Your Guide To The Barbiecore Aesthetic 2023

There’s a reason why the Barbiecore aesthetic 2023 is still on the boom and netizens tend to love it. Before the first look at Margot Robbie portraying Barbie in the 2023 live-action film, the hot pink color associated with the Barbie doll first appeared in Valentino’s Pink PP Collection.

The impact of the doll is now permeating our favorite A-ensembles. Lister’s Rosalia and Kim Kardashian, two of today’s most popular fashion figures, have been seen sporting the iconic pink Barbie doll look!

Barbiecore fashion embraces femininity in all its raw glory. Key elements include eye-watering high heels, bright pinks, and glitter. Barbiecore hot pink outfits have literally been the talk for a year. Because the trend’s name references a well-known figure associated with the look, Gen Z will find it amusing to adopt it. 

Barbiecore is an inclusive trend that encourages people to enjoy themselves while embracing and feeling empowered by feminine appearances.

If you’re curious to learn more about this trend, stay tuned to know everything we know about the Barbiecore aesthetic.

What is Barbiecore Aesthetic?

Since hot pink was named one of the season’s most striking color trends for summer 2022 and continues to do so in 2023, it has been a popular choice for models on the catwalk as well as for celebrities and street style icons. We’re not the only fashion enthusiasts who are considering wearing lovely in pink this summer.

The hashtag #Barbiecore, which was popularised by influencers and celebrities, helped the fad gain traction on TikTok. It takes a lot of inspiration from the colorful, flamboyant world of Mattel’s Barbie dolls.

The term’s search volume peaked recently and continues to be relevant now. Barbiecore has advanced thanks to the addition of pink by Valentino to its line.

This style is also being strongly pushed by companies like Balenciaga, Genny, and Jason Wu, who explore empowered apparel, varied tailoring, and sensuous products primarily in pink. 

Key Elements of Barbiecore

Look at ways to incorporate the aesthetic into your collections while still appealing to your target market:

1. Shades

Profit from pink hues like bubblegum pink and Valentino’s pink together with white and vibrant hues.

2. Key pieces

Miniskirts, leggings, low-rise slacks, cropped tops, loose-fitting jackets, and sets are popular pieces.

3. Bags and shoes

Together with baguette bags and tiny clutches, invest in pumps, clogs, and platform shoes.

4. Accessories

Choose hairpins, jewelry, and plastic things that have delightful accents like heart, butterfly, and star themes.

Hot Pink is the New Black

This Barbie-inspired look is characterized above all by a pink explosion, a hue that many stars on both sides of the Atlantic have already adopted.

Megan Fox took full advantage of the chance to sit in the shade when she attended the “Life in Pink” premiere of the documentary about her beloved Machine Gun Kelly. She appeared on the red carpet wearing Barbie-inspired attire.

She had a similar experience on New York’s streets for the next few days.

Hailey Bieber shared a photo on Instagram of herself wearing an ensemble that was directly influenced by the world of the well-known doll: a pink skin-tight minidress and XXL platform shoes.

Hudgens is the latest celebrity to popularise a particular style. Barbiecore goes one step further with the kitschy look than Y2K trends, which have been quite popular.

All-pink-everything With Hailey Bieber, Cardi B, Lizzo, Kim Kardashian, and Dua Lipa taking the lead, Barbiecore inspires us to adopt that same feeling of fearlessness and delve into the overaccessorized, monochrome fashion. 

Inspiration is easy to find on celebrity Instagrams, from Cardi’s all-Chanel ensemble to Lizzo’s skater dress and opera gloves from Valentino to Kardashian and Lipa dressed in Balenciaga.

Although wearing a lot of pink is important, strong statement accessories like tall platform shoes, retro-styled eyewear, and gloves shouldn’t be disregarded. 

How to Dress in Barbiecore?

The classic Barbie doll has evolved tremendously since 1959, the iconic Barbie doll has seen a great deal of change and has grown increasingly diverse.

Christie, the first black Barbie doll, debuted in 1969, but as part of Mattel’s 2016 #TheDollEvolves campaign, Barbie received a modern makeover.

She now comes in a range of body types, including curvy, petite, and tall women, as well as complexion tones and hairstyles. Ken, her male counterpart, has similarly undergone diversification since initially appearing on the market.

  • Put on crochet over a pink bikini, then accessorize with platform heels and heart-shaped sunglasses to channel your inner Malibu Barbie! With a playsuit and flirtatious ponytail, channel the 70s roller rink look! Because Barbie was already so extravagant, this style is the ultimate indulgence for maximalist fashion lovers.
  • Matchy-matchy? I’m totally in for it and most fashion influencers too. Barbie would coordinate your shoes, bag, and jewelry.
  • By the way, now is also the perfect moment to reapply your bright pink lipstick. Do you recall how we used to panic at the mere thought of matching our makeup to our clothes? Indeed, Barbiecore doesn’t do that; in fact, lip color coordination is very much The Vibe.

Key Hot Pink essentials to ace the Barbiecore trend

Here are some key essentials that you can add to your closet facing the barbie-core trend at its best with minimal pieces.

1. Hot Pink Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits can work as great style pieces for work to keep it low yet make it fashion. Explore various styles of jumpsuits and co-ord sets for casual and workwear.

2. Handbags

Best accessories to make your capsule wardrobe trendy. Pick hot-pick statement handbags to keep yourself up to date.

3. Pink Dresses

You’ll be bang on trend if you wear hot pink from head to toe like Barbie or baby pink Follow y2k fashion trends to refer to shopping. 

4. Y2k Heels

From flatforms to kitten heels, sleek, heeled, black leather boots will be the most popular shoe on everyone’s feet.

5. Glossy Headbands

You can’t miss it, as the all-pink aesthetic is dazzling its way into everybody’s closet Add glossy accessories, such as an eye-catching bag, and headbands to complete


The Barbie tale that was created by Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach, has remained a secret. A Barbie doll living in “Barbieland” is expelled because she isn’t perfect enough and embarks on an adventure in the outside world, according to the IMDb description of the film.

The most Barbie-esque costume is one that is pink from head to toe. But, if you feel that wearing pink from head to toe is too much for you, pair your dress with the 90s/2000s accessories like metallic shoulder bags, white boots or heels, and gold jewelry.

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