Autumn Winter Color Trends 2022

Pantone Color Institute experts have released the key colors for Autumn Winter Color Trends 2022. These colors are of varied range that embraces various possibilities of our lifestyle, encouraging personal expression of whatever types it is, classic or trendy, while also encouraging tones of personal healing and calmness.

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“Colors for Autumn Winter 2021-2022 provide a variety of choices that complement our lifestyle of constant reinvention and represent a promise of reemergence,” stated Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Autumn Winter Colors trends are mostly inspired by the 70’s earthy tones that reflect groundedness and calmness to the core. Let’s check out some of the key trending colors you’ll see this season.

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Key Autumn Winter Color Trends 2022

These Color Include Coconut Cream, A thick and rich velvety white, The Ultimate Gray, Quietly assuring and reliable, encourages composure, Soybean, a mild and companionable blonde beige, Olive Branch, A tasteful green symbolic of growth.

1. Downtown Brown

The summertime equivalent of black is brown. This color, which combines sophistication and elegance, is chic and modest and an excellent choice for any event. The brown hues chosen by Pantone for the seasons of 2022 are Coca-Mocha, This delicious Coca-Mocha color lifts the mood. Sudan Brown is a deep, earthy brown with rich, naturally occurring tones associated with wonderful outdoor settings. Coffee Quartz is a fascinating brown that combines simplicity and elegance.

2. Perfectly Pale

White has been chosen by the Pantone Color Institute as the in-vogue color for autumn 2022 once more. Pure and simple white symbolizes the desire for inner peace and simplicity that characterises our times. It is also ideal for the summer and autumn because white is both stylish and chic at the same time.

3. Ultimate Gray

The Pantone Color Institute selected Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray as the colours of the year for 2021. As a “serious hue” that may add sophistication and timelessness to any ensemble, Pantone describes this nuance as reassuring, reliable, tranquil, and calming.

4. Olive Branch

Pantone describes Olive Branch as a delicate, universally appealing shade of green that lends itself to the design of many different items of clothing, such as slacks, skirts, shirts, coats, and jackets. Olive Branch is a neutral colour with a tinge of grey that may be worn in combination with black or as a whole for classy looks or with printed clothing for modern looks. 

It is a traditional neutral colour that is delicate and restrained and ideal to display in the fall.

Autumn Winter 2022 NYFW Color Palette

These are the Key Autumn Winter Color Trends 2022 that will be rising popular during the season for fashion and interior inspiration!

1. Neutrals

You’ll see a lot of neutrals in Makeup and Skin recreations while the Classic Workwear never goes out of style, we’ll see that. Embrace Deep Reddish Browns, Burnt tones, and Sand colors and textures to bring nature and groundedness into your looks.

2. Yellow

The ultimate color of cheerfulness and hope, inspiring us to look at the brighter picture, involves a lot of sunshine tones like deeper mustard seed tones, golden yellows, and a bright canary.

3. Green

The representation of Rebirth and freshness blends in perfectly with earthy tones that narrate calmness going hand in hand. Grabbing from nature, you’ll see blue-casted spruce, olive drab, clover, and mellow sea glass.

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