How to use Rose Quartz Bracelets for Self-Love

The Blushing hue of the Rose Quartz is known to be one of the prettiest gemstones we know. There is something about this crystal that oozes feminine energy and boosts the thoughts of love and romance between individuals. 

Did you ever wonder whether this love-embracing rose quartz crystals can be used for self-love and healing? In this blog, we’re here to talk about the same and suggest some of our favorite self-love jewelry pieces for you to try out!

5 Rose Quartz bracelets for Self-Love & Emotional Healing

Rose Quartz crystals appreciate self-love and love for others. This love-filled stone calms your mind and releases anxiety and stress. Wearing Rose Quartz jewelry helps to heal your heart chakra, eliminating negative emotions.

Hence, listing our favorite Rose Quartz bracelets that you can wear every day and heal your emotional self with Self-Love!

1. Aligned In Love Rose Quartz Stone Bracelet

Aligned In Love Rose Quartz Stone Bracelet


Align your heart, mind, and soul with the “Aligned in Love” Rose Quartz bracelet that brings unconditional love to bring your consciousness to a higher level. Its high frequencies will help you forgive by understanding situations from more positive perspectives.

2. Embrace Of Love Rose Quartz Heart Charm Wrap

Embrace Of Love Rose Quartz Heart Charm Wrap


“Embrace of Love” has delicate rose quartz stones that are your guide on how to express genuine love authentically, to all the people around you who should experience it. If any imbalance takes place, the divinity of our Embrace of Love Heart Charm Wrap is a reminder to realign your love energy within.

3. Emotional Healing – Rose Quartz Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Emotional Healing – Rose Quartz Evil Eye Charm Bracelet


Add guarded protection with a token of self-love with “Emotional Healing” which helps to attract all kinds of love, including self-love, love for life, and romantic love. These Rose Quartz stones are here to remind you to slow the pace of everyday life, which can prove exhausting most of the time.

4. Playful Love Rose Quartz Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Playful Love Rose Quartz Evil Eye Charm Bracelet


Fuel yourself with love and joy with the “Playful Love Evil Eye bracelet” that fills your spirit with positivity and the highest vibrations, clearing any blockages or imbalances with its cheerful energy. The Daisy symbol encourages you to find your true happiness and do everything to grant your heart’s biggest desires. 

5. Illuminating Love – Moon Rose Quartz Bracelet

Moon Rose Quartz Bracelet


To attract the love of your life, you must first start loving yourself with “Illuminating Love” and bring unconditional love to get your consciousness to a higher level. Subtle Rose Quartz stones are the core of our delicate bracelet, infusing your aura with positivity and optimism. 

Rose Quartz: Meaning & Spiritual Properties

Coming from a history of 7000 years old, Romand and the Egyptians used Rose Quartz face masks for glow as a step for self-care. They are used in jewelry, decorations, medications, and workspaces for healing and motivation.

Known for being the “stone of unconditional love”, it emits strong vibrations of love, joy, and emotional healing. Here are the spiritual and healing properties of Rose Quartz that helps to improve relationships:

  1. It helps to unblock your heart chakra and be open to compassion and kindness.
  2. Reduces jealousy and builds on trust.
  3. Connection with the divine feminine helps to uplift your highest potential.
  4. It can crack open the heart and keep you connected to the universe, feeling loved.
  5. Boosts inner feelings of calm, love, and self-care.

Why Rose Quartz is called the “Stone of Love”?

The January Birthstone, Rose Quartz is also associated as “The stone of love” as Rose Quartz follows the path of Love and Romance.

Kelsey Patel, reiki healer and founder of lifestyle brand Magik Vibes says that this stone is a high-frequency stone that goes up to 350Hz and when you make contact with such high-frequency vibes, you are bound to “elevate and harmonize” your heart energy center.

Coming from a history where the rose quartz crystal has been used as jewelry with a specific meaning, where Cupid and Eros brought rose quartz to mankind to ignite fire, love, and compassion as the color Pink inspires love and desire.

Egyptian legends spoke about Iris who used the pink Rose Quartz crystal to maintain her divine youthfulness and beauty.

Hence, as a token to celebrate love and emotional healing, People have been using Rose Quartz jewelry for themselves and for gifting purposes. 

Can I use Rose Quartz Jewelry to embrace self-love?

Yes, Coming from a history where Rose Quartz has been represented as an epitome of love and compassion, Rose Quartz can be used to embrace self-love as Iris used them to maintain her beauty and youthfulness.

Such an act of self-care would only ignite a desire to pamper yourself and will focus on your emotional healing. It inspires us to love and value ourselves every day.

How to use Rose Quartz Bracelets for Self-Love

Rose Quartz Bracelets for Self Love

Before attracting the love of your life, using Rose Quartz jewelry for self-care will declutter your mind from any negative thoughts that are bringing negative energy into your life. You can use Rose Quartz bracelets or necklaces for an easy setting of intentions if you don’t want to buy crystals.

  • Wearing Rose Quartz jewelry every day can be a great addition to your life that will you uplift your aura and bring compassion and love to your life. 
  • Rose Quartz bracelets could be a good start if you’re just starting as they look casual and they’re flexible to be worn with every look you want.
  • You can also add Red String rose quartz bracelet for extra protection from negative energies.
  • Make sure to always keep your intentions simple and pure, while not holding on to them once the intentions are out there. Sometimes holding on to the outcome can make it even worse.

Tips for Cleansing your Rose Quartz Crystal Jewelry

These are a few tips you must remember while cleaning Rose Quartz crystal jewelry:

  • Soak it overnight in Saltwater.
  • Rinse it under the Rain for 5 minutes.
  • Put your stones in safe outdoors while in full or waning moon to cleanse them.

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