FarmHouse Fresh Review & Best Products for 2023

FarmHouse Fresh is an intriguing skincare business that was founded just as the name says. By creating skin care products that are as fresh as if their components were produced on a farm—which some of them are!

FarmHouse Fresh is a natural skincare brand that was born in a farmhouse in the United States and proudly uses 99.6% natural-based components in its healthy, fresh skin care products.

They believe in every morning should look like it was your best night’s sleep, growing greens that are pure, potent, and proven to work in kindness towards humans and animals which has made them one of the most thoughtful skincare brands so far. 

We focus on introducing new sustainable skincare brands around the world like Glow RecipeMeladerm, and Matcha to name a few. Check them out to explore their wide range of products and what our absolute favorite.

About Farmhouse Fresh

The tale behind FarmHouse Fresh is one to hear, even if you’re not in the green beauty space. FarmHouse Fresh, like many tiny, indie firms, began with a single flagship product that grew to become the foundation of a whole line of skincare products.

FarmHouse Fresh introduced an exfoliating trio with sea salt as the major component just over ten years ago. FarmHouse Fresh founder Shannon McLinden created this exfoliating technique to cure cracked heels.

It was that one simple product that catapulted FarmHouse Fresh to near-instant success after landing a coveted spot on Oprah’s O-List.

FarmHouse Fresh Goods have received multiple accolades from prestigious publications such as Elle and Southern Living Magazine.

FarmHouse Fresh – Our Best Picks of 2023

Here we go!

Illumination Mousse with Peptides + Retinol

A daily moisturizer that is as light as air is a peptide whip, which melts into the skin and leaves a natural mineral iridescence. The gentle healthy glow makes you seem stunning, capturing light and receiving compliments everywhere you go! 

Why you’ll like it: It’s the best-selling Moon Dip Ageless Facial Mousse but with a sheen! It contains the same potent wrinkle-targeting peptides as well as a gentle 24-hour time-release retinol that noticeably firms the skin’s appearance while you go about your day.

Overnight Super Antioxidant Recovery Serum

Wine Down is a fantasy! We got it scientifically evaluated to determine its antioxidant load in comparison to a major department shop moisturizer. 5.8 times higher antioxidant capacity – that’s 5.8 times the hero worker bees that help minimize environmental and oxidative stresses on your skin.

Why you’ll like it: When used at night, Wine Down’s® components operate as you sleep. Look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in just 2 hours with a chemical made from vegetables and unripened fruit that makes pores appear visibly smaller and hydrates so quickly that the appearance of fine wrinkles is lessened. We also included a clinically tested peptide.

Watercress Hydration Cascade

Super-drench and nourish your skin in a long-lasting wave of everyday hydration! This oil-free hyaluronic gelée moisturizer quenches dry skin while restoring beauty and suppleness with a time-release cascade of skin-firming 2% retinol and potent anti-pollution peptides.

Why you’ll like it: The texture of this moisturizer is so light that it will melt on your skin. You’ll fall in love with your satiated complexion’s lovely glow, regenerated appearance, and feel. Antioxidant-rich blue matcha, chlorophyll, and FHF-grown watercress extract to nourish skin with the greatest plant vitamins.

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