14 Best Indian Skincare Brands That Are Ayurveda Based

Skincare and makeup are essential in our daily lives, and one can never have enough of them. Because of their rapid expansion in product lines and skin-friendly items, Indian cosmetic firms have seen exponential growth over the years and have made a significant reputation for themselves globally. 

Over the last few years, Indian Skincare brands have demonstrated that their ingenuity and technology are of a competitive quality worthy of the global market.

The Indian customer now chooses homegrown items more than ever. This choice is not only an attempt to support the ‘Made in India’ label but is anchored in the fact that Indian products are just as good as, if not better, imported rivals.

So, if you are looking for the best made-in-India cosmetic brands, you have come to the right place. Here is a list of the best Indian makeup and beauty brands that are shaking the world with their products.

We’re listing the top 14 Best Indian Skincare Brands for you to explore:

1. Kama Ayurveda

This Ayurvedic OG is regarded as one of the top Indian skincare products due to its ability to flawlessly mix authenticity and accessibility. Their oils, serums, washes, and masks are created entirely of herbs, yet they’re not so intense that they’d frighten anyone but a die-hard fan.

2. Ohria Ayurveda

Ohria may not be in the big leagues yet, but it’s on its way, thanks to a strong web presence and a store set to open on Delhi’s DLF Avenue. If you want to test the waters, their bathing bars are a good place to start, especially the Himalayan Clay.

3. Soul Tree

Though there are many newcomers on this list, Soul Tree is older and quieter. This BDIH, Germany-certified Ayurveda firm has been producing effective, unobtrusive skincare in the shape of face oils, shower gels, balms, creams, and face packs for a long, with their products doing the talking rather than pushy marketing – making it one of the top Indian skincare brands right now.

4. Daughter Earth

Daughter Earth’s goods are plant-based and cognizant of elevating those at the grassroots, developed via the merging of modern science and Ayurveda. After thorough testing, the skincare brand uses cutting-edge technology to modernize wild alchemy, giving people the best of both worlds. It is cruelty-free, solely utilizes recyclable packaging, and invests in the education of girls. Daughter Earth also collaborates with other environmental NGOs, such as the World Wildlife Fund and Plan India.

5. Forest Essentials

If you’re looking to start a flirtation with Ayurveda rather than a deep commitment, this forever delicious-smelling brand should be your go-to–it introduces you to wonderful, homegrown ingredients (think Soundarya, Black Sesame, Anise, and Pomegranate) in body polishers, lotions, and face washes that don’t require any DIY chemistry.

6. Just Herbs

Just Herbs is a healthy clean beauty business that also sells makeup, but we prefer their skincare. Favorites include the Elixir Facial Serum, Kerala Coconut & Wheatgerm Body Butter, and the Wild Indian Rose Handmade Bathing Bar.

7. Purearth

For Purearth, beauty is conscious wellness. Pure, gentle, natural, and serene, its products combine luxury with an ardent passion for ethical skincare. Instead of promising quick fixes, Purearth offers slow and artisanal formulations, developed in their zero-waste laboratories with ingredients sourced from the Himalayas. Its commitment to ecology is found in initiatives like the Pure Purpose Foundation, which focuses on social impact, and the Recycling Programme, through which it collects empty product containers and plants a tree for each jar or bottle collected.

8. The Ayurveda Co

Though this brand is relatively new, it’s doing some interesting things with uncommon ingredients, such as Triphala, nalpamaradi, onion oil, and methi. What appears to be everyday kitchen staples are transformed into some potent creams, face polishers, and toners.

9. Sadhev

Sadhev, which is only two years old, is a skincare company for the type of fan who seeks something delicate and niche. Sadhev’s minimalist packaging is one of their main draws, making their items even more desirable. The Rose Water and Coconut Shower Oil are amazing.

10. Pahadi Local

Pahadi Local’s mission is to enhance luxury via the simplicity of its products, the components for which are acquired from the Himalayas, while assuring a cooperative and sustainable business. Founder Jessica Jayne feels that there is no need to hunt for high-end experiences outside of local natural areas. Pahadi Local offers a wide range of teas, oils, and powdered face washes to meet all of your wellness needs. 

11. Conscious Chemist

Each product is guided by the three Cs of Conscious Chemist: Create, Care, and Clean. To create innovative botanical skincare, the brand creatively combines science and “Mother Earth.” Despite being environmentally conscious, only ingredients that have undergone extensive empirical testing are used. Conscious Chemist uses only tinted glass bottles to be as environmentally friendly as possible and to protect items from UV radiation. 

12. Neemli

This family-owned and operated company is on a mission to re-establish the science and efficacy of natural skincare. Non-toxic Neemli caters to a wide range of skin types and needs, not just through their products but also through personal consultations. True beauty, according to Neemli, is unfiltered, which undoubtedly resonates with their clients; after all, their ‘No Filter Beauty’ collection is a fan favorite. Though Neemli is headquartered in Mumbai, they first sold their products at a flea market in Goa.

13. Indulgeo Essentials

Seema Arora and Supriya Malik, a mother-daughter duo, founded Indulgeo Essentials, another organic, premium skincare business. The two think that if one looks deeply enough, one can uncover natural treatments for skin problems, making skincare regimes simple and enjoyable. The products are created from high-grade raw materials that have been meticulously combined to assure quality and results. 

14. Kal Hans

Kal Hans desires that its consumers have healthy, radiant skin as well as the confidence to realize that no skin is perfect and does not need to be. Instead of promoting unattainable beauty standards, the label pledges to assist you on your road to nourished and happy skin, warts, and all. This business philosophy is very personal to founder Lisa D’Mello—an accident that left her with emotional and physical wounds led her to discover that being beautiful necessitates self-love.

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