we dress. Technology plays a vital role in making fashion more relevant, so is social media. "TheFashionfrill" was initiated when curious souls united by the love for fashion decided to bring their opinions online. We talk about various dynamics of the fashion industry, raising awareness about the topics we believe are important, covering fashion news, and talking about New age fashion and technology especially for the younger fashion enthusiasts, and guiding them about it.


A fashion enthusiast who turned into a full-time Fashion Writer.

Hi guys! I clearly remember I was in 9th grade when I was first introduced to Fashion magazines and I was amazed and how! My curiosity for everything that involves fashion has only evolved as I started working with different brands after I completed my Bachelor's degree. Researching and blogging about fashion was always in my mind which finally took shape of an online site which I am really proud of, hoping to inspire our younger audiences. My love for Fashion and literature has got me to a place where I can boast about being a full-time Fashion Editor. Welcome you guys, I love you all!


A tech-savvy turned into a full-time SEO Strategist.

I was always interested in gadgets and technology, and when I was introduced to the concept of fashion photography is what I believed an art I wanted to create. The curiosity about fashion and my love for fashion and technology has turned me into who I am now. Proudly I can comprehend that 'Nothing has been impossible" for me so far. Being a Web Designer and SEO specialist has been a new experience I am extremely proud of. I hope you like what we do, Thank you!