25 Best Celebrity Makeup Brands That Are Here to Stay

Celebrities have come a long way from endorsing cosmetics and beauty firms to developing their celebrity product lines. We now live in a period where celebrity beauty businesses and celebrity Makeup brands are rather popular. However, It all began with the release of a few scents here and there. 

Some products have received positive consumer reactions quickly after their release, while others have not.

And all we can do is keep track of who is introducing what and whose celebrity’s cosmetics line is gaining recognition. 

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We list the top celebrity makeup and beauty brands that are worth the hype.

1. Anomaly: Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Indian women are renowned for having stunning hair. And it was about time someone introduced the enchantment of Indian hair to the international beauty scene. Thus, Priyanka Chopra introduced her reasonably priced and environmentally aware haircare range, Anomaly, in February 2021.

This company strives to make sustainable items more affordable while emitting a lovely floral aroma. All of the recycled plastic garbage that was originally destined for the ocean and landfills was used to make the packaging.

“You shouldn’t have to choose between what works and what’s good for you or the planet,” Chopra added about the company.

2. R.E.M. Beauty: Ariana Grande

In the past two years, there have been several interesting celebrity beauty brands, both excellent and awful. One of the best is R.E.M. Beauty by Ariana Grande.

Since its November 2021 debut, it has won over fans all around the world with its extensive line of inventive and high-performing beauty products that make it simple to copy Grande’s unique looks.

3. Rare Beauty: Selena Gomez

When it comes to cosmetics and beauty, Selena has always had a significant influence. One of the most anticipated celebrity beauty brands, as a result, was Rare Beauty.

In September 2020, she introduced Rare Beauty to “challenge beauty norms by fostering positive conversations about self-acceptance and mental health.” She wanted to make something more than just gorgeous lip colors and blushes.

4. Iman Cosmetics: Iman

Iman Cosmetics immediately comes to mind when discussing excellent celebrity makeup lines. In 1994, supermodel Iman Abdulmajid founded the company, which quickly rose to prominence among women of color.

It at the time filled a void in the beauty industry and catered to a wide range of complexion tones. Iman continues to support this move, even though it was not as substantial as Fenty Beauty.

5. Pleasing: Harry Styles

With the introduction of his brand, Pleasing, Harry Styles, a multi-talented individual known for both his music and his peculiar appearance, chose to enter the cosmetics industry.

Its initial drop, which was released in 2021, included nail paint and skincare products. Fast forward to a year later, and a Pleasing x Marco Ribeiro collaboration has expanded the skincare line into the makeup category.

6. Rhode: Hailey Bieber

After being introduced in 2022, Rhode Skin quickly rose to become one of the most well-known and favored celebrity beauty brands ever.

Based on Hailey Bieber’s desire for skin that resembles a glazed doughnut, this beauty line was created. It offers inexpensive skin that is incredibly smooth and delicious-looking. It’s understandable why everyone online adores Rhode Skin.

7. Kind Science: Ellen DeGeneres

Victoria Jackson, a well-known makeup artist, and the renowned talk show host Ellen DeGeneres debuted a skincare line with an age-positive focus.

As well as being known as Kind Science. (Even though DeGeneres is currently the target of some serious claims that she is anything but “kind”).

Kind Science isn’t about anti-aging because aging is a good thing, it shows you’ve lived a lot, learned a lot, and hopefully laughed a lot,” she has said of it. I want to laugh forever, but with less crow’s feet and crow’s feet!”

8. Haus Laboratories: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, better known as Mother Monster, has long been recognized for her dramatic and stunning makeup styles. Lady Gaga’s 2019 entry into the makeup industry with her makeup line, Haus Laboratories, fulfilled the hopes and prayers of all of her followers.

For everyone to enjoy recreating the daring looks she is so well-known for, the Poker Face singer established the makeup brand.

9. Honest Beauty: Jessica Alba

2015 saw the launch of Honest Beauty, which is just a small part of Jessica Alba’s multi-million dollar Honest conglomerate. She established the Honest Company in 2012 with the same premise.

With clean beauty as its foundation, this brand has connected with consumers and expanded to rank among the top celebrity beauty companies.

10. Kylie Cosmetics & Kylie Skin: Kylie Jenner

No of how you feel about her, you cannot ignore her. After all, with the introduction of Kylie Cosmetics in 2014, Kylie Jenner was the pioneer of contemporary celebrity product lines.

Kylie Cosmetics became one of the most well-known brands in the beauty business thanks to her excellent makeup skills and cult following.

Even if the Forbes list of “youngest’ self-made’ billionaires ever” was later tainted by controversy, she was included in it. With the introduction of Kylie Skin in 2019, Kylie expanded her cosmetics empire.

11. Fenty Beauty & Fenty Skin: Rihanna

Rihanna shocked everyone by launching her cosmetics line as everyone was anticipating her release of new music. Now, here was one of those celebrity-endorsed beauty products that might replace all the others.

With a foundation line that considered skin tones and tints that were previously disregarded, Fenty Beauty demonstrated to the beauty industry what it truly means to be inclusive.

It created what is now referred to as the “Fenty Effect,” forcing all other brands to imitate it. With the introduction of Fenty Skin in 2020, Rihanna expanded her line of beauty products.

12. Meaningful Beauty: Cindy Crawford

Before everyone else, Cindy Crawford took action. In terms of celebrity beauty brands, she is the pioneer. In 2005, she co-founded Meaningful Beauty with Jean-Louis Sebagh, a dermatologist from Paris who is regarded as Europe’s “King of Botox.” And if this brand has lasted this long, it must unquestionably be succeeding in some way.

13. KKW Beauty & KKW Fragrance: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was unable to resist entering the beauty industry after Kylie Jenner. Therefore, KKW scent and KKW Beauty were both introduced in 2017. With her sisters, friends, and even her manager, Kris Jenner, she frequently collaborated on both of her companies.

When Kim announced a rebrand in 2021. She underwent a redesign, and in typical Kardashian-Jenner style, the scandal also overshadowed the event. The brand’s assertion of sustainability—which was clear greenwashing—got a lot of attention on the internet.

14. Kora Organics: Miranda Kerr

This is another example of a celebrity beauty brand that debuted on the market before it became fashionable to do so. Before officially launching it in 2009, Miranda Kerr had already begun to conceptualize her skincare line in 2006.

Because Kerr is concerned about the goods she uses on her skin, she founded a company that sells items that are officially organic.

15. TPH by Taraji: Taraji P. Henson

Who hasn’t been enthralled by Taraji P. Henson’s constantly altering and utterly stunning hairdos? Certainly, we have. Additionally, Henson’s hair has had a big role in who she is.

Therefore, it is quite understandable why she launched her haircare product in 2020. I don’t want people to think that this collection is only for folks with natural hair, she said in her description.

16. Victoria Beckham Beauty: Victoria Beckham

Before making some famous fashion statements later in her life, she first won hearts as Posh Spice. A little while ago, she teamed up with Sarah Creal to combine their love of creativity and beauty. Victoria Beckham’s Beauty is what resulted from this.

It claims skincare and cosmetics with superior performance. Beckham’s beauty business was destined to become renowned from the moment it was launched during the autumn of 2019 London Fashion Week.

17. JLo Beauty: Jennifer Lopez

Another one of the highly-anticipated celebrity beauty brands belongs to Jennifer Lopez. And why not? She has been giving us beauty goals ever since she was Jenny from the block. The woman has not looked a day over 30 for the past 20 years.

Of course, everyone wanted in on her beauty secrets. so, here we are. Lopez, who had entered the beauty scene with fragrances all those years back, launched her very own beauty brand in December 2020.

18. Huda Beauty: Huda Kattan

One of the well-known makeup artists, Huda Kattan, also owns and operates her own cosmetics company, Huda Beauty.

Before launching the cosmetics company of the same name, she began with a makeup blog called “Huda Beauty.” The best Huda beauty products may be found by consulting our guide.

19. Josie Maran Cosmetics: Josie Maran

One of the most famous supermodels of the late 1990s and early 2000s was Josie Maran. She was also one of Maybelline’s go-to faces at the time. She was undoubtedly “born with it,” too.

In June 2007, Maran introduced her brand of organic cosmetics. With her Argan oil-focused line of face and body products, she has also been able to build a lucrative beauty business.

20. Good Dye Young: Hayley Williams

As well as for her vocals and songwriting, Hayley Williams of Paramore is renowned for her colorful hair. Therefore, it was only natural that she and her longtime friend and hairstylist, Brian O’Connor, founded the Good Dye Young range of semi-permanent hair colors. One of those celebrity product lines with a great return on investment, it was introduced in 2016.

21. About-Face: Halsey

Celebrity makeup brands are frequently met with some skepticism, but Halsey’s brand immediately won over the public’s admiration.

The year 2021 was a big year for Halsey as it saw the launch of their very colorful and new makeup line, About Face. Their love for makeup, especially bright and colorful eye makeup, is well known.

22. The Outset: Scarlett Johansson

With the help of Kate Foster and actress Scarlett Johansson, the world now has access to a skincare minimalist’s ideal brand of clean beauty products. The Outset’s philosophy is one of simplicity, and it aims to create in the beauty world what a white t-shirt does in the world of fashion.

23. Brad Pitt: Le Domaine Skincare

Pitt launched Le Domaine Skincare, his first entry into the skincare market. In collaboration with the Perrin family, who also own his Miraval vineyard, the Mr. and Mrs. Smith actor debuted this gender-neutral skincare line.

The products use purely natural terroir-based components and are entirely vegan. Their two specialized, patented ingredients are ProGR3, which is made from plant extracts, vine sarments, chamomile, and green tea, and GSM10, which is made from Grenache seeds, Syrah seeds, and grape skins from vineyards and is rich in antioxidants.

24. Winnie Harlow: Cay Skin

Cay Skin, a celebrity skincare line created with island-based ingredients like sea moss and powerful actives like niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, was introduced in March 2022 by model-turned-entrepreneur Winnie Harlow. It is non-comedogenic, vegan, cruelty-free, and silicone-free.

It distinguishes itself from the competition in the market by using SPF in all of its products, which makes them perfect for use outside without causing skin harm.

By doing this, Harlow also dispels the myth that persons with dark skin tones don’t require sunscreen.

25. Sabrina and Idris Elba — S’Able Labs

The skincare line S’Able Labs was introduced in July by actor Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina. The brand focuses on eliminating hyperpigmentation as well as lightening, moisturizing, and restoring the skin barrier with natural components from East Africa that are ethically and sustainably sourced.

All skin types and tones can be accommodated by gender-neutral products, which have inclusivity at their core.

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