Types of Spiritual Anklets and How To Buy One in 2023

An Anklet is one of the most overlooked jewelry pieces in a woman’s wardrobe and so is a Spiritual Anklet. Coming from a long history that goes back to 4500 years during Mesopotamia civilization, anklets are not only a unique jewelry piece but hold a deeper meaning that a lot of us might be unaware of.

What is a Spiritual Anklet?

A Spiritual anklet, just as the name suggests is a bracelet worn on your anklet that has spiritual values that keep you protected from negative energies around you.

These anklets can be of different types, beaded, strings, charms, or with gorgeous designs.

Although Spiritual anklets mean a lot more than just wearing for style statement and protection, they have been a social status to a lot of civilizations like Egyptians who wore anklets as social status.

Types of Spiritual Anklets?

These are the best 6 types of spiritual anklets you can wear Every day:

  1. Multi Stone Chakra Anklet
  2. Gold and Pearls Anklet
  3. Chakra Anklet
  4. Zodiac Anklet
  5. Evil Eye Spiritual Anklet
  6. Pearl & Moonstone Anklet

1. Multi Stone Chakra Anklet

The main objective of the “Keeper of Positivity – Multi Stone Chakra Anklet” is to brighten your day with every glimpse at its wonderful variety of hues.

It functions as an energetic sponge, assisting you in letting go of any points that aren’t supporting you. You move while being protected from bad energy and drenched in happiness.

Multi Stone Chakra Anklet

2. Gold and Pearls Anklet

Gold and Pearl anklets not only add to your everyday style but also keep you away from negative influences. As in Indian tradition, it is considered that the lower half of the body is most bound to get negative influences as it urinates, and wears a metal like Silver also known for purification.

Gold and Pearls Anklets For Style

3. Chakra Anklet

Chakra anklets represent the 7 chakras present in our body and help to find a perfect balance and harmony inside our body. In addition, you always feel calm and your mind is at peace as it removes stress away. These colorful stones depict harmony in different parts of your body keeping your health at peace.

4. Zodiac Anklet

Are you not a fan of zodiac jewelry in general? While not only that they make an amazing gifting choice, but they also add to an amazing style statement, and zodiacs are never dated! Wearing Zodiac anklets is a perfect way of embodying all the positive traits of your sign, which will help you own all those amazing qualities you possess.

Zodiac Anklets

5. Evil Eye Spiritual Anklet

Evil Eye spiritual anklets help to protect you from the negativity that surrounds you hampering your mental peace. Evil eye anklets deflect anything that threatens to steal your peace of mind and has amazing healing properties. You can always get multiple charms anklets with red strings, evil eye, and hamsa which have similar properties but the vibrations get stronger.

Evil Eye Spiritual Anklets

6. Pearl & Moonstone Anklet

Rekindle your creative fire because the world benefits from your unique talents. Our unique “Feminine Power – Pearl & Moonstone Anklet” has the power to restore harmony if there is ever any.

Clearing Mother of Pearl and ethereal Moonstone can assist you in discovering your incredible boundaries of endurance.

Your ability to make decisions will improve dramatically, and you’ll always be grateful to these powerful stones for bringing you peace.

Pearl & Moonstone Anklet

When Should You Wear an Anklet That Protects?

We are all influenced by different kinds of energies every day and not all energies turn out to be good. Wearing a protected anklet can help reduce such vibrations and keep them away from your aura resulting in better surroundings and mental peace.

Hence you can wear anklets with spiritual benefits as they not only help you clear your vibrations but also add a style statement.

Which Leg Should You Wear an Anklet?

Although there are no rules on which leg should you wear an ankle you should wear anklets, in some cultures, wearing anklets on the left leg for women denotes an open relationship, hence most women prefer to wear them on the right ankle.

Well, there is something to be noted these anklets must not be worn on pantyhose and only should be worn barefoot.

How to Wear Spiritual Anklets?

Wondering how will you wear these anklets and rock any look you want? We’ve got you covered. Listed a few do’s and don’t of wearing a spiritual anklet that you must keep in mind before styling:


  • Pick simple and sleek anklets for regular use.
  • Wear them with cropped or ankle-length pants, where they are decently visible.
  • Wear them with flats, backless loafers, and cute and casual sneakers, and hide them under socks if you’re at work!


  • Wear them with tights or leggings
  • Pick Heavy embroidered or gawdy anklets.
  • Wear them with high heels

How to Measure Your Right Ankle Size?

An average ankle size measures from 7 to 10 inches in length. Take reference to the below chart to measure yours before you get one.

Petite8 to 8.5 inches
Average9 to 10 inches
Plus Size11 to 15 inches

To properly measure your ankle size, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Measure the widest part of your ankle.
  • Do it with a string or a ribbon and then measure it with a measuring tape or a scale.
  • Don’t keep the ribbon too tight or loose, it should have breathable space in it.
  • Designers suggest adding 1/4 to 1 inch to the measurement you got for the proper hang.

How to Style Spiritual Anklets?

Styling anklets with protection is as easy as wearing any other anklet. While you can always choose one of the best spiritual anklets from Karma and Luck, you can also consider getting protective charms and adding them to your existing anklets.

Here are a few ways you can style your anklets meant for protection.

1. The 90’s Inspired Kid

If you’re a 90’s born you know that Anklets have always been a crucial addition to the style statement. With similar coming back, you can always look for a top to bottom denim with white sneakers, adding any trendy spiritual anklets to complete the look.

2. Bohemian Romance

Bohemian outfits look great with anklets. Choose beautifully printed maxi dresses with a denim jacket layered on top, and open-back sandals with our favorite pearl anklets to rock the day.

3. Go Experimental

As a fashionista, you’re bound to try different styles, don’t you? Try adding your favorite anklet to your closet with the experimental fashion pieces that you wear and give a personal touch to your style. After all, fashion is all about fun!

What Does Wearing an Anklet Mean?

Wearing spiritual anklets or ankle bracelets, in general, have different stories in different cultures. In Indian traditions, brides were asked to wear anklets so that when they arrived the family would be welcoming to her and not say disrespectful words about her.

While in Egyptian cultures, anklets were worn as social symbols where slaves wore leather anklets, the middle-class brides wore Silver and the upper class wore Gold.

Even if anklets have come through different stories they are quite irrelevant in modern days as it’s mostly worn for style statement and protection.

Can Men Wear Anklets too?

There is no limitation to whether a man can wear an anklet or a protection amulet, there are rarely any fashion bloggers or men influencers who’ve hyped it.

How to Turn an Anklet Into a Protected Amulet?

We all are surrounded by negative influences that hamper our state of mind for no reason. Hence, wearing a spiritual anklet like the Evil eye or Hamsa anklet can help remove any negative energies around you.

In another case, if you have many anklets already, you can get spiritual charms to add to your anklets and use them as protection amulets.

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