Very Peri Makeup Ideas | Pantone Color of the Year 2022

Pantone color of the year 2022, Very Peri is seen to be the most popular color that we’re seeing on our feeds. A gorgeous hue that is a representation of creative freedom, the blend of new red-violet, and blue highlights creates a warm violet-blue that rules the fashion and makeup industry.

From Gigi Hadid’s demonstration of blue-leaning eye shadow shades with a polite pinch of purple during Met Gala 2021 to Georgia Eisdell acing the perfect holographic ‘Very Peri’ eye look on Anya Taylor-Joy which were a show stopper looks, red carpet and social media is filled with Very Peri Makeup Inspirations.

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Since Very Peri became the ruling Pantone for the year, makeup influencers have already aced the game of creating the best very peri makeup looks to get inspired by.

Very Peri Makeup Ideas for Inspiration

Get inspired by the variety of Very Peri Makeup Ideas that various fashion and makeup influencers have created for the next time you get ready!

1. Twilight Blue

Built intense with dark tones, a little addition of sparkle to amp up the can be a bold eye statement for a casual subtle outfit. You can also create similar looks with additional tones.

2. Glitz and Glam

Powder Blue Glitter effects a striking look that makes every basic outfit the touch of glam that it needs. Ideal for prom nights, dates, and movie nights. You can also explore such blends for red carpets etc.

3. Euphoria

Very trending as the name, highlight addition of Very peri with whites and powder blue to create a neon anime effect, with silver highlights in the inner corner to create an illuminating look.

4. Pastel Peri

Pastel is the way to go, the above look is a perfect depiction of a summery outing, brunch with friends, or picnic makeup ideas. A clean stroke of eyeliner makes it look sharp and attention-seeking.

5. Rise and Shine

Go all glitter with very peri eyeshadows that blend well with lavender to create a statement-making look with that favorite nightgown that contrasts the whole color theory altogether.

6. Gingham aesthetic

A bold aesthetic to explore, blend it with white, black, or any contrast color to make it stringing and bold. It Will good great with statement blazers and edgy outfits.

7. Dark Very Peri Hair

Be a fashion-forward by introducing blue hue hair colors which will be statement-making in all aspects. Look basic or look glam, the hair color is going to be a head-turner.

8. Ash with Very Peri Highlights

To go subtle and trendy, ash blends with very peri will have most of your looks sorted withc=out the confusion of the outfits you’d choose. It’s flexible to look good in most fits, flowy or classic, all silhouettes only add up to the whole look.

9. Blue Hue Rainbow

A dusky blue hue with a matte effect and graphic eyeliners look chic for regular fits that look offbeat and trendy.

10. Intense twilight

Get a bold look with true blue hues of the Very Peri color emphasized with shimmer on the inner corners. Make sure to explore more colors in bold to add an extra edge to your eyes.

11. The Halo Effect

Pair flower hues like periwinkle and pink with the halo eyeshadow which is one of the trending makeup styles to explore in 2022-23. YOu can also explore lemon yellows instead of pink.

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