Mighty Patch Original Pimple Patches Review

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Are you tired of popping pimples and wish that they went away overnight? Of course, I was sick of it so I got my hands on Mighty Patch Original pimple patches that claim to be effective overnight and I’m excited to share what I felt! 

Mighty Patch is known as a smarter way to handle pimples overnight, Compared to conventional zit cream, applying the patch is a faster way to see a visible reduction in whitehead size overnight. that the patch guards against picking at or popping the skin.

Hydrocolloid patches initially intended for wounds, are also ideal for those excruciating (both literally and emotionally) breakouts that invariably occur the night before a big occasion like an interview or a date!

Do the mighty work patches work? Stay tuned to find out!

Product Description

Mighty Patch is a hydrocolloid sticker that makes zits seem better. Simply put it on, get some shut-eye, and wake up with skin that looks more clear.

Medical-grade hydrocolloid absorbs pimple snot. Safe for all skin types, drug-free, and tested in clinical settings.

Strong enough to last all night long despite the tossing and turning and pillow-squishing. Simple to remove in the morning without causing irritation or redness.

Plus, it blends Instantaneously into Skin: Your zit remains a hidden day or night thanks to the thin sticker with a translucent matte surface.

Mighty Patch Original Pimple Patches Benefits

  • Improves the look of pimples overnight without popping.
  • Clinically tested, drug-free, and safe for all skin types.
  • The thin sticker with a translucent matte finish keeps your pimple under wraps day or night.
  • When you peel off the Mighty Patches, you should be able to see that they did a tremendous job of absorbing the sebum in the form of white spots and opaqueness.
Mighty Patch Original Pimple Patches Review
Mighty Patch Original Pimple Patches

Mighty Patch Original Pimple Patches Review

Each hydrocolloid patch from Mighty Patch Original is 12mm across, or less than a penny, and is available in 36- or 72-count packs.

Additionally, there are Surface patches for large groups of pimples and Invisible variants that are thinner and harder to spot.

They function best on pimples that have fluid or pus inside of them, indicating a clear whitehead.

I put the patches immediately on the spots that meet this description after showering and drying my face, then I wait for them to work their magic.

Occasionally, based on the pimple, I see and feel results in just a few hours. Sometimes they take longer to work, and I have to wear them all night.

Applying a sticker makes a significant change that is not just visible. My pimples’ size and discomfort decreased noticeably each time.

Their efficiency never ceases to astound me. I’ve been slapping them all over my face every night for the past couple of years, as well as in the mornings.


The Original Mighty Patch, in my opinion, is definitely worth it was given its effectiveness, affordable cost, and widespread availability.

This acne treatment works wonders on zits that are only visible on the surface, and it is perfect for quickly reducing pimple appearance.

These patches also work for more severe inflammatory acne if you’re prepared to apply several patches and have an extra day to spare. The Original Mighty Patch is a good value at $12.99 for a box of 36, in general.

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