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Best Time to Buy a Diamond Ring for Engagement

If you’re wondering what is the best time to buy a Diamond ring for engagement, I would say anytime but these timezones come with different pros and cons. When to buy an engagement ring can be broadly classified into two timings:

  • During sale seasons
  • Transitional Seasons

1.During Sale Seasons

  • Shopping for a Diamond ring during the sale season can be helpful in only ways that you might a few discounts overall. You can easily shop the best of what you want at discounted prices. 
  • These timings include Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday sale, Valentine’s day sale, Christmas sale, and Mothers day sale. These are a few festive seasons where jewelry brands go on discounts considering that the other brands provide discounts too. 
  • However, High-Value Diamond sellers like the Blue Nile, Whiteflash, James Allen, and Brian Gavin Diamonds will go on a maximum of 20-25% discounts as they have some of the best Diamond rings and there are marginal discounts to them.
  • In case you see brands who go on promotions like 30-50% off is what you need to be aware of as these might not sell the super quality diamonds and intricate settings. Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays have regular sale settings so you can check the designs and setting initially online and then visit the store to buy.
  • During Christmas and Valentine’s day sales, the prices might suddenly hike or simply stick even after going through sale simply because of the rise in demand for the best selling products.

2.During Transitions

The transitional period includes Spring and Autumn. The reason behind mentioning these timezone is very simple.

Their store runs slow on sale hence you can expect much less footfall that will result in you spending more time exploring different brands and different designs. Buying during these seasons has some benefits:

  • You can take your time to understand designs and settings before you buy them.
  • You get to explore more brands at peace.
  • YOu can start visiting stores at this time and when they finally come on sale, you can be the first person to get the best deal.
  • Personalized Customer Experience which on sales will seem quite impossible.

Tips for Buying a Diamond Ring for Engagement?

These are a few points you need to consider before buying an engagement ring:

1.Be patient

Take your time to understand these jewelry pieces as they’re going to be cherished forever. Don’t hesitate to do your research before you shop. Don’t rush!

2.Not all sales are genuine. 

Since I’ve already mentioned to you that brands that offer more sales on these products might not provide you with genuine diamonds. Since Diamonds are not perishable goods, they appreciate value over time, it is recommended to buy genuine diamonds from respected brands.

3.Eye-Clean Diamonds

Look for the most “eye clean” diamonds that you can find. It basically means the diamond has no imperfections to an unraided eye. They offer flawless diamonds with an excellent value for them!

4.Look for Cut Quality

Cut quality is everything. It refers to the four Cs that include cut, clarity, color, and carat. A well-cut diamond shows fewer imperfections, so in case you’re confused in picking up the “Eye clean” context of it, you can focus on Cut Quality.

5.Be friends with terms like Color, Shapes,& Carat 

While exploring different brands keep in mind a few terms very clear. They include Color, Quality, Shapes, Ring style, and the Carat of the Diamond ring. It’s a very important aspect of buying a diamond ring.

6.Keep alternative brands for similar designs

Keep alternatives for the same designs in different brands, compare the prices, the quality, and recheck again and again until you’re convinced.

7.Recheck before you confirm

Always see before buy. By I simply mean that don’t rely on everything that’s shown online. You need to visit and re-visit stores before you finalize one. 

How much should I spend on an Engagement Ring?

It’s difficult to answer how much should you spend on an engagement ring but I have something to tell. “Engagement Budget ring Calculator” helps you get through this tough situation.

Credits to News Blaze, Evan Carmichael, Smarter Ware for bringing this calculator to highlight, it helps you to provide an estimated budget for your ring according to your payscale and expenditures. They’ve created a cool table to explain further details hence I would recommend you to check it out!

Engagement Budget ring Calculator

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