Apricot Crush Key Color Trends for Autumn Winter 2024

WGSN Trend Forecasting agency introduces Apricot Crush key color for 2024, providing a fruity injection of energy to the season. One of the core colors that will be ruling in the coming months and seasons.

Introducing Apricot Crush Key Color Trends of 2024

Apricot Crush is an activating mid-tone with a restorative quality that aligns with balancing lifestyles and nourishing body and mind. Calling it a vitamin-balancing hue that levels up to a softer, more pastel, and emotionally intriguing hue.

This hue of orange will bring a warming luminosity to the home both indoors and out. Its soft sun-bleached nature means it pairs easily with neutrals and is suitable for textiles, glass, bath, and bedroom products. 

The head of content at Coloro, Joanne Thomas mentions “For A/W 23/23 we foresee new narratives emerge as consumers’ desire to live with intent increases, making the right choices for themselves, the planet, and other species”. 

Calling it a mid-tone orange that is intended for balancing lifestyles and nourishing the body and mind, Apricot Crush, is going to be a huge trend. Its soft sun-bleached nature pairs with neutrals, suitable for textiles, glass, and bath products. 

It will also be used for joyful beauty, fragrance, skincare, and hair color products. It’s a gender-inclusive color that can be utilized for health and wellness-led consumer tech.

As for fashion, you’ll see Apricot Crush will be hugely used in Loungewear, lingerie, men’s essentials, etc.

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