15 Stunning Blue Eyeshadow Makeup Trends for Everyday Look

We tend to utilize a lot of delicate pinks, light browns, and sparkly golds in our everyday makeup looks more compared to stunning blue eyeshadow makeup trends. Cobalt and icy blue hues are rarely used.

While blue eyeshadow color is more daring than more neutral favorites, it has a place in everyday wear.

The key is to pick a color that works for you and an eyeshadow look that you like. Maybe it’s just a hint of blue in the form of metallic eyeliner, or maybe you’re ready to go all-in with an all-over lid look. 

With an eclectic palette of colors spanning from teal to navy to baby blue to cerulean, it’s likely that we’re not giving this color enough respect.

Whether you want a bright blue eyelid or a delicate and smokey cyan, the possibilities are unlimited when playing with blue.

Top Blue Eyeshadow Makeup Trends for 2023

Are you ready to spice up your eye makeup in 2023? There are numerous ways to incorporate this color into your makeup regimen, from a faint tinge of blue on the lower lash line to a strong, smoky eye.

1. Green-Blue Lines

Begin by patting color on your eyelids and blending upwards and out to bring the color to the crease of your eyes with a dual-ended blending eyeshadow brush. When you’re finished, use the more blunt side of the brush to line the shadow under your bottom lashes. MAKE UP FOR EVER’s “Peacock Metallic” shadow shade is the right green-blue tone to achieve this look.

2. Go Bold

Adding boldly pointed eyeliner wings to an all-over blue shadow look is an easy way to tidy it up and make it look professional. It doesn’t matter how sloppy your shadow is because you’re going to tidy it up with a crisp black ink eyeliner wing.

3. Royal Blue

Add a vivid pop of blue to the traditional smokey eye. To achieve this look, apply one of the deep, glittery eyeshadow colors from the HUDA BEAUTY Obsessions Palette in Sapphire all over the lid. Use black pencil eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line to achieve that famous, smudgy, smokey look. If you want to heighten the drama, extend the top lash line liner beyond the eye to create a winged tip.

4. Molten Blue

Are you ready for a runway-worthy eye makeup look? This high-fashion option produces a geometric contour around the eyelid for a trendy alternative to ordinary makeup. When designing anything that demands this much precision, a cream eyeshadow or eyeliner is the way to go. These tend to provide better control and saturation with less spillage. 

5. Grey-Blue Glam

This is a more playful take on the usual smokey eye. Rather than slathering plain grey color all over your lids, try a metallic blue shimmer. Begin by spreading a matte grey shadow color across the lids, and then softly tap on a blue metallic color with a flat eyeshadow brush.

6. Almost-Black Liner

Do your regular makeup, but instead of topping off your lash line with your favorite eyeliner, grab for a subtle blue eyeliner.

7. Embellished Lids

Don’t worry if you don’t have any 3D pearls laying around. Add white dots to your all-over blue shadow color for a modern, lively party appearance. After applying eyeshadow, dab on pops of white or any color of your choice.

8. Silvery Shimmer

A strong, blue eyeshadow look doesn’t have to be difficult. Take, for example, this gorgeous blue makeup. Apply a pale to medium-toned blue eyeshadow color all over the top lid. Then, using a smaller shader brush, apply a small amount of the same color blue under the lower lash line. It should be thicker than a faint liner yet still exact. To make those lashes stand out, apply a dramatic extending mascara.

9. Out of the Blue

Who says you have to use the same blue for both eyes? After all, makeup is all about having fun. Experiment with applying an abstract shape in one shade of blue to one eye and another shape in a different color to the other. If you’re just starting off, a cream eyeshadow will give you the most control.

10. Bold Blue Liner

The best way to get started with blue eyeshadow is to use it as an eyeliner. Simply wet the shadow and line with it. Keep the eyes naked for a more natural look, and only add a hint of blue liner to make them pop. If you want to go a little bolder but aren’t ready to commit to covering your entire lid in blue, try something like this. Apply a complimentary blended eyeshadow look on top and use a liner brush or blue eyeliner to achieve something similar.

11. Teal Blue Meets Brick Red

The color theory should be used while developing a harmonious cosmetic look. To begin, locate your preferred color on the color wheel. Then look for the color that is opposite it on the color wheel. Those two colors will always go well together. Take, for example, this teal and brick-red makeup look. To achieve this duo-toned makeup look, seek a palette with a variety of complementary colors. 

12. Ocean Cat Eyes

Don’t you want to delve into the deep blue tones that have been put on Sophie Turner’s lids? Sharp lines can be easily created using tape. Simply place the tape diagonally upwards from your bottom lash line. Then, dust the eyeshadow all over the lid and work it out to the side over the tape to create the sharp cat-eye effect.

13. Blue Haze

The beauty of blue eye makeup is that it doesn’t take much to achieve a visually impressive look. If you’re new to makeup or simply short on time, follow this model’s lead: Swipe a mild shade of matte or metallic blue shadow all over the lid, from the upper lash line to the brow bone. You can leave this look alone or waterline the lower lash line with a white liner to lighten up the whole look.

14. Seeing Violet

Play up the whimsical aspect of blue makeup by mixing it with a shimmering violet eyeshadow in Ultra Violet. Altizio suggests blending these two tones to lighten a blue makeup look overall. Blend a soft purple with a light blue, such as this PINK PEWTER eyeshadow, for a gentle yet vibrant custom eye color, or make a smooth transition from blue to violet from the inner corner to the outer corner for a dramatic, colorful result.

15. Chic Cobalt

If the first smokey eye is a little too intense for you, try this one. Apply a deep shade of blue all over the lid, a brighter shade as the highlighter color, and a dark, smokey shade in the outer corner using a palette with a variety of blues, such as the MORPHE 35V Stunning Vibes Artistry Palette. Keep things light by avoiding mascara on the bottom lash line.

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