30 Best Summer Nails Trends to Look Out in 2023

With spring arriving soon, you might be looking for the Best Summer Nails Trends to get inspired. After all, summers enter the season of fresh hues, poppy colors, and colorful nails are something we all love. They’re easy to manage, look absolutely gorgeous, and look trendy is much easier than fashion.

While spring is around the corner, it’s time to amp up your nails.

Talking about 2023 nail trends, we’re witnessing a few crucial trends that involve radiant hues, fresh summer fruity tints, and bright and bold colors with illuminating hues which will rule the year forward.

Victoria Houllis, the founder of FLOWERBED NAILS, also mentioned the trend which is here to stay for the longest, the Nail Stickers!

Check out the Best Makeup Trends that were seen on the runway, to get color inspirations for the year 2023.

Strawberry Inspired Nails

Fresh hues of pink, wine reds, and yellows, a replication of one of the sweetest fruits on the Earth, can be the cutest nail makeover you’d want. While you can just replicate how the fruit looks but also can incorporate these hues to create customized natural patterns.

Strawberry Nails Best Summer Nails Trends

Mismatched/Dualtoned Hands

Of course, when you can go mismatched for different nails you can follow the same with color-blocked hues for both your hands. Explore trying out different nail stickers to add an element of statement.

All That Glitters

2023 will be all about shimmers and glitters, from lipsticks to eyeliners, we’ve seen these trends getting viral already, Nail trends will also witness a lot of shimmer tones throughout the year.

Statement Butterflies

Who doesn’t like little motives? Cute fun shapes inspired by nature, like this one in butterflies is cute, summery, and vibrant, pretty much everything that you need.

’70s Swirls in Contrast

The 70s are back after y2k took over the interest last season, get yourself inspired from the 70’s inspired swirls and get two-toned nails which by the way, is also a huge trend to take note of.

Daisy on Black French

Spring and summer can be welcomed with cute daily motives on your fingers with friend nails, a classic yet trendsetting print that won’t make you go overboard altogether.

Checkerboard Tips on Edges

Checkerboards and Ginghams have been classic for the longest time and are still essential when we speak about street style. If you’re into exploring new nails, Gighamns in colors that are not black and white can look edgy for sure.

Star Dust with corals

Pastels and glitters are taking over with prints that look as dreamy and hopeful as we are as the year goes further.

Shimmering Swirls

The more we say it, the lesser it is and that marks how strongly these trends are going to take over in the coming months. The shimmer, swirls, and metallics, like there’s pretty much nothing more experimental than this one if you try out doing different nail colors as well.

Smiley Nails

Incorporating fun colors with smileys can add such a cute element to your nails. It’s a fun twist on the classic yellow smiley-face nails, spotted on Harry Styles and Dua Lipa. 

Mini Pastel Butterflies

Motives with butterflies are going to be huge as well with pastels incorporated with a pop of pinks, powder blues, and lemon yellows that can look really aesthetic.

Sticker-Book Nails

Inspired by a sticker book from elementary, live the moment of nostalgia while adding bring hues to your nails, Subtle yet bright, something can be DIYed easily!

Rainbow Mani

Dark to light or light to dark, you can always choose the hues of the rainbow is sleek, elegant, and smart not extravagant, so go all out there can experiment a little!

Rainbow French with Clouds

A classic French mani with tiny rainbow tips is cute and gorgeous all at once! Rainbow colors and patterns are the keys. Don’t miss out on the cute cloud motifs at the end.

Negative-Space Illuminating Hearts

Illuminating colors are prominent in spring summer, try alternative negative space inspiration in different motifs or get inspired with this one which has hearts on it.

Mixed Checkerboards

Checkerboards will be a huge nail trend for the year so go forward with exploring different colors and different fingers and keep some sort of sync with repeated colors on both hands.

Tip of Gold

A drop of gold on any solid hue where it pops up can be a subtle addition to your nails, a subtle statement! Make sure of incorporating a contrasting hue for the same.

Confetti Nails

A comeback of vintage with pastel tints that look aesthetically pleasing together makes a calming and refreshing vibe you’ll all love.

Constellations and Stars

Go multi-neon with colors mentioned below, very low-key yet attention-grabbing when required. A set of three stars can also be stretched to more or less playing a little with sizes can also give a different vibe.

Multiple Heart Nails

Whether you link pink a little too much or just love stuck due to the season of love, Hearts can work out to be a cute yet statement-making motif to try on.

Slime Minted Green

Of all the greens, Mints and Limes are going to rule. We’ve seen it all over the runway and will be witnessing it in the coming seasons. It’s a fresh poppy color and fun to experiment with.

Monotone Matte

The matte finish is also going to be huge after the glitter. This one in monotone is the sanest nail trend of everything that we’ve seen so far. Pick one of the trending colors of 2023 and go monotone matte like this one.

Sweet Cherries

Of course, we have missed a few natural inspirations, starting from strawberries to cherries now. The reds and pinks are quite a thing now. They look cute and minimal and look cool at all ages.

Neon Edges

Neons, as vintage is back, brought the most hyped trend of neon, so add it accordingly. Although, putting a little neon is what’s preferred the most.

The Heart Emoticon

This little heart emoji is something we’re all crushing on and you’re going to do the same once you’ve hopped into this one. Wine red can be the best color option pick, but again you can go a little overboard with colors 0f you want.

Mismatched Moons

The mismatch is going to be huge but the element of the moon is what steals the show. Try different colors with contrasting outlines to create a cool aesthetic vibe as a whole.

Double Layered French

French nails are classic but are also the sleekest. Add more colors to your otherwise traditional french nails, either you can pick two colors and go dual tones, else you can also try out different colors to make it more fun.

Powdered Clouds

We are going all cute with pastels and fun motifs this year so why not experiment on, yet again, the natural inspiration of clouds? White with powder blue is one of the best combinations with white so far and with very peri being the color this year, it all makes sense.

Rainbow French

We’ve seen various Rainbow french patterns in the list of trends, this one is yet another way to ace the rainbow patterns that we’ve already spoken about earlier.

Mini Florals

Subtle motifs of flowers in pastels can look cute and summery without going extravagant with trends that might look too strong and out there for you, this one is a must-try.

The New French Stilleto Nails

The new French nails with still silhouette inspired are another big thing you’ll see this year. You can also explore various pastels to get a little more creative with this trend.

Mettalic Ombré

Ombre has only been a part of hair trends so far but how cool is it to spot such beautiful looks metallic with a hint of silver? The key is to still follow a tint or a pastel color in metallic that blends into silver for a little highlight!

Iridescent Ombré

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