13 Best Red String Bracelet to pick under $100

Ever wondered why Red String Bracelets are gaining so popularity off late? Not that we see celebrities wearing these red string bracelets but also the Millenials and the younger generations seem to enjoy these, making it almost look like a trend. But wait, there’s more to it. Red String bracelets have their significance from the past. 

What is a Red String Bracelet?

While we’ve already discussed the historical significance of the Red String Bracelet, let’s understand what it is. These bracelets consist of a red string, can be of thin wool, or 2-3 threads wrapped together to give an illusion of one, and beads and charms are placed in the center according to different emotions the wearer wants. 

Most of the Red string bracelets have evil eye motifs, chakras, and spiritual motifs, and charms. RED depicts the color of protection, luck, and spirituality while the charms have other energies attached to them.

Why Should we wear Red String Bracelets?

These are the 5 Benefits of wearing spiritual red String bracelets for you to try on:

  1. Protects you from negative energies
  2. It Brings luck in your life.
  3. It adds optimism, confidence, & good vibes
  4. You feel the strength of divine power and serenity.
  5. They have stones that attract abundance and prosperity.

Best Red String Bracelet Collection for women to check

Having that said, these are my top recommendations for Red String Bracelets for women from the brand Karma and Luck. A brand based in Las Vegas aims to unite different cultures through spirituality. 

These bracelets are one-of-a-kind pieces, they have different gemstones and symbols attached to them. Their magnificently designed bracelets for women capture and deliver the right energy you need to turn those dreams into a reality. 

Their Red string bracelets are one of the bestsellers and they’re an absolute bliss to wear. In addition, we think these pieces are ideal for gifting your mom, sister or wife because not only that they’re highly spiritual but also have great design aesthetics for everyday wear. A few of our favorites are listed below: 

1. Gold Plated Chakra Red String Bracelet

Gold Plated Chakra Red String Bracelet

The Joyful Journey Gold plated Chakra Red String Bracelet is enriched with rainbow-like chakra that keeps your day as joyful as these colors while also adding a nice jewelry piece for every day. The 7 colors of chakra refer to creativity, strength, and wisdom with 7 embedded Diamond Chips. These Karma and luck red string bracelets for women make the best gifting options for moms, sisters, and wives.

2. Red String Elephant Charm Bracelet

Red String Elephant Charm Bracelet

The best positive step you can take towards your life is by focusing on yourself, doing proactive things, actions that help you in personal development. And if you feel stuck doing so, the Wise Future elephant charm bracelet comes to your rescue. The Elephant Charm represents strength, wisdom, and fertility. Get rid of negative energies and dull vibes forever with this Elephant charmKarma and luck red string bracelet for women.

3. Prevent Harm – Red String Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Red String Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

The special Prevent charm Karma and luck red string bracelet handcrafted to protect you from jealousy, evil, and anything that causes harmful situations and gets rid of negative energies. The diamond-embedded evil eye charm does all talking and tends to keep you safe. Haven’t you got this one for yourself yet?

4. Spiritual Power Red String Cross Charm Bracelet

Spiritual Power Red String Cross Charm Bracelet

If you’re new to the road of spirituality and seem to love the process, this spiritual power, one of these Karma and luck red string bracelets is the best choice for you. This not only adds optimism to your daily life but also adds good luck and ward off bad energy. That’s pretty much everything you need right?

5. Serene Reflections Jade Buddha Red String Wrap

Serene Reflections Jade Buddha Red String Wrap

Nature brings the utmost feeling of silence and serenity. Inspired from the same, The Serene reflections red string wrap has a combination of Hamsa charms and Lord Buddha. Whenever you feel blocked at some point and feel like nothing is in your control, this Karma and luck red string bracelet are all you need.

6. Red String Moon Charm Bracelet

Lead By Intuition – Red String Moon Charm Bracelet

Life is much easier if you follow your intuition. This Intuition Moon charm bracelet serves us as a reminder to always go with your intuition and follow your dreams. The red string in this one is macrame-based with a crescent moon symbol in the center to remove all the negative energies that block you. These Karma and luck red string bracelets for women make the best gifting options for moms, sisters, and wives.

7. Obstacle Crusher Red String Lotus Charm Bracelet

Obstacle Crusher Red String Lotus

We all have our sets of insecurities and the burden of letting go. This obstacle crusher bracelet serves as an accelerator that helps to remove hurdles in your life and achieve the enlightenment that you want. Lotus Charm reflects enlightenment, new beginnings, and fertility is definitely something you should check out.

8. Essential Guard Red String Triple Protection Bar Bracelet

Essential Guard Red String Triple Protection Bar Bracelet

Nourish your mind, body, and soul with an Essential guard red string bracelet with the addition of the evil eye and Om symbol, it adds extra protection and spirituality wearing off all the negative vibes.  Nothing harmful will stand in your way of personal progress and development while the heart symbol represents love.

9. Healing Strength – Eye of Horus Red String Bracelet

Healing Strength - Eye of Horus Red String Bracelet

With soul healing properties, Healing Strength red string bracelet is made to heal and protect yourself. If you find yourself receiving negative energies, the hamsa charm with an evil eye does its job. The Eye of Horus symbol is worn for protection against evil, is plated in 18k Gold!

10. Divine Healing Red String Eye of Horus Bracelet

Divine Healing Red String Eye of Horus Bracelet

Eye of healing red string bracelet comes with protected and spiritual healing properties, representing the cosmic unit, the one that unites. Great for everyday wear and for gifting purposes, this red string bracelet for women is made of 18k gold with a diamond chip and has adjustable straps, so go hassle-free with this one!

11. Devoted to Love – Evil Eye Heart Charm Red String Bracelet

Devoted to Love - Evil Eye Heart Charm Red String Bracelet

Evil eye heart red string bracelet sets you to your spiritual journey that has the perfect frequencies for your heart to flourish and grow. It guides you through love and compassion with the symbol of heart lead in it. Made of 18k gold, diamond chip, and adjustable strap, “Devoted to love”

12. Spiritual Strength – Red String Elephant Charm Bracelet

Spiritual Strength - Red String Elephant Charm Bracelet

The Elephant Charm red string bracelet makes you focus on being proactive. The sacred elephant makes you a better version of yourself. With this bracelet, you do not have to bother about the many worries and negative vibes coming towards you. In Feng Shui, the elephant represents beauty, silent power, kindness, fertility, and majesty.

13. Fiery Spirit – Silver Hamsa Red String Bracelet

Fiery Spirit - Silver Hamsa Red String Bracelet

The Fiery spirit brings the brave and courageous version of you and highlights on being unconditional love, compassion, friendship in addition to Quartz stone in it. It promotes self-confidence and enlightenment. Made of 925 Sterling Silver, the properties of Garnet and Rose Quartz, this mighty charm is all you need.

Why do celebrities wear red string bracelets?

Leonardo Di caprio wearing Red String Bracelet

You will be amazed to know celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio, Ariana Grande, Madonna, Mick Jagger, Micheal Jackson, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton have been spotted wearing red string bracelets. 

Not to deny that they too believe in religions, politics, and spirituality, most of them wear these bands to protect themselves from evil eyes, envy, and jealousy since they’re close to money and fame that can be trapping and misleading.

Origins: History of Red String Bracelets

Back in the hundreds of years ago, Red string Bracelets were initially mentioned in the Bible (Old Testaments). It involved numerous beliefs that varied from culture to culture. 

In ancient Jewish tradition, the Red String was referred to as Kabbalah, which by the way has different names and significance in different regions of the world. Most of these cultural references include Hinduism, Jewish, Buddhism, Chinese, Latin American, and Christianity. 

Buddism used them in many festivities as a moment of gratitude whereas the Chinese used the red string bracelets to bring good fate and for happy marriages. 

Hinduism had its role to play too, popularly called the red string bracelets as Kalava as a symbol of protection, allegiance to faith, divine power, and purity, you can see these being used in most of the cultural festivals. While Latin Americans tied these on the wrists of newborn infants, Christians used to wear off misfortune, luck, fire, the holy spirit, and Blood(Christ).  

Do let me know in the comments below about your stories and beliefs around the Red String bracelet? We’re sure you have one! While we’ve already discussed the history and origins of the red string bracelets, let’s dive into the meaning these bracelets hold.


Sometimes these celebrities become a major source of influence for their followers which can be a reason why people are buying more of these spiritual bracelets. 

The pandemic situation has led to an extensive rise in the popularity of these Red String bracelets. Not only that people are depending on the divine power to safeguard their friends and family from the deadly virus, but a lot many millennials are also utilizing the quarantine period to move towards spirituality. 

It helps to bring positivity and fills people with optimism to fight the pandemic situation. How are you dealing with negative energies around you during these bad times?

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