Top 30 Black Braided Hairstyles that are popular in 2023

Braids are an easy and enjoyable method to forget about hair styling for months, rest your hair, and preserve it from severe environmental influences.

Furthermore, the great hairstyles listed below will draw notice, appreciative glances, and genuine smiles.

Braided hairstyles allow you more expression. There are numerous braiding ways to make each head distinctive. You can also play with highlights, natural or curly textures, clips, patterns, forms, and so on.

Braids for natural Black hair have been around for thousands of years and play an essential role in Black ancestry and history. 

The braiding style of a female could reveal her marital status, age, or tribe. These distinctive hairstyles were passed down from mother to daughter, granddaughter to granddaughter, and so on.

For Black women today, Black braided hairstyles are still a statement of expression, a connection to culture and ancestry, and much more.

Best Black Braided Hairstyles That Turn Heads in 2023

These are the various types of braids that are popular, listing the best styles that will be popular in 2023.

1. Bantu Knots With Piece-y Braids

Zendaya’s ultra-long box braids complement her red carpet outfit perfectly.

2. Albaso Braids

Do you want braids solely at the crown? Look no further than these Albaso braids. These Ethiopian braids have enormous elevated cornrows braided over a wrapped hair piece with little cornrows at the side or in between. Pure beauty.

3. Combination Braids

RiRi accessorized her orange gown with braids of various sizes.

4. High Side Pony Braid

A braided high ponytail is an excellent choice for a genuinely eye-catching hairstyle.

5. Braided Updo

Zo Kravitz’s signature micro braids are swept up in a red carpet-ready updo that fools the eyes. From the front, it appears to be a bun, but it is a chignon style.

6. Center Part Box Braids

Waist-length box braids are certainly a 2021 trend, as seen here by Issa Rae, who wore hers with a perfect center part.

7. Side Braided Pony

Yusef gave Rihanna a lengthy, mid-height ponytail that turned heads. This gorgeous look played with texture and dimension, with cornrow braids at the crown leading to a sleek, straight ponytail. Williams then braided separate strands within the ponytail to give dimension. 

8. Fulani Braids

Erica Ash opted for a protective hairstyle when she wore Fulani braids on the red carpet. Her braids were embellished with wooden beads, which complemented her outfit well. Embellishments to match, like Erica did, creating a playful-glam effect.

9. Fishtail

Ciara’s fishtail braid has her hair swept to one side. Her stylist made a deep side part and left some top layers of hair out for a fashionable, undone look with extra volume. While this look is most suited for long hair, a fishtail can also be worn with short hair.

10. Side Cornrows With Top Knot

Talk about a stunning appearance. Ruth Negga’s haircut is by celebrity hairstylist Marcia Hamilton and features braided cornrows and her natural hair fashioned in a top knot at the front.

11. Loops and Swoops

Celeste O’Connor pulled off this look perfectly. A sequence of braids is braided into thick loops for an outstanding updo that complements her whimsical clothing perfectly.

12. Braided Top Knot

If you’re tired of your box braids and want to try something new, consider a braided top knot. Kelly Rowland styled her box braids into a day-to-night top knot.

13. Box Braids

Looking for a unique and eye-catching method to wear your hair? Look no further than Zendaya’s Rapunzel-style box braids, which fall gracefully over her waist. Hair extensions are generally used to add length to these thicker braids, but if you don’t want to bother with extensions, elegant box braids can still make a statement.

14. Waist Length

Gabrielle Union is no stranger to demonstrating the versatility of protective styles, taking her braids from her regular life to the red carpet and styling them with ease. This braided, waist-length ‘do was no exception, and it complemented her strapless outfit flawlessly.

15. Braided Pony

Skai Jackson’s braided ponytail was a chic updo that began with slicking her hair back and securing it before braiding individual pieces to make little braids that cascaded down her back.

16. Sweeping Braid

Issa Rae’s enormous, sweeping side braid cascaded down from the crown in a superbly finished manner that was both romantic and entertaining. Her hair was separated on the side and slicked down to produce this dimensional style that’s ideal for big occasions.

17. Beads and Bangs

Venus Williams reintroduced her signature beaded braids with an assortment of silver-toned beads, giving her signature style a new touch with a more sophisticated aesthetic that is breathtaking.

18. Side Part Braids

If a center part like Zendaya or Issa Rae isn’t your thing, try a side part like Keke.

19. Braided Loops

On Danielle Brooks, hairstylist Larry Sims crafted these gravity-defying loop braids.

20. Golden Touch

A small piece of gold ribbon twisted in and out adds a goddess-like touch to this blonde braided pony on Tawny Cypress.

21. Studded Side Braid

Don’t be hesitant to glam up a big braid with rhinestones, as Alexandra Shipp did with her elegant side ‘do.

22. Locs and Ribbons

Jodie Turner-Smith’s gorgeous locs are held in place with thin ribbons in portions. Use a black ribbon like hers for a more understated style, or go for a brighter color and hair gems for a more eye-catching look.

23. Halo Braid

Consider Lizzo’s romantic halo braid. The singer is no stranger to trying out new hairstyles, and her crown braid was no exception. She began with box braids and worked her way up to this disheveled, limitless goddess braid.

24. Micro Braids

Looking for a style that is detailed but delicate? Look no further than Zoe Kravitz’s micro braids. Extensions, like box braids, are commonly used to achieve this appearance. To maintain your braids as silky as Zo’s, spritz a little leave-in conditioner on them in the morning.

25. Embellished Pigtails

Janelle Monae is the queen of braided bunches, and her adorned strands were no exception. This flirtatious, entertaining style is a sophisticated spin on the pigtail braids you used to wear when you were younger and is a wonderful look to reproduce at home. Monae accentuated the glam look with gold ornaments braided throughout each braid.

26. Bantu Braids

Megalyn Echikunwoke wore cornrows that transitioned into side-braided Bantu knots, a novel take on conventional Bantu braids. While many braiding styles incorporate faux hair, we love how these Bantu knots look on short hair as well.

27. Mega Pony

Looking for a braided updo that will turn heads? Enter Keke Palmer’s enormous pony. Her hair was braided back into cornrows that came together on top of her head. Braids were twisted around her ponytail holder to match her cascading ponytail.

28. Pierced Braid

Storm Reid’s gigantic side braid was twisted into a big fishtail and finished with ring accents. Take a hint from Reid and add a little glam to your hair jewelry.

29. Braided Low Bun

A cute spin on the model bun. Aside from slicking down the sides with gel, secure your braid with invisible elastics before pinning it into a bun.

30. Side Swept

Jodie Turner-Smith’s box braids were swept to the right in a romantic side part, displaying the shaved side on the left for a cool contrast.

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