Spring Summer Makeup Trends to Follow in 2023

With each season, new cosmetics trends emerge. Some are simple to imitate, while others require a brief tuition to learn. Regardless of your talent level, it’s always interesting to know what looks are likely to go viral and what inspired them before attempting any of them yourself. 

So, what beauty trends will be popular in the spring of 2023? Top makeup artists believe that the season’s most popular looks will appeal to both minimalists and maximalists.

Whether you favor delicate or bold makeup, this season’s styles won’t require you to invest in a large beauty kit to pull off.

And, when it comes to expressing the warmer weather with some genuinely beautiful cosmetic moments, the spring-summer makeup trends we’ve seen developing from social media completely comprehend the assignment.

Consider the frosted shimmer of the 1990s, which has been quietly making a comeback. Going forward, there will be an eruption of glittering eyeshadows and lipglosses ready to gleam in the sunlight.

Spring Summer Makeup Trends 2023:

1. Sheer-bold blush

The sheer-bold blush trend proves that the two can coexist. Blush is becoming popular in the next seasons. There will be more of it (used liberally across cheeks, temples, and the bridge of the nose), but the formulations will be sheerer to keep it feeling fresh.

2. Color pop eyes 

Switching out your typical black liner for a bright alternative is an easy way to instantly add a nice makeover. More pastels and neons will be scribbled across lash lines, as well as full-on vivid color pop eyeshadows. It’s a statement, but when matched with a more understated, everyday makeup look, it can be low-key and endlessly wearable.

3. Lightweight grunge 

What’s one cosmetics trend that’s not going away? Grunge, but make it spring-summer suitable. Rather than full matte foundations, thick liquid lipsticks, and heavy smokey eyes, the glam grunge look is getting a lightweight makeover with semi-matte complexions or even tinted moisturizers. Lip stains are replacing lipsticks (for all the impact without the weight), while pantyhose smoky eyes provide a sheer, gauzy spin on the classic smokey eye.

4. Glazed lips

The ‘lip oil’ hashtag on TikTok has 1.2 billion views, and “Dior lip oil” has over 650 million views on its own, so it’s no surprise that glazed lips are one of spring-summer’s most popular trends – because no season works better with a glossy wash of color than the sunshine seasons to really set off that glassy shine.

5. 90s frosted shimmer 

We’ve brought back ‘90s lip liner and ’90s grunge and we even keep seeing skinny eyebrows everywhere (wahh, not brave enough). So it was only a matter of time before we mined the archive further and resurrected the frosted lips and eyeshadows that Pamela Anderson and Brandy made famous way back when. The pretty trend leans into the silky ballet core beauty moment that TikTok is currently loving and it’s just plain stunning for spring and summer.

6. Barbiecore

Barbiecore Beauty is the one to watch this summer, and it’s delivering bright pink nail paint, fluffed-up lashes, glitter accents, and pink statement lips. With Margot Robbie’s live-action Barbie movie coming out this July, searches for “Barbie ponytail” up 30%, and Viva Magenta selected the Pantone of the year, it’s apparent the Barbie craze is poised to peak in 2023.

7. Coquettecore 

With over 8.4 billion views on TikTok, the coquette cosmetics trend leans towards old-school femininity (think pink, pearls, lace, and bows). It’s a look that’s been referenced throughout the years, merging sultriness with innocence, but at its core, this new generation of coquette makeup simply leans into an openly “girly” aesthetic because it’s charming, and we can. This includes fluttery lashes, stretched siren liner, and fresh, flushed cheeks.

8. Underpainting

Mary Phillips, Hailey Bieber’s makeup artist, shocked the beauty internet when fans discovered the simple trick she does to create the most natural-looking contour (actually putting it on before applying foundation so it peeks through more gently). And we’ve seen the softer contoured appearance ever lately, so expect to see a lot more underpainting in spring and summer.

9. Glossy cheekbones

“Glowing summer skin is always in,” adds Harris, “but for summer 2023 makeup, expect to see a more strategic glow.” Instead of going for an all-over “dolphin skin” look, try mattifying your T-zones and dusting bright highlighters across your cheekbones. Are you unsure whether to use a liquid or powder highlighter? If you want a natural, dewy finish, use a liquid highlighter; if you want a pigmented metallic effect, use a powder highlighter.

10. Black smokey-eyes

“Glowing summer skin is always in,” adds Harris, “but for summer 2023 makeup, expect to see a more strategic glow.” Instead of going for an all-over “dolphin skin” look, try mattifying your T-zones and dusting bright highlighters across your cheekbones. Are you unsure whether to use a liquid or powder highlighter? If you want a natural, dewy finish, use a liquid highlighter; if you want a pigmented metallic effect, use a powder highlighter.

11. Two-tone lips

Choose contrasting colors for the top and bottom lips, or get creative with lip art by sketching an outline around your lips in one color, then filling it in with another. The key here is to use a liquid lipstick (in two hues) that dries rapidly. Swipe on one color, let it dry, then swipe on the second color and let it dry before allowing your lips to touch. It’s time-consuming, but trust us: you’ll get full, vivid pigment that won’t bleed or feather.

12. Fresh skin makeup trend

When it’s scorching outside, I refuse to put on a full face of a full-coverage foundation, which is why I was overjoyed to see fresh, dewy, scarcely covered skin on the 2023 summer runways. This summer, my go-to look will undoubtedly be a sheer skin tint blended with a beauty sponge and a subtle cream blush to bring some color to my cheeks—easy peasy.

13. Styled brows for summer

If you’ve always despised the skinny-brow trend, why not try a completely decked-out brow instead? Glitter block brows at Peter Do and purposeful slits at Poster Girl were among the statement brow lewks seen on the summer 2023 runways. Choose a cream glitter or cream eyeshadow, which will require less building up to achieve an opaque look than a loose product.

14. Disco makeup

Embellishments and sparkle were a huge summer fashion trend on the runways, but they’ll be adorning our faces as well, à la a night at Studio 54. More is more in this case, babes, so don’t be afraid to try an all-over monochrome look like the one above, then add some face gems and glitter to your lips and cheeks.

15. Pastel eyes

Bright splashes of color across your eyes, as beauty artist Katie Jane Hughes achieved above, are a significant spring makeup trend that will continue into the summer. If your pastel eyeshadow looks chalky and ashy on your skin, dab a white eyeshadow base across your lids before applying your eyeshadow with a shader brush.

16. Strong blush

The huge blush looks from Christian Cowan’s spring/summer 2023 presentation, especially Dove Cameron’s embellished take on the trend above. So, I’m trying out the look myself, so I asked Smashbox pro lead makeup artist Lori Taylor Davis how she accomplished it backstage. She suggests using a lightweight blush (either cream or powder) and a small, rounded brush to assist lay the color precisely where you want it, then blending out the edges with a fluffy brush.

17. Bold Blush

A bold sweep of blush into the mix is the simplest (and maybe loveliest) way to improve a glowy no-makeup makeup look. Inspired by the ’80s draped blush style, this current version incorporates blended blurring borders for a more natural touch. Using a strong blush and a brush, create a flushed complexion.

18. Color Wash

Good news for beauty minimalists who have been dreading 2023’s bright eyeshadow trend: Seasonal pastel colors are an easy approach to ease into breaking out of your comfort zone in this way. You can go for a wash of a single shadow all over the lids or add some shimmer for a little shine.

19. Monochromatic Rose

Beauty girls are seeing red this spring, just as in fashion. This season, the shade is appearing as a splash of color on the lips, combined with pink tones on the rest of the face. Choose a pale pink blush for naturally flushed cheeks. Then, for a spring-friendly flash of color, apply a dab of vivid red lipstick on the lips.

20. Classic Cat Eye

While grunge eyeliner looks are becoming increasingly fashionable (more on that later), the classic cat eye is also a popular eyeliner choice. This spring, instead of a dramatic wing, the eyeliner method takes the form of a tidy cat flick. Combine with a high-shine lip gloss for a timeless effect.

21. No-Makeup Makeup

The no-makeup makeup look is popular for spring 2023. We recommend MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Skin Foundation and Ultra HD Concealer for those who want their skin to be the star of the show but may require more coverage. The HD Skin product provides medium yet buildable coverage, allowing you to customize the finish while still allowing your skin to look like skin.

22. All-Out Brows

Jo Baker, celebrity makeup artist and co-founder of BAKEUP Beauty, forecasts that bleached and colored brows will be even more popular this spring. “We’re breaking boundaries right now with color and experimenting through beauty in Spring 2023,” Baker tells TZR. “We’ve been given full permission to dive in because the color isn’t as ‘crazy’ as previously received.” Expect to see color, decorations, and electric arches all over your social feeds.

23. Metallic Eyes

Metallic eyes, inspired by the year 2000, are all about mixing glitter and grunge, according to Orlinksky. “Apply your favorite eyeshadow all over your eyelid. “Then, with your finger, tap and sweep on a powder on top to transform it into a metallic eye,” the expert explains. Finish the look with your favorite eyeliner and mascara.

24. Grunge Throwback

This spring, smudged, lived-in eye makeup will make a strong comeback. The ’90s grunge look is defined by smudged eyeliner, heavy mascara, and black lipstick. “This trend is perfect for so many, as this look calls for a done yet undone effect,” Orlinksy says. “While graphic eyes or cat eyes may require more patience and perfection, this trend is meant to appear imperfect.” That is, mastering this trend only requires a fast, on-the-go application.

25. Hyper Glow

To achieve this look, use radiance-boosting tinted serums, moisturizers, and SPFs instead of matte concealer, foundations, and chalky powder highlighters. Try swapping out heavy coverage foundations and high voltage highlighters for skin-loving sheer foundations and multi-purpose hydrating face and body sticks. According to Brooks, the idea of the trend is to have skin that looks finished without all of the pomp and fanfare.

26. 90s Lip Liner

From a natural lip to a brick red, the ’90s lip liner style gives dimension to lips by making them appear larger. Brooks recommends brushing out the liner to make it look slightly diffused. And, whether you choose a neutral or strong base color, finish with a sheer gloss like the rest of the ’90s girls.

27. No Brows

Take a page from Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Sofia Richie’s book and capitalize on the barely there brow trend, which features bleached brows at the forefront. To achieve this look without bleaching your hair, use a long-wearing, full-coverage concealer, such as the makeup FOR EVER Matte Velvet Skin Concealer.

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