Makeup Artists Rate Top Beauty Trends of 2023

Trends come and go, and in 2023, we’ll be looking to the past for top beauty trends famous makeup artists are excited for. It’s time to harness your inner Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keeffe, or Yayoi Kusama because the beauty and makeup trends for 2023 are all about artistic flare.

“A preference for artistry and creativity will continue to grow this coming year as well,” predicts the Spate team, which forecasts beauty trends based on cold hard search data.

The Euphoria effect is fading, the contour is not yet in our vocabulary, and it’s a new beginning… That might appear a little familiar.

Consider ’90s makeup: “We’re going to steal that fresh skin, but we’re not going to tweeze our brows away in the process.

Makeup artists rate top Beauty Trends of 2023

Are we ready to list down to most popular makeup and beauty trends of 2023?

Yes, we are!

1. Cream Sticks 

Multipurpose cosmetics have been really popular, and we expect it to continue beyond 2023. Cream sticks are the simplest way to improve your multipurpose makeup game and embrace skin simplicity. We’re talking foundation, bronzer, blush, and highlighter sticks here! There’s a stick for everything your skin might require. They have an airbrushed appearance and don’t feel cakey on the skin. Plus, they’re indestructible!

2. Colored Eyeliner

“Coloured eyeliners will be a trend in 2023.” ‘We’ve seen some graphic eyeliner looks inspired by Euphoria, and I anticipate seeing even more next year,’ Jamie says. It’s true – colored eyeliner isn’t going away, and we see new ways to utilize it every day on social media. Try a tight waterline, a reverse cat eye, or an inner corner flash of color.

3. Blurred Lips

The blurred lip style evolved from the lip mud fad that became popular in Korea. This lazy, slept-in lip look is as gorgeous as ever, and it can be worn in a variety of ways. We recommend using a fluffy brush, blotting after application, or even going in with your fingertips for a ‘barely there’ appearance. You can apply a matte lip tint or lipstick.

4. Non-Traditional Blush Placement 

“Use blush in the same way you would bronzer—forehead, cheekbones, and temples,” Jamie advises. In recent years, we’ve seen blush employed in almost every way imaginable. We recall Doja Cats’ Vogue video in which she emphasized her love of blush on her nose. However, Jamie believes that this trend will continue in 2023, with individuals preferring to experiment with blush instead of bronzer.

5. Colored Lashes

“I hope to see colored lashes come into the trend space because I feel like the color is really making a comeback, and colored lashes are a fun way to switch it up,” Jamie says. Colored lashes are so ’90s, and with so many ’90s trends resurfacing, we’re surprised this trend hasn’t taken over sooner. But don’t worry, you don’t have to trawl the internet for falsies—colored lashes can be achieved with a quick stroke of mascara. 

6. Monochrome Makeup

We’re big supporters of multitasking when it comes to makeup, so we’re delighted to discover that monochrome makeup is still popular this season. Lujan recommends “a blush color that doubles as a soft lip tint and a touch of warmth in the crease of the eye.”Whether you prefer rose or peach monochromatic makeup or want to go wild with plum or red, this simple and eye-catching cosmetic trend will always steal the show.

7. Bold Blue Eye Makeup

Blues can be intimidating, we would suggest starting with blue mascara for a subtle step into color. If you like blue mascara, you’ll like blue eyeliner in your waterline. These two methods may be combined with any cosmetic look, from natural to dramatic, by simply substituting blue liner or mascara for your regular brown and black liner or mascara.

Are you already a fan of the daring blue? For makeup enthusiasts, try out a blue color wash eye. It is essentially a smoky eye method using blue instead of dark matte black. With so many different shades of blue to choose from, you choose navy, royal, or bright blue.”

8. Minimalist Blush

With minimalism still popular, there’s a focus on letting your natural beauty show through with a few simple changes to your beauty routine. Instead of layering items in their typical order, we’re creating a natural glow. “There is a shift from bolder blush application to a soft, subdued blush-from-within look,” Lujan explains. “Cream blush or lipstick are the best products to use for this method.” Apply a sheer layer of skin tint or light foundation all over your skin once it has been prepped and primed.

9. Patent Leather Lips

Red lips are timeless. This year’s red has a decidedly edgy vibe, which is “a bold red, long-wear lip with a high shine gloss topper we’re always looking out for. Use a neutral pencil to contour the lips and create a base. Set with a translucent setting powder. Apply a bold matte red lip color and set it with translucent setting powder. Allow the powder to remain for a while on the lip before dusting off excess before adding a luscious clear lip gloss.

10. Bleached Brows

When it comes to eyebrows, feathery brows are here to stay, and (surprise!) bleached brows are making a comeback. Makeup artists mention this year’s bleached brow trend as being utilized to “soften the frame of the eye area and put all attention on the lashes and lids.”
“Rather than committing to the bleached brow effect full time, I love to employ a “faux bleach brow” application that is simple and very effective,” I’d say.

11. Glazed Temple Highlight

You’ve probably seen the TikTok fad of dewy, glazed skin or glazed donuts. It’s all about achieving a gleaming appearance with moisturizing skincare and glow-enhancing cosmetics. In 2023, we’ll be “pushing the limits of highlight and glass skin to the next level, and focusing placement on the temple and orbital bone, rather than the cheek.

12. Blush draping

Our love affair with Blush is as old as time itself, but the location is key. The coming year will see a comeback of a ’70s-favorite trend, blush draping, which involves painting yours on from the cheekbones to the temples in a C-shape giving the illusion of a facelift.

13. Wet-look makeup

While the damp hair look has been popular for a while, you should include pearly luminosity in your makeup ideas. Leave the mattes at home and opt for serum foundations and liquid highlighters for a dewy finish.

14. Embellished beauty

Euphoria’s hold on the pop culture milieu shows no signs of waning, so you might want to ring in the New Year with a bang. Those who want to ease into the trend might begin by placing a few rhinestones in their makeup before attempting larger fads such as crystal-encrusted eyes.

15. Milky manicures

Milky Nails have established their claim as the new neutral, with celebs soaking their tips in a sheer wash of white for that my-nails-but-better appearance.

16. Neon hues

Not ready for rainbow hues? No worries; the spring/summer 2023 runways were filled with small flicks of slime green and lovely splashes of fuchsia that will encourage you to douse your eyes in summery hues. After all, brighter is always better.

17. Brownie lips

Freshly glazed brownie lips have been a hallmark in Latina and Black communities, with fans ranging from Naomi Campbell to Jennifer Lopez, and Hailey Bieber can be credited with its recent rebirth. The classic brown lip liner and balm have risen from the ashes of ’90s cosmetics to offer your lips an enviably comfortable, lived-in feel.

18. Playful pastels

Alternatively, for a relaxing wash of color, you may dabble in chilly tones. Nothing says spring like a lilac and lavender ombré inspired by watercolors.

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