Blue Black Hair Color Ideas Trending Right Now 2023

Blue Black Hair color is trending lately as we see fashion influencers going all out with exploring new hair colors, more and more people are putting their foot forward to try new fashion and hair trends.

If you’re looking forward to taking this plunge for yourself, we have listed the most trending Blue Black Hair Color Ideas for different hair textures, that will help you get started!

This color combination not only makes you look fashion-forward but its deep and classic hue makes you look chic and put together, however, don’t bother about the color of clothes you need to style as blue-black can look good with most outfits!

15 Blue Black Hair Color Ideas that are trending

These Classic Blue Black Hair color ideas can be recreated with every hair texture so stick till the end. You can also check out the trendy haircut ideas if you’re also planning to cut your hair short.

1. Turquoise Blue-Black Hair

Turquoise Blue Black Hair Color ideas

There are various ranges of blue-black hair colors, the turquoise, ocean blue, and royal blue being some core colors. If you’re ready to go all out with experimenting with something new and want to try something trendsetting, you can try a turquoise ombre that starts with black, you can decide on the percentage of what to highlight the mist, the black or the blue.

2. Black to Blue Curls

Short natural curls have been a huge trend since 2021, adding a royal blue touch to your naturally black hair looks gorgeous, suits every trend, and is rule-breaking as well. With this short ombré style, the roots start out from blue to black, then fade into brighter tints, cute and wearable.

3. Aqua Blue-Black Hair

Doesn’t this mermaid-inspired hair color look gorgeous, waves add the right kind of feminine texture, and this summer aqua shade is what you’ll want? Use a color decomposing shampoo to make this color stay longer. Other than the dip-dye effect.

4. Teal and Navy Blue-Black Hair

If you’re too shy to go overboard with these hints of colors, you can do a low-key version of it by keeping it darker throughout. Dark teal blue highlights that blend so stunningly with the black is a subtle yet trendy and will be a head-turner for sure.

5. Violet Black Hair

Another subtle hair color idea is where you can blend black with hints of violet rather than using sticking blue, you can pull off every possible look with this hair color. Exploring a couple of different shades of blue adds an extra dimension to the trend, and you can influence so many!

6. Smokey Denim Blue Hair

Smokey Denim Blue hair looks very much like ash grey highlights, definitely a go-to for somebody who’s wanting to explore the most subtle aspects. If you want gray undertones in your blue to keep it from feeling too bright yet give summery vibes.

7. Slate Blue-Black Hair

Not going overboard with hues of blue you can always add gray undertones to your regular blue. This look however is not crazy and everybody can carry off this look so well. Outfits to style become as flexible too.

8. Cerulean Blue-Black Hair

Sleek long hair with a tinge of Cerulean blue adds class and sophistication to any outfit that you choose to wear. Not missing out on the long hair that falls straight, looks sleek, stylish, and put together.

9. Electric Blue-Black Hair

Go brutally trendy with sticking electric blue that ends up being black at the tip. Ideal for influencers or fashion enthusiasts who’re looking forward to trying something new this season. This hue is everything g that speaks standing out of the league!

Navy Blue-Black Hair is basic and subtle, this picture is what hair goals look like. It looks flattering on every hair length and every skin tone, hence, it’s definitely a hit. You can also add shine-enhancing toner to your weekly hair routine to help it look fresh all time.

11. Steel Blue-Black Hair

The Steel Blue Black hair is all about finding that hair shine we all look for. After getting it colored, focus on ways to keep it refreshed and use products that suit your hair. OGX Argan Oil of Morocco or Superzero’s shampoo bar can be good picks, adding hair gloss will also help you get a similar shine.

12. Bright Blue and Teal Hair

Again, the teal hues at the bottom start with a jet black look trendsetting, while giving very beach mermaid vibes. In technical terms it’s called s blue-black balayage, the sticking teal blue highlights steal the show.

13. Mint and Royal Navy Streaks

Minty shades have been in trend for so long, it’s time we incorporate that into our hair. Mint with Royal Navy streaks can also be achieved at home if you like going for DIYs. These look great in with both Black and Brown bases and keep using hair masks for the perfect moisture as you might end up with dry hair.

14. Ocean Blue-Black Hair

Ocean Blue highlights have little ends that stand out more striking than the rest of the colors which look trendy in their own subtle ways. A short to the medium-length hairstyle with waves and curls will add an extra edge to your look.

15. Blue-Black Updo

The Blue-black updo has one thing different, the way the highlights look, so unusual and statement-making, yet easy to achieve. These blue-black curls are head-turner for sure!

Hair Care tips to remember while coloring your hair Blue!

Here are some Hair care tips to keep in mind every time you color your hair blue. While hair coloring, something you need to make sure you don’t miss out on is the Hair Care routine, a routine that keeps your colors fresh and moisture intact, we know the hair colors can make natural hair look so dry, don’t we?

These points consist of a few affiliate links that may help us earn some commission, however, you don’t need to pay extra if you shop.

  • Quit your regular hair shampoo and conditioner and switch to L’Oreal Paris EverPure Repair and Defend Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner Kit, for better conditioning of your hair.
  • Adding a hair mask, well it can be a DIY idea too, should be put into a weekly routine.
  • For occasions, you can add  L’Oréal Paris Elnett Precious Oil Satin Hairspray, to add a shiny glam look for events.
  • Root touch-ups are important, so make sure you book an appointment with the salon to keep your hair color refreshed.

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