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12 Practical Recycled Canvas Crossbody Bags for Daily use

While there are various sustainable fashion and accessories brands known for manufacturing items in the most ethical ways, we introduce you to Maika Goods for you to check out some amazing varieties of Recycled Canvas handbags.

While creating a sustainable closet, you must be looking for recycled Canvas crossbody bags for daily use that are ethically made that involve taking care of the safety in work environments, supporting local communities, and the most prominent.

The use of recycled techniques for minimum environmental pollution will not only be a sustainable choice but also would be a great style statement. 

Credits to Sustainable fashion bloggers who promote ethical brands and raise awareness about making conscious fashion choices.

Why Choose Maika Goods?

Founded by Viola Sutanto (Designer), Maika Goods‘ accessories are designed for the modern nomads that we are today.

We’re constantly looking for multifunctional products that are sustainably made and Maika checks all the boxes that we listed out! Below are some of the points why we recommend the products listed below.

  • The Designs are simple and functional
  • They’re handmade and each design has a story of its own.
  • They’re colorful, quirky, and preppy, ideal for making style statements.
  • The core material is Recycled Canvas that is sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Even the inks they use are chemical-free.
Recycled Canvas Crossbody Bags

1.Sierra Sling Bag

This hand-drawn, hand-printed cross-body bag is a handbag essential for every day. It has the capacity of holding a phone, iPad, wallet, and keys with an interior zippered pocket, waterproof lining, and Eco-friendly pigment inks. It is everything you need on an everyday basis!

2.Capitola Crossbody Bag

Capitola Crossbody Bag is a hand-painted handsfree bag that fits in all your set of keys inside the interior strap that hooks. Made with sturdy eco-friendly canvas and Vegan Leather Trim. Its waterproof lining helps to wipe moisture easily making it one of the handy crossbody bag choices.

3.Waxed Ash regular Tote Bag

This compact formal tote bag is thoughtfully designed for you to be on the go. It has 3 side interior pockets, a strap + hook for your keys or has hooks onto our pouches, turdy Waxed Canvas for water resistance, vegan leather trim, and Eco-friendly pigment inks. It is one of the best sustainable bag choices for work.

4.Tansy Fanny Pack

The Tansy Fanny Pack is one of the newest editions by Maika, made for artistic women on the go. Its bolder print makes it an ideal situation for a style statement. With 3 interior pockets, an Adjustable strap, and funky design motifs, this completes an ideal bohemian look.

5.Hana Tote Bag

Inspired by the flowers of Japan, Hana, this tote bag can carry all your beach, gym, work, school, and life essentials. It is ethically made from recycled canvas, has waterproof lining making it a safer choice to pick. The bright blue and sunshine yellow make a perfect preppy combination to carry every day!

6.Tansy Commuter Tote Bag

Tansy tote bag is a multipurpose bag as it can be used as both a tote and crossbody bag with a compact design that packs a ton. It has a padded tablet compartment, expandable side pocket, interior pockets, straps, and hook for keys ideal to carry all your essentials at work.

7.Jordaan Tote Bag

Jordaan Carryall tote bag is a multifunctional bag that has enough space for the beach, gym, work, school, and other necessary requirements in your daily life. Inspired by the linear architecture of Jordaan, a neighborhood in Amsterdam, this warm-toned toned handbag is a subtle sustainable addition to your capsule closet!

8.Lemoni Commuter Tote

This Limited Edition Lemon-inspired handmade tote bag is one of the best sellers we have. It’s a double-duty( tote and crossbody bag), thoughtfully designed with expandable side pockets, 3 side interior pockets, strap + hook for your keys is one of our favorites. It’s one of the customers’ favorites as its’ fun and quirky elements make it a customers’ best choice.

Charcoal Commuter Tote Bag

9.Charcoal Commuter Tote Bag

This Waed Gray white striped tote bag is quite a statement piece by Maika. It fits a 13-inch laptop with added internal flaps and pockets, hooks for keys which is all ethically made as it uses a vegan leather strap and pigmented inks for creative designs.

10.Nochi Backpack

Nochi Backpacks are sturdy, stylish, and functional all at the same time making it one of our favorite recommendations. It has a padded laptop compartment that fits up to a 15-inch laptop, Made with sturdy Recycled Canvas and hand-painted grey prints make it an essential choice for everyday chores.

11.Capitola Laptop Backpack

Capitola Laptop Bag by Maika is a multifunctional bag that holds a 15-inch laptop with additional interior pockets for glasses and phones, flaps, with bright yellow watermelon inspired motifs all over making it a colorful and preppy fun choice for carrying your everyday essentials.

12.Waxed Laptop Backpack in Navy

This stylish and multifunctional sustainable laptop backpack can also be carried as a tote bag. Apart from it being a 15-inch laptop, has interior pockets, exterior zippered pockets, and a pen slot, its color, and recycled wax keep it away from getting dirty soon.

These were some of our favorite picks of recycled canvas crossbody bags that you can use regularly without giving a second thought to their longevity.


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