28 Trendy Short Haircuts for Women to Try in 2023

If you’re fond of Short Haircuts and looking for hair inspiration to look gorgeous and trendy, I’ve got you covered. There’s an urge to chop off your hair once the Summer arrives, which is not very far now, and trust me when I say this, short hairstyles for women can never be dated or off the trend chart.

Did you know that Short haircuts are also a synonym for Confidence, high self-esteem, and independence, pretty much the reason why I’ve kept short hair the moment I got to know about it, and is still the same!

Apart from looking trendy and extravagant, these are a few benefits of having atrendy short haircuts in 2023:

  • There’s less heat styling so there’s less hair damage.
  • You look preppy and quirky with the least effort.
  • Wah-care becomes much easier and more manageable.

Whether layered lobs, classic bobs, or pixies I’ve got you covered in all short hair horizons, reaching wide into buzz cuts and blunts so keep checking out till the end to see what suits you better.


Dual tones are quite a thing, in makeup trends or hair trends, two-tone can look really fun. While this one is a basic black with blonde, it’s totally on you to choose your hues that start with a darker tone at the roots and are followed by a color block!


Shaggy haircuts were really trending in 2021 and you’ll see the braided version of it going viral all over the media in 2023.


A little on the medium end, Bangs are making a come back and it’s going to only rise in the coming year. Try to go a little overboard with fun highlights to add fun elements.

Blunt Bangs

Shaggy Bob

Depending of the texture of your hair, a shaggy bob is a balanced short haircut that can look good on everybody as it frames your face the best.

Cheekbone Bob

Watch out Rihanna acing the Cheekbone Bob look, a single color texture looks classy and can bring out the bossed-up version of you.

Short Slick

Bobs can be versatile so if you’re ready to explore a shorter hair version of yourself, sleeker, smarter, and hassle-free!

Short Coils

Coils look really cute if added with little color textures. Check out this cute coily style shows off Amandla Stenberg’s texture beautifully with caramel highlights.

Polished Bob

Clean and classic polished bob gives you an extra edge that can help you pull off any look. Starting out a job and want to be taken seriously? Well, there’s nothing better than this to try!

’70s Lob

The 70s Lob can look fun and joyous with waves and coils that add an extra element. So if it’s something your hair follows naturally, an ideal lob with bangs is all you need.

Full Curls

Full voluminous curls look attractive and authentic. Try out dark shades to create a monotony if you’re looking for a subtle shorter haircut option.

Pink Tips

Very much like ombre, you can go pink on the tips of your hair, a bright and bold statement-making piece that one must try if you’re in this industry.

Classic Pixie

Pixies are fun and cute, the best of it is that it suits all ages, all colors making it an ideal but bold choice to make a statement. Zoë Kravitz’s cropped pixie looks classic and cool with mini bangs.

Vintage Pixie

Of course, Vintage is the new cool and we can not miss out on this one. Tyra Banks references Rosemary’s Baby was also featured in the Top Model show. It is as flattering as it was in the ’60s.

Polished Bob

Clean, sleek and serious, more of a look that most of us can pull off with subtle hair colors that make it look elegant at all times.

Sharp Bob

Notice the edges, that what sharp bob is referring to, with coil bangs and yet again, dark hair colors. It’s more of playing with sharp cuts creating angles and how fun is to rock this look!

Fulani Braids Bob

 Danai Gurira proves that Fulani Braids bob can be aced by keeping it short, shoulder-length. Flared ends make the style even cooler, don’t you think?

Micro Bangs

Micro bangs end halfway at the forehead, addition of soft coiled curls makes it even more cute and graceful to try out.

Flipped Bob

A chin-skimming length with dual tones with subtly flipped-under ends feels fresh and gorgeous.

French Bob

French Bob with curtain bangs, hell yes! A French bob is typically shorter than your typical chin-length bob we’ve been seeing a lot of lately mentions hairstylist Alex Brown.

Buzz Cut Haircut women

Buzz Cuts are the shortest of all. Try making a statement with lighter blondes and go extravagant.

Side Swoop

The side swoop looks even glam with the length going even shorter. How about trying this in contrasting hair color?

Curved Bob

JLo’s curved Bob looks chic, and classy in blondes is an ideal haircut for anybody who wants to try on a shorted and cleaner hair length.

’90s Crop

The Cropped Bob inspired by the 90s can also be a statement maker so yes, go try out this.  This short chop a “hairline bob, looks even better when carried with a swept-back look.

Curly Bob

A fun and messy curly bob look really playful with curtain bangs. The best way to nail this cut with curls is to make sure your stylist specializes in curly hair.

Curly Lob

In addition to your natural hair textures, Curly lobs can be really fun to carry yet subtle.

Rounded Bob

Just like curved bob, rounded bobs add a little softness to the whole look that can help create a subtle feminine look.

Classic Lob

Just an everyday look, collarbone-length lob, like this is beachy one on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, is one of the best short haircuts that tops the chart.

Tight Crop

Embrace those textures with a cropped tight bob, not only that it looks smart and versatile, but it’s something women are opting for more. So natural textures and cropped hair length are just worth giving a chance on!

Tight Crop Haircut

Check out my latest update on the Latest Makeup trends that will be seen this year in 2023. Try these short haircuts that will help you make the fashion statement you’ve always wanted.

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