Aquatic Awe Key Color Trends for Spring Summer 2025

The Key Color Trends of 2025 are unveiled by coloro and wgsn. This season’s colors signify a substantial shift towards strategic creativity, where inventive ideas will be critical in addressing the challenges posed by prolonged disruption, volatility, and uncertainty.

Introduction to Aquatic Awe Key Color Trends of 2025

The third Key Colour is Aquatic Awe (Coloro 086-70-25). This transforming turquoise embraces the weird and beautiful qualities of nature while also having a synthetic quality that links with digital concepts.

This duality connects fantasy and reality, recalling bioluminescent marine life, endangered ocean ecosystems, and immersive virtual realms.

This color corresponds to evolving well-being methods, whether attained through physical or virtual applications.

It is also affected by an increasing emphasis on bio-synthetic streams, in which bio-manufacturing and lab-grown materials are used as a more resource-efficient alternative to natural materials.

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