21 Stunning Natural Hairstyles for Women’s Everyday Looks to Explore

From every day to full-on glam, various stunning natural hairstyles accentuate the beauty of your natural hair, from every day to full-on glam. “As of late, many women are embracing their natural texture,” says Alicia Bailey, Design Essentials’ hairstylist, and worldwide education manager.

Style selection is primarily determined by lifestyle, particularly how much time one wants to spend doing their hair on a daily basis.

Trends also play a significant role. Natural curls, twists, locs, knotless black braids, stitch braids, and lace-front wigs/units are other popular go-to trends.

For example, If flat irons, hot rollers, and relaxers aren’t your thing, you shouldn’t have to force yourself to use them on your wedding day.

Besides, it’s your wedding day, and you should be entitled to dress your hair in whatever you choose. If you want to go natural before your wedding, talk to your hairstylist beforehand.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of inspiration on Instagram, and a lot of it is simple enough to do at home to save money on salon visits.

Here are the simplest Stunning Natural Hairstyles for Women’s Everyday Looks

We’ve gathered 21 stunning natural hairstyles for you to try—we’re confident you’ll discover the ones you like.

1. Straight Length

This ultra-long, ’70s-inspired look (as seen on Winnie Harlow here) may require a good number of hair extensions, but it’s one worth the extra effort.

2. Bleached Chop

Going bleach blonde is always a big deal, but it’s even bigger with short natural hair. “The bold statement of her platinum TWA (teeny-weeny afro) speaks volumes,” says a Cynthia Erivo style guru. “She exudes confidence and natural beauty while wearing this look.”

3. Albaso Braids

“Adding small, braided designs to Jourdan Dunn’s textured, curly hair leaves her looking like an ethereal goddess,” adds Bailey. “For maintenance, sleeping on a satin pillowcase and using the Design Essentials Almond & Avocado Overnight Recovery Treatment will keep her hair moisturized and frizz-free.”

4. Faded Bun

Lena Waithe’s fade and braiding make the style distinctly her own, proving that there are various ways to wear a bun.

5. Cornrows

“Alicia has opted for minimalist looks ever since she stopped wearing makeup,” Bailey says of Keys’ current fashion choices. “I love how she embraces her natural beauty, and the cornrows without added extensions are ideal for her.”

6. Sweeping Braid

“I love Issa Rae’s modern twist of a long ponytail with the braided design,” Bailey says of her haircut. “She looks stunning, and this style provides a low-maintenance option that can be tied up with a head wrap at night and worn for up to a week.”

7. Low Pony

Another style we adore, a low-slung ponytail requires less effort (and arm strength) to create than a snatched style. We especially enjoy it when coupled with a deep side part, as Ayesha Curry did here.

8. Short Crop

A classic pixie requires minimal hair care (all you need is a bit of pomade to keep it in place), is trendy AF, and, as Teyana Taylor demonstrates, is the perfect cut for showing off your stunning face.

9. Micro Braids

Zoe Kravitz can pull off any look, and this one is no exception. “Knotless, individual pencil braids have become increasingly popular and look stunning on Zo,” says Bailey. “Classic, effortless, and low-maintenance, these braids highlight her natural beauty and accentuate her minimalistic style.”

10. High Pony

What’s the use of a ponytail if it’s not snatched? OK, that’s a bit dramatic, but sky-high, super-tight designs like Keke Palmer’s are popular for a reason: they not only look beautiful but also raise the entire face. Pro tip: Try it halfway.

11. Wet Look

To achieve this popular runway appearance, your hair does not have to seem freshly washed (although anything goes these days). Rihanna’s gleaming curls may be replicated with your favorite style products, such as hair gel or gloss.

12. Waterfall Pony

According to Amandla Stenberg’s hairstylist, Lacy Redway, each braid in her eye-catching design was customized in a unique shade of blue. “The beauty of wearing braid extensions allows one to be versatile while experimenting with color,” Bailey says of the colorful look.

13. Locs Beret

“Wrapping her small locs around in the shape of a small hat is a beautiful look for Ava DuVernay,” Bailey adds, adding, “Locs are very versatile and provide her with limitless styling options.” “Scalp care is essential for loc maintenance,” says the hairstylist.

14. Retro Updo

A lovely high bun is our next hairstyle! It’s a hairstyle that looks effortlessly stylish, and a bun like this one will suit anyone. The hair products used can be found on the page linked below. It’s the ideal look for when you want to look relaxed but stylish.

15. Curly Bangs

Getting a good curly cut can be difficult for those of us with curly or kinky hair. Thankfully, more and more stylists are specializing in curly hair, so you, too, can flaunt the year’s most trendy hairstyles.

16. Blunt Bob

The chin-length hairstyle, which was popular in the 1990s, is back and more glam than ever. Exhibit A: Da’Vine Joy Randolph’s smooth, angled style.

17. Wrapped Up

When in doubt, accessorize your hair. “Braids are low-maintenance and versatile in terms of style.” “By adding the headband, they can be dressed up or down,” explains Bailey, who adds that Angell Conwell “created a regal look for the occasion.”

18. Brushed Out

“It’s all about the freedom of expression with this look,” says Bailey, who is all about the volume. “Zendaya has accepted her natural hair and rocks it with grace.”

19. Stacked Clips

Solange took the beloved-but-basic metal hair clip and turned it into a moment, paired with a similar silver outfit. The performer wore hers with a slicked-back low bun, but you could easily replicate it with natural curls, a top knot, or just about anything else.

20. Sleek and Straight

As Janet Mock demonstrates, pin-straight strands look just as well with jeans as they do with a suit.

21. Embellished Bun

Take a topknot to the next level with a dusting of crystals, pearls, or any other ornament of your choice. Keep it simple yet elegant with Innovative Hair Buns. This hairstyle complements Western and traditional looks.

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