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12 Best Evil Eye Jewelry, Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets for Protection

Ever been curious why evil eye jewelry is so loved by the population? It has a long story coming from the history I am just going to share.

While the youngsters also seem to consider as a trend, you would see many young women flaunting their evil eye jewelry collection. 

Having that said, what is an evil eye? Why does it hold such importance in everybody’s closet?

In this blog, we’re not only going to discuss the importance of Evil Eye jewelry but suggest our favorite affordable Evil eye Jewelry, rings, necklacesbracelets, etc you can use for protection.

12 Best Affordable Evil Eye Jewelry Collection

We bring you one of the best Evil Eye Jewelry collections of Karma and Luck, a spiritual jewelry brand based in Las Vegas, brings handmade and authentic Evil Eye pendants, rings, necklaces, amulets and you’ll be amused by how affordable they are!

Celebrities like Megan Markle, Leonardo Di Caprio, are mostly spotted in Evil Eye red string bracelets which all tend to have additional value.

If you’re looking for affordable evil eye jewelry options for everyday purposes, we’ve got you covered! Here are our top recommendations!

1. Rose Gold Plated Beaded Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Rose Gold Plated Beaded Evil Eye jewelry Charm Bracelet

The Spirit warden evil eye bracelet is specially designed to clear up your mind and provide mental clarity. Wear off all the negative internal and external thoughts and protect yourself from bad energies whatsoever.

Plated with rose gold and black, I think it’s such a beautiful evil eye bracelet for everyday wear as it looks fashionable and well designed too! Style it with a Cheerful Outlook pendant to complete the look.

2. Rose Quartz Diamond Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Rose Quartz Diamond Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

The Emotional healing evil eye bracelet is specially designed to embrace friendship and unconditional love. Wear off all the negativity around you, while healing your mind and low energies.

The rose quartz stones with gold refer to unconditional love, friendship, romance. It’s a beautiful affordable evil eye bracelet that would look amazing for occasion wear! Style it with Divine Empathy to complete the look.

3. Lapis stone Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Lapis stone Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

The Wise Lapis evil eye bracelet is specially designed to embrace your uniqueness in the world. Come on, that blue is striking enough to make a statement without really doing anything!

The lapis stones with gold help you protect yourself from all negative energies. It’s a beautiful evil eye bracelet that would look amazing for occasions and gifting purposes! Style it with Sparkling positivity to complete the look. 

4. Opal Moonstone Evil Eye Charm Necklace

You can also wear statement-making necklaces or just pendants if bracelets are not your thing. The nourishing love necklace listens to your deepest emotions and your unrevealed aspirations.

It has a moonstone, hamsa charm, and an evil eye. What else do you need then? Style it with Free Spirit and Dreamlike Protection to complete the look.

5. Gold Plated Moon Evil Eye Charm Necklace

Another beautiful neckpiece, moon evil eye pendant is everything you want. It’s a classic-looking pendant you can seldom use in your party looks. It has two symbols together, the Crescent Moon and the Evil Eye.

The moon sign represents intuition, balance, progression while the eye wears off the bad energies around you. Pair with Divine Happiness to amp up the look.

6. Pearl Stone Evil Eye Pendant Necklace

The half chain half pearl evil eye pendant is gorgeous evil eye jewelry to have. Pearl Stones represents beauty, intuition, imagination, foresight, and Evil Eye Pendant helps deflect negativity.

It’s a one-of-a-kind Conscious Foresight – Pearl Evil Eye Pendant, and I think it’s gorgeous! Maybe my shopping cart is ready! Style it with Divine light to complete the look.

7. Evil Eye White Green Enamel Gold Ring

Another beautiful ring, this evil eye jewelry is everything you want if you’re subtle in your aesthetic. It helps to wear off any negative thoughts from your mind while protecting you from the outside world too.

The Bliss and protect white and green enamel is great for nature lovers, who want to keep their minds calm. I love this green though! Style it with Defensive Aura to complete the look.

8. Gold Diamond Evil Eye Ring 

Powered by the Talisman symbol Green enamel gold-plated evil eye ring wards off the evil influence in your life.

The Basic Security ring brings the maximum dose of positivity and protection and removes them that can destroy your fortune. The fierce artistic jewelry is plated in 18K Gold and is adjustable!

9. Lapis Evil Eye Silver Cuff Earrings

If you liked the evil eye jewelry pieces up until now, here’s another bomb! Be the fashionista who steals the show even if she’s wearing something, spiritual, legendary, or superstitious!

These ear cuffs will take your heart away. The Lapiz Lazuli stones refer to truth, awareness, and wisdom while protecting you from negative energies. Style it with Express your Truth to complete the look.

10. Red String Enamel Chakra Evil Eye Anklet

The Red string evil eye anklet helps you go with the flow with the energy of each stone of the chakra. It absorbs all the toxic energies and reflects positivity from inside, keeping you protected.

The chakra symbolizes creativity, wisdom, strength. The mighty Evil Eye charms transform the negative forces into positive energies, leading you to success and safety. 

11. Silver Multi Symbol Anklet

This Glorious Destiny Silver multicolored anklet that features the evil eye, the delicate lotus, and the tree of life symbols together bring all negative energies to zero and push positive vibes only.

Lotus Charm depicts enlightenment, new beginnings, fertility adding additional spiritual energies.

12. Blue Topaz Evil Eye Hamsa Layered Necklace

Beacon of Light Blue Topaz hamsa necklace helps ward off all the bad karma and removes negative energies around you.

The combination has its own healing and protection properties with a powerful duo of hamsa and the evil eye.

Blue Topaz Stone represents wisdom, creativity, clarity provides all good vibes!

What is an Evil eye?

An evil eye, usually known as ‘Nazar’ is a legend or a superstitious curse usually given to a person who’s unaware of his envious jealous intentions.

When somebody is envious, or jealous of a person’s name, fame, and wealth when he/she meets them, those feelings create a destructive aura around the person who’s doing good resulting in his downfall.

Some people also believe it is a god’s punishment for being overconfident and proud while some think it happens when there’s too much praise, more than a person deserves.

Why Wear Evil Eye Jewelry?

We wear evil eye jewelry to protect ourselves from negative energies. The evil eye jewelry protects us from evil spirits and bad luck.

There are a lot of great brands that do beautiful evil eye jewelry naming, Karma and Luck, Elevate jewelry co, evil eye store, etc.

What Does It Mean to Wear the Evil Eye?

Wearing evil eye jewelry helps to wear off negative thoughts in your mind while wearing off all harmful vibrations outside. It helps to protect you and your health while also avoiding any bad luck, accidents coming your way.

How Do You Check if the Evil Eye Is on You?

Yes, there’s a way how you can check if there’s any evil eye on you. Put one drop of olive oil in a glass of holy water, in usual conditions the oil drop floats but if it sinks, that means an evil eye is being cast on you.

Evil Eye: History and Origin

The legends of Evil Eye have a long history 3000 years back or in ancient Greece and Rome. It was and still is considered the strongest symbolic image around the world.

While it started in Ancient Greece, it had its importance in many cultures like Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism.

In all cultures, the evil eye is feared, in South India, women wear black paint on their eyelids as evil eyes protect them from evil eyes. 

It is said to be divided into three types, the unconscious evil eye where the person never intends to harm or send destructive vibrations around any successful person.

Second, it happens in a form of an injury and the third one is invisible, the most destructive!

It does make a lot of sense in the current world as the rising in more people getting into social media and becoming celebrities, you tend to be a victim of the Evil Eye.

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