Best Affordable Jewelry Brands to Shop 2023

Jewelry is the best form of Self Love. Their flexibility of setting right with every outfit that you wear makes your style game top-notch and less of a hassle. 

Shopping for affordable Jewelry Brands to stock your collection without burning a hole in your pocket can be evasive, but we’ve made your hunt for these pieces easier, no matter what!

Trendy, Classics, and Vintage, we’ve listed the best affordable jewelry brands for women inspired by Bella Hadid, Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle that are versatile enough to be carried on an everyday basis and are easy on your pocket!

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22 Best Affordable Jewelry Brands to Shop

These are the Best Listed Affordable Jewelry brands that sell minimal and chic ensembles for all your outfits.

1. Karma and Luck

Karma and Luck

Karma and Luck bring Timeless jewelry and home decor that is carefully designed to bring you more happiness, health, and prosperity. The lifestyle company Karma and Luck was founded to bring greater awareness and purpose into people’s lives every day. Our chic, thoughtful essentials are made to promote your well-being, financial security, and ability to realize your aspirations.

2. Aurate


Sustainability is the future. Aurate Jewelry brings fine sustainable jewelry like bracelets, rings, and pendants at prices that you’ll love. Blood diamonds, sweatshops, environmental harm- these things are the antithesis of Kahn and Ezzahraoui’s business philosophy (the owners). Crafted in NYC, they used 100% recycled gold, and every piece of jewelry is guaranteed for life. 

3. Missoma


Gigi and Bella Hadid, Alexa Chung, and Kate Middleton are among Missoma’s high-profile clients. This British brand’s profile to your Instagram because of their minimalist chain link necklace and great collaboration with Lucy Williams. And you know it’s a winner when you can have matching earlobes with Kate Middleton for just over £100.

4. Anni Lu

Anni Lu

Anni Lu is a kind of eclectic jewelry fairy godmother. We want everything in her line, from her colorful beaded and pearl necklaces to her chunky turquoise bracelets and creative twist on pearl drops, and who can blame us for these eclectic pieces that we’re already vibing on?

5. July Child

July Child

July Child has acquired cult status as the queen of eccentric, colorful jewels, thanks to their rainbow patterns that instantly offer us joy. These puppies will make you feel like a kid all over again, from the brand’s Yin Yang rings to their Little Mermaid-inspired necklaces.

6. Jakdaw Gems

jakdaw Gems

Jakdaw Gems, a one-woman show that crafts the most gorgeous jewelry is another gem that I’ve uncovered in the depths of Etsy. This jewelry line is for those who know their chakras from their amethyst.

7. Rebecca Mae Jewellery

Rebecca Mae Jewellery

Rebecca Mae Jewellery makes handcrafted clay earrings to order and can be found among Etsy’s great pool of independent creators. We adore this brand’s DIY approach, which includes everything from themed Halloween pairs to wacky animal print patterns.

8. Mazza Boutique

Mazza Boutique

Because of its creative designs and celebrity followers, like Bella Hadid, this New York-based jewelry firm has developed a cult following. This is one brand on every chic NYC girl’s radar, from their counterfeit Nike swoosh necklaces to their customized nameplate hoops.

9. Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader

This British brand is well-liked by almost everyone. You can’t go wrong with Monica Vinader’s stylish Alta gold link chains, beaded beach-style bracelets, and Siren green gemstone earrings (which Kate Middleton adores).

10. Daisy London

Daisy London

Daisy London is the place to go if you’re looking for gold jewelry that seems like it came from a flea market. Gold pendants are the brand’s signature item, and we’re sort of smitten with them. The Estee Lalonde T Bar has been spotted by a few beautiful ladies around town.

11. Of Haides

Of Haides

Of Haides, a new kid on the block providing exquisite jewelry that won’t break the bank was created with the designer-inclined in mind. Layering a couple of statement gold necklaces and donning a pair of the brand’s classic hoops will transport you to the Amalfi Coast on a hot summer afternoon.

12. Reliquia


This Australian firm gained cult fame with its £63 spiral gold hoops, which were inspired by antique jewelry. Reliquia is your new go-to if you like pearls, gold pendant chains, velvet headbands, and a luxurious resin purse that we love.

13. Seol + Gold

Seol + Gold

You’ll adore Seol + Gold if you like stacking necklaces and gold signet rings. We’re sort of enamored with this homegrown brand, from their small pendant necklaces and trademark alphabet charms to rings your buddies would envy.

14. Maria Tash

Maria Tash

Maria Tash is the queen of the earring stack and has built a reputation in the industry as the go-to name for celebrities because of her stunning creations. The New York-based designer, who counts Charlize Theron, Zoe Kravitz, GP, Rihanna, and the queen herself, Beyoncé, among her famous clients, held her first pop-up at Liberty London in 2016. 

15. YCL Jewels

Best Affordable Jewelry Brands to Shop 2022

This Australian company will bring a dash of cool to your wardrobe by being responsibly created and handcrafted. YCL Jewels’ hero piece is their popular initial necklace, which is every Insta-girls’ favorite. Known for their classic designs, which are inspired by art in everyday life, and affordable price points!

16. Maria Black

Maria Black

One of our favorite buys from Copenhagen is this little beauty from Maria Black. These lovely items start at roughly £28 and range from their trademark squiggle earrings to their colorful resin drops and gold chains. They are traditional, eccentric, and surprising, everything you need.

17. Astrid & Miyu

Astrid & Miyu

Astrid & Miyu instantly elevates any look that you want in no time. After its launch in 2012, it’s worn by Georgia May Jagger and Pippa Middleton, starting from £29. These dainty pieces are everybody’s favorite!

18. Ania Haie

Ania Haie

Ania Haie is highly inspired by Runway trends, so pick your best pieces that are up to date! Each piece is crafted from 925 sterling silver with rhodium or 14kt gold plating, in the budget you’ll love it!

19. Liars & Lovers

Liars & Lovers

Liars and Lovers curate a beautiful collection of resin hoops to date night diamantés in every style and every budget that suits you. You can also get your ears pierced at the British brand’s Carnaby St store, in case you like to get one.

20. Pandora


Pandora has something for everyone, from beaded birthstone rings to famous charm bracelets and traditional gold pendants. You know it’ll be a hit whether you’re a traditional minimalist looking for a gold ring like the Swirling Lines Ring, £125! Also, the variety will drool your mind for more buys always.

21. Abbott Lyon

Abbott Lyon

Abbott Lyon’s everlasting designs and minimal approach are what you’ll fall in love with. Try their Subtle chokers and Pendants with Initials that give you a 2-year warranty and quality promise. What else do you need?

22. Orelia


This British business began as a passion project in 2007 and has quickly grown in popularity among fashion enthusiasts. Orelia has it all, from classic gold rope chain necklaces to stylish hair accessories.

These budget-friendly accessory brands help you get your hands on some of the best products that are also ideal for gifting purposes.

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