The 20 Best Korean Beauty Brands in 2023

Your skin can suffer greatly in the winter, so prepare for it this year with some excellent skin care to help prevent seasonal dryness and other problems. 

It might be confusing to choose which products to buy and which to avoid while browsing the aisles of Ulta or Sephora because so many of them offer the same thing at various prices but here we go.

Korean beauty products are the talk of the industry and are constantly rising due to various reasons. 

To gradually offer a wide range of advantages, Korean beauty is also renowned for its individualized and frequently elaborate product layering regimes. 

Undoubtedly, K-Beauty is setting new global trends with these amazing brands that Korean beauty bloggers highly promote.

Listing the Best Korean Beauty Brands in 2023

1. Peach Slices

Peach Slices is once again capitalizing on the snail craze to clear breakouts, deliver moisture, and leave skin feeling soft and glowing. You’re not the only one who hasn’t been able to obtain the first batch of Peach Slices’ Snail Rescue games. Countless raving TikToks and Reels have helped the three-step set, which includes a toner, oil-free moisturizer, and wash-off mask—achieve that coveted viral status.

2. Glow Recipe

Glow Recipe is a clean, fruit-forward, clinically effective skincare line, co-founded by beauty industry veterans Sarah Lee and Christine Chang in 2014. Some of you might be aware that the Watermelon Glow PHA+BHA toner gained popularity on TikTok, but the founder’s grandmothers, who used to rub cold watermelon rinds on their backs during the hot summer, are the real inspirations behind the use of watermelon as a key ingredient in Glow Recipe products. They both liked the concept of combining fruits with active chemicals like AHA and BHA, so the popular Watermelon Sleeping Mask was created.

3. Brondell

Though technically not a beauty company, this one does provide a product that will assist in improved skin. Depending on the filter, this shower filter from Brondell also provides clean or flowery smells in addition to vitamin C infusion. To use the shower as usual, simply screw this filter onto the shower head. You should experience softer skin after every shower once you’ve used it regularly.

4. Laneige

Despite having a name that seems French, LANEIGE was founded in Seoul, South Korea in 1994 by Amorepacific, the company responsible for many of the products on this list. The company, best known for its legendary sleeping lip mask, has started to expand into other skincare products, including facial moisturizers, toners, essences, and more.

5. Peach & Lily

You have arrived at the ideal location if you want to reach your glass skin ambitions. The award-winning, number-one bestseller Glass Skin serum was developed by Peach & Lily, who also brought it to the United States. No matter their skin type or skin issue, we have assisted numerous individuals in achieving their glass skin aspirations. To get Glass Skin rapidly, use our Discovery Kit, a special four-step routine of hero products.

6. GlamGlow

Glamgrow should be your first choice if your skin needs a little boost. With the use of products like GlamGlow Thirstymud moisturizing treatment, GlamGlow Brighteyes, GlamGlow Glowstarter, and others, dull skin can be transformed back into new. Glowstarter and Brightmud are two products that stand out. The Brightmud has excellent exfoliating power. The Glowstarter also imparts a hydrating gloss to the skin.

7. Amorepacific   

The Amore Pacific corporation, which also owns the well-known Korean beauty brands LANEIGE, Sulwhasoo, Innisfree, and others, is named after the upscale skincare line AMOREPACIFIC. AMOREPACIFIC aims to produce skincare that penetrates the skin with natural and moisture-enhancing solutions by concentrating on components enhanced with green tea.

8. Soon Skincare

Soon Skincare was founded in 2017 by Lisa Ballstaedt and Kayla Bertagna. It was formally introduced in October 2018. What began as a mission to develop a sheet mask with Korean influences that won’t slide off your face swiftly developed into a top K-beauty skincare company.

9. Consonant

Consonant natural foamy face cleanser is pleasant to use both in the morning and at night. This foamy cleanser keeps moisture while cleaning your skin, unlike those that remove a lot of it. Additionally, Hydrextreme from Consonant is a great serum that provides you with the supple skin you need when you need a quick boost of moisture.

10. Klei Beauty

I haven’t used skin care products with clay bases in a very long time and Klei Beauty is one of the best. Everything that is powder-based will inevitably be a mess. Your skin won’t feel deprived of its natural oils, though, unlike with earlier clay-based creams. My skin felt smooth after using the Rice Bran & Coconut Milk Foaming Face Wash and Fruit Enzymes & Honey Brighten Yellow Clay Mask, which felt like a mini spa in my house.

11. Winky Lux

Winky Lux is one of those companies that is ideal for people who collect skin care products and enjoy flowery or feminine scents. Its effectiveness, fragrance, and packaging, which have a girly look, are all perfect. It also provides hydration and exfoliation. Try the Orange You Bright Exfoliator and the Petal Cleanser if you’ve never tried Winky Lux. Lifts drab skin and melts away makeup, exposing fresher, more vibrant skin.

12. Banila Co

Banila Co., established in South Korea in 2006, has been around for a while. It’s estimated that every 3.1 seconds someone buys their enduringly well-liked cleansing balm. This skin-first brand, which has an emphasis on streamlining routines, offers hybrid products to reduce the number of steps in your regimen.

13. The Crème Shop

Giving us adorable packaging with miraculous formulations inside is one thing K-beauty businesses are good at. With skincare products that make you feel like a kid again, The Crème Shop is a prime illustration of this. Famous icons including Hello Kitty, DreamWorks Trolls, and BT21 have collaborated with them in the past.

14. Epara

The focus of Epara is on opulent encounters concealed in skin care goods. An award-winning product from this company, the washing lotion, effortlessly removes makeup while also keeping skin smooth. But if you still need something, there are still more skincare items that you can use.

15. Mediheal

Mediheal masks are a staple as these are brimming with chemicals that will help calm the skin and treat acne.” One of the key ingredients, chamomile acts to reduce redness while willow bark, rosemary, tea tree oil, and other ingredients aid to purify and treat acne.

16. Sweet Chef

Sweet Chef creates mixtures of organic vegetables, herbs, and vitamins that are good for our skin. This Korean skincare company was founded by the people behind Glow Recipe to develop nutrient-rich natural products using components like celery, turmeric, beets, kale, and more.

17. Innisfree

Do you have acne-prone or oily skin? You may have heard that the thing you should arm yourself with is a clay mask. You can bet Innisfree products works well because clay is ideal for this skin type because it can absorb extra oil. Reviewers adore this clay mask since it not only deep cleans pores but also contains AHAs, which chemically exfoliate the skin.

18. Sweet Chef

Natural herbs, veggies, and vitamins that are nourishing to our skin are blended by Sweet Chef. Celery, turmeric, beets, kale, and other nutrient-rich natural ingredients are used in the recipes of this Korean skincare line, which was founded by the people behind Glow Recipe.

19. Sun Project 

The Korean skincare philosophy places a strong emphasis on skin health and protection, so you can guarantee there are some pretty outstanding K-beauty SPFs available just like the Sun Project. Your skin will look glowing but not greasy after using this broad-spectrum sunscreen because it leaves a semi-matte finish. Additionally, the formula is extremely light!

20. Replenix

One of the finest things about Replenix is the body care products that target bothersome body acne, discoloration, and more. Replenix has incredible skin care products that address issues and improves your skin, but their body care products are one of their best assets. You can anticipate brighter, smoother skin with each application of creams containing chemicals like glycolic acid and salicylic acid.

What is the biggest cosmetic brand in Korea?

AMOREPACIFIC is Korea’s leading beauty and cosmetics producer/conglomerate. They own and run over 30 different beauty, health, and personal care brands. Sulwhasoo, Etude House, and Innisfree are among these names.

What are the Hottest Trends in the Korean Beauty in 2023?

The world is obsessed with Korean beauty and achieving the ideal glistening glass skin. However, K beauty is more than just makeup. They have a slew of makeup trends that are sweeping the beauty business. The 2023 Beauty Forecast report from Trendalytics identifies four major beauty trends: New Natural, Nocturne, Futura, and Verano.

Here are the key Korean beauty trends that will be popular in 2023:

  • Caramel Blush Makeup.
  • Plum lips that are juicy.
  • Natural Brows that are feathery.
  • Oh, those clumsy lashes.
  • Futuristic Eye Makeup

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