High Fashion Brand Balenciaga faces backlash over $1190 sweatpants!

High Fashion Brand Balenciaga faces backlash by the critics over $1190 as a reason that would rip off the Black culture. These sweatpants are a built-in pair of boxers from a waistband, a style that was popularised by Black hip-hop musicians.

A Tik-Tok post called out the brand as it mentioned that this attempt was racist, which then caught the attention of the fashion critics as it went viral with 1.6m views.

The “Saggy pants” trend of the 90s was popularised by Skaters and hip-hop artists, which was banned in nears 2000s, again, discriminating the black culture!

TikTok user Mr200m saw Balenciaga’s sweatpants on sale in London and posted a video in which someone is heard saying: “This feels very racist… They have woven the boxers inside the trousers.”

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