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10 Powerful Spiritual Jewelry for women to buy this Mother’s Day 2022

Powerful Spiritual Jewelry plays a vital role as you step into the journey of spirituality as it’s all about energies and vibrations.

They help to create positive vibrations keeping your intentions noticed and constantly working on them.

In simple words, it’s easy to create your desires to reality with powerful spiritual jewelry, if done with the right intentions!

Do you know you can wear well-intended spiritual jewelry that can attract currency, religion, wealth, and romance?

Also, We’ve curated a list of some of our best Affordable Spiritual Cuff Bracelets for Women.

Well, if you want to get yours, here’s how you can pick sustainable spiritual jewelry and get them working for your dreams and desires!

10 Powerful Spiritual Jewelry for women to buy this Mother’s Day 2022

Explore the variety of Chakra and evil-eye jewelry pieces for daily purposes and keep your soul healed and away from negative energies.

1. Enamel Evil Eye Chakra Necklace

  • Chakra Symbolism: creativity, wisdom, strength.
  • Evil Eye Charms: deflect negativity.
  • Sterling Silver – 18K Gold Plated Necklace

Discover the path of a balanced life with the Enamel Chakra Necklace, not only that it makes an amazing style statement, but it acts as an energetic sponge, helping you let go of any points that are no longer serving you.

2. Safety Pin Evil Eye Brooch

  • Evil Eye Charms: deflect negativity.
  • Multi-Color Enamel.
  • Gold Plated Brass.

Reassure your own beliefs and strengthen your capacity for pursuing dreams with the aid of the 5 mighty Evil Eyes and chakras with this mini brooch.

Remember when fear is removed from the picture, impossible things can happen.

3. Gold Plated Chakra Red String Bracelet

  • 7 Colorful Chakra Disks: creativity, wisdom, strength.
  • 7 Embedded Diamond Chips.
  • 925 Sterling Silver – 18K Gold Plated Red String Bracelet.

This Gold Plated Red String Chakra bracelet is a multi-purpose bracelet that you need.

It is enriched with the rainbow-like Chakra definitely surely brightens your outlook as it has the sole purpose of making your day with each glance at its beautiful colors.

4. Gold Plated 7 Stones Chakra Bracelet

  • Aligned Chakras Symbolism: balance, creativity, wisdom.
  • 7 Stones Mirroring the 7 Chakras.
  • 925 Sterling Silver – 18K Gold Plated Bracelet.

Careful Alignment chakra bracelet is sleek, simple, and contemporary for any look you want.

Each gleaming stone represents one of the seven chakras through color, helping to dissolve energy blocks and reestablish balance. 

5. Gold Plated 7 Chakra Drop Earrings

  • 7 Chakra Symbols: creativity, wisdom, strength.
  • 925 Sterling Silver – 18K Gold Plated Drop Earrings.
  • Culture: handmade in Bali.

These Gold Plated drop earrings are everything you need to match and create a jewelry set inspired by the two above.

Let your energy go with the flow and direction of each Chakra symbol, streamlining your path to success, and bring mindfulness with these sleek-looking drop earrings.

6. Chakra Enamel Red Necklace

  • 7 Colorful Chakra Disks: creativity, wisdom, strength.
  • 925 Sterling Silver – 18K Gold Plated Red String Bracelet.
  • Culture: Handmade in Thailand

Aligned in Balance Chakra red string pendant is everything if you’re looking for a multipurpose pendant to match with the bracelet mentioned above.

The pendant acts as an energetic sponge in the center, helping you let go of any points that are no longer serving you.

7. Chakra Multi-Stone OM Charm Bangle

  • OM Charm: serenity.
  • Diamond: clarity, strength, imagination, courage.
  • 925 Sterling Silver – 18K Gold Plated Bangle Bracelet.

Om Charm Bangle goes perfect with Sound of Universe Hoop earrings and Scared Trio Enamel necklace to create maximum vibration of intrinsic capabilities are, and how to push their boundaries that provide maximum protection.

All plated in Gold creates a whole new aesthetic adding to the whole vibrations properties.

8. Gold Evil Eye Moonstone Ring

  • Evil Eye Charm: deflect negativity.
  • Moonstone: divinity, balance, tenderness.
  • 925 Sterling Silver – 18K Gold Plated Ring.

Sleek, simple, and stylish enough to be carried every day, The Free Spirit Moonstone Ring.

Unfold your potential, create new boundaries while you break a few rules, take a risk, and help you be courageous enough. Rest, the ring will help you keep balanced!

9. Diamond Tree Of Life Gold Plated Ring

  • Tree of Life Symbol: growth, deep grounding, fertility.
  • Embedded Diamond Chip.
  • 925 Sterling Silver – 18K Gold Plated Ring.

Style it with any of the gold-plated jewelry above to give a tone on tone matched look.

Wear Karma and Luck’s inspiring Graceful Flourish as a reminder to grow stronger over time and look for experiences and wisdom.

10. Gold Plated Snake Ring

  • Snake Symbolism: grounding, protection, transformation.
  • 18K Gold Plated Brass Ring
  • Culture: handmade in Bali, Indonesia.

Immerse yourself in the mystic meaning of the snake, imbued with ultimate wisdom and knowledge about the peculiarities of life.

Spiritual Renewal Snake Ring, you can style with “Inner Transformation” ear cuffs to create a look.

What is a Spiritual Jewelry?

More than a beautiful accessory, a piece of spiritual jewelry has its motives and intentions as it can create high vibrations.

It helps you be aware of yourself, connect yourself to your higher consciousness and guide you spiritually.

Powerful spiritual jewelry is healing and rejuvenating emotionally and spiritually, it brings soothing energy with itself that makes you calm and fully aware of your surroundings.

Some of the popular spiritual jewelry are Chakra healing pieces, evil eye protection spiritual jewelry, moonstones, and gemstones to name a few.

Karma and Luck is a famous spiritual lifestyle from La Vegas that makes amazing spiritual jewelry for men and women.

How to wear Spiritual Jewelry?

There are various ways you can wear your spiritual jewelry:

1. Wear it on your Right Hand

We as humans are a source of giving and receiving energy. While you set an intention for your protection jewelry, you can always check which is your giving and receiving side.

When you wear it on the receiving end which mostly is the right-hand side, you tend to receive blessings from the universe based on your intentions.

2. Align your Chakras

When spiritual protection jewelry touches your chakra points in your body, it balances your chakras and heals them. The closer these protection spiritual pieces are, the more effectively they work for you.

3. To Cleanse your Crystal Jewelry

Healing gemstones are powerful and mesmerizing, but they need to be regularly cleaned and recharged. Since they absorb the energies around them, they might get cluttered with outside noises. Hence, crystals must be cleaned and recharged.

How to Use Protection Jewelry for Different Intentions?

There are two ways jewelry is perceived, superficial and spiritual. These are a few ways you can use protection jewelry for different intentions.

We’ve known that jewelry helps us connect to loved ones and soulmates, many call them engagement rings.

These rings unite you with someone you have deep connections with. Similarly, you can put intentions while wearing protection jewelry:

1. Evil eye Jewelry to remove bad intentions/vibrations against you.

2. Attract love and romance and get them manifested in your life.

3. Bring Stability to your life.

4. Healing your soul.

5. Healing your Chakras.


Protective spiritual jewelry has the potential to elevate your daily lifestyle for all obvious reasons.

Keep yourself calm and explore spirituality with Karma and Luck’s bestselling jewelry and lifestyle products and see your dreams becoming reality!

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