21 Best Autumn Winter Fashion Trends 2022/2023

As the top fashion brands hit their collections on the runway, our excitement reaches cloud 9 as we list the Wearable Fashion Trends that will rule the Autumn Winter 2022/23. 

Our World is going through a lot. Designers and high fashion brands alike offer two distinct themes as the world experiences a wave of post-pandemic freedom, a stark contrast to a dystopian view of the world.

While one that combines practical, comfortable clothes that highlight roomy silhouettes, marked with colorful, sexier, and much more glamorous outfits, alongside a hymn to femininity, in the urge of breaking repressive environments.

As that was not all, the Ukrainian war has also moved many designers who have come up with more silent representations like Armani, ditching the regular glam OTT runway shows.

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Leading fashion brands and retailers like Inditex, H&M, Marks & Spencer, Nike, among many others, and luxury industry heavyweights like LVMH, Kering, Burberry, Ganni, etc. have left in large numbers in response to the signals presented on worldwide runways.

Hence the show goes on.

Stay tuned to discover the top trends in fashion silhouettes that will rule the coming season and get your favorite products on board!

Best Autumn Winter Fashion Trends 2022/23

The latest wearable fashion trends from Paris, Milan, New York, London, and Pitti Uomo fashion weeks. We’ve compiled the best for you!


This tale is denoted by flesh-flashing cuts and close-cut, bodycon shapes that blur the line between lingerie and clothes, arguably the season’s biggest trend. We also admired inclusive designer Ester Manas’s line, which demonstrated how to adapt basic designs to fit a range of body forms.


While paying homage to collegiate antecedents and taking a playful approach to styling, designers investigated the development of prep aesthetics. Think about wearing tiny dresses and skirts with blazers and bomber jackets and accessorizing with athletic gear like a baseball cap.

3. Y2K 

In all four locations, designers looked to the 1990s and the early 2000s for inspiration, bringing back low-rise waistlines, slinky separates, and sheers that were barely there. This is a tale that shouldn’t be ignored next A/W because it is so important for young customers.


This story develops the carefully designed themes of earlier seasons while providing a relaxed bohemian atmosphere. Think textural long-over-long layering, shearling trims, and tactile accessories for a modest nod to nostalgic influences.


 Dark and rebellious, we saw a modern approach to Goth looks evolve for winter. It’s obvious to wear all black from head to toe, but take a cue from Givenchy and inject newness by combining opulent leathers with provocative graphic t-shirts.


 Designers made fun of the Regency era in light of Netflix’s Bridgerton’s impending return. Leaning into costume drama to create a statement, whether it be with delicate lace paneling, rich floral jacquard, or sculptural puff sleeves, is unmistakably feminine.

7. 80s LEISURE

A tribute to the styling and silhouettes of the 80s, We’re beginning to observe business attire with an 80s aesthetic. Brands experimented with mixing tapered slacks with track tops for a smart-casual take on the time. There are subtle allusions to the 1980s in the form of minor changes to shapes and design, rather than overt 80s aesthetics.


Brands like @holzweiler and @w00dw00d gravitated toward hardworking denim essentials, functional outerwear, and useful accessories with nods to classic Americana references and roots in heritage workwear staples.


The new aesthetic trend goes viral and we’ll be seeing more of it. Barbiecore is a cheerful, hot-pink trend that, according to supporters, makes a statement about the state of the world. The fashion statement contests gender preconceptions and outdated beauty standards. 


Designers are adding added flare, like an elevated basics concept, to our everyday staples this season. The evidence White tank tops have lost their sporty features in favor of stylish styles, as seen at Chloé, Bottega Veneta, and Prada, where the brand’s triangular emblem was added.


Wearing the black dress over clearly visible underwear or stylish pants experimented with transparency. The outcome? is a modern interpretation of the evening look that veers between formality and gentle eroticism.


Say farewell to streetwear and hello to fashion’s foundational elements. The schoolgirl costume is now making a comeback following the 1970s preppy takeover a few seasons ago. The schoolgirl 2.0 elevated the white shirt, tie, skirt, blazer, and pants to the status of season-essential pieces of clothing.


Houses are eschewing animal fur in favor of more ethical alternatives, and manufacturers are vying to produce the ideal faux fur. Keep an eye out for encompassing volumes and a natural color scheme.

14. PUNK

We saw patchwork-type tartan, angular shapes, and metal buckles in keeping with the punk style. These versions were edgy but not overly so. 


Very Peri, a shade of purple, was tipped by Pantone to be the year’s most popular hue. Bottega Veneta, Chanel, and Stella McCartney all concur! When worn in a full look, to add a whimsical dimension to a long skirt, or to subtly enhance traditional tweed, purple appears to have successfully deposed pink.


Get going now! The silhouette gained momentum and gave the motocross gear a chance to shine. The motorcycle jacket, gloves, multi-pocket skirt, and leather racing accessories were seen at Alexander McQueen, Dior, and Copernic.


This stylish and unassuming move was seen on a silk dress at the Bottega Veneta show, a coordinated outfit at Etro, and a schoolgirl silhouette at Louis Vuitton. It is similar to how we casually tie a knit around our waist.


In addition to playing up the volume of a Versace down jacket and giving flair to the rounded shoulders of a Dolce & Gabbana coat, red was a significant color at the shows. Special kudos go to Loewe, which embellished one of their costumes with lush lips that looked realistic.


If anything has ruled the trend chart this year, it’s the Corset, bustier tops. Think less fashion and more skin, whether that be an exposed pelvic, daring cut-out element, a teeny-tiny skirt to show off the legs that have at last left the couch or all of the above.


The party season has returned in full force, and to highlight it, lively feathers are back on the scene, bringing some much-needed sparkle following the pandemic. This season is characterized by feathers being elevated to become the major emphasis throughout a variety of product categories making cool fashion trends for A/W 2022. 


Targeting Gen Z children, many collections are aiming for a schoolgirl look (seen already last winter), which gives a modern twist to long socks, woolen stockings, and gaiters that rise up along the thighs, as well as opaque, brightly colored wool tights, seen at Chanel, paired tone-on-tone with short outfits.

What is the biggest fashion trend of 2022?

Listing the top 3 Fashion trends of 2022:

  1. VOLUMINOUS OUTFITS: Through the end of the year, dresses and tops will maintain their volume thanks to ballooning silhouettes, oversized shirting, and puff sleeve trends. The latter will, if anything, liven up all the soft pants you’ll likely still be wearing on the bottom.
  2. Y2K: The rest of the year and summer will include several exciting trends, with Y2K fashion reaching a new high. Vibrant colors and designs, daring styles like bubble dresses and volume tops, cutouts aplenty, and ultra-low rises on pants and skirts are all part of the spotlight-stealing fashion trend that is currently in vogue.
  3. MINISKIRTS: Although the hemline index concept is not now supported by economics, why not wear a Miu Miu, Prada, Dior, or The Attico mini anyhow? Anyone can feel richer, more carefree, and lighter by exposing a little leg.

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