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10 Basics to Become a Modern Fashion Journalist in 2022

Tips to brush your skills as a Modern-day fashion Journalist.

Digital media has totally transformed the way Fashion journalism is perceived. Originated from traditional media, Fashion journalism, and reporting come a long way.

All thanks to social media and digital platforms that Fashion Journalism has various other variables that can be pursued.

Do you know there are different types of Fashion Journalists in the Modern journalism industry? 

Learn about the types of fashion writers you can become as a Modern-day journalist if you’re just starting out.

As a fashion journalist, there are a few sets of skills that one must consider. Inspired by Michael Luongo, an award-winning journalist, and author, we are going to tap into the 10 basics to become a Modern Fashion Journalist and be a relevant fashion writer for the coming years.

10 Basics to Become a Modern Fashion Journalist

  1. Know the language of Fashion
  2. Understand your readers
  3. Stay updated about the Industry
  4. Social Media Engagement
  5. Be Multi-tasker
  6. Keep your post short and clear
  7. Be Adaptable
  8. Master a sub-niche
  9. Network
  10. Creativity

1. Know the Language of Fashion

It is crucial to know the fashion fundamentals to be a fashion writer. Majorly including Fashion Terminology, staying updated about what’s happening, and being able to communicate that to your readers is the core of fashion writing.

If fashion colleges are not an option, it’s highly important to get yourself educated about fashion history and evolution, how social and economical factors frame the fashion industry and find your voice while writing about the same. One of the easiest ways to get aware of such topics is to solely READ.

You can also tune into courses like Masterclass to get yourself educated.

2. Understand Your Readers

Understanding your readers starts with first of all knowing what your readers like. The kind of posts they enjoy and highly engage with, how easy and understandable your flow is. This is your target audience and only when you know what they want is when you deliver the ideal content.

‘Remember an ideal content is the one with the highest engagement.’

3. Stay Updated About the Industry

Updated with trends, predicting styles, and being aware of all the happenings help you stay relevant. Fashion is a huge domain and there’s always something new to look up for. Staying updated and sharing that information with your readers will also help you be more flexible with the content you write, hence staying relevant for a longer period.

4. Social Media Engagement

As a journalist, the main power you have is your voice. Make sure you’re heard. People not only hear you on the posts but also on the social media you are active in. You can use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc for the above.

Keep reposting your favorite posts, promote other writers who inspire you and also keep posting fun and engaging stories to keep your audience intact! You can also use trend-trackers, news alerts, reporting, and reading apps to help yourself with engaging content.

5. Be Multifaceted

With the industry becoming more digital, the platforms have become more of visuals. Interesting visual and strong storytelling is what everybody is looking for. Hence, being multi-faceted adds to additional skills than just writing. This includes basic photography, editing, creating short videos, recording scripts, etc.

These skills help enhance your otherwise monotonous write-ups and help make them more interesting irrespective of platform. You can also refer to Videolicious, an app popular amongst editors that allows you to shoot, edit, upload videos from smartphones.

6. Keep Your Post Short and Clear

Brit Morin, an award-winning freelance writer says that content should always be short and impactful. He says “It is necessary to make an impact in first 140 characters, as that’s where you win your readers’ attention.”

Use different elements like subheadings, links and references, bold and italics to make your articles interesting. A good article is nothing but well accumulated researched data in minimum characters with maximum impact.

7. Be Adaptable

Being adaptable involves staying relevant and always up with fresh ideas. As a writer, you should have an eye to bring a new angle of bringing out content from anything that is happening in the industry. Trends, designs, technology, or social media, explore every new idea that comes to your mind.

8. Master a Sub-Niche

While you are starting out, it is important to try different genres in Fashion writing. These include writing about fashion runway trends, designers profiles, editorials, celebrity fashion, and styling, building personal styles, etc. Later, it is only advisable to find a voice in one of the domains that fit you best and master it to climb up the ladder.

9. Network

Networking is one of the crucial aspects of Fashion Journalism. Know people as much as you know trends. Knowing the popular fashion insiders, designers, stylists, other journalists, and emerging brands to bring their stories most creatively is one of the most important jobs of a fashion writer.

10. Creativity

Modern-day journalism has a lot to do with creativity. Not only that you need to have an eye for bringing fresh content for engaging readers, but digital journalism also has a lot to do with providing visual stimuli to grab the attention of the audience.

For this, there are different website builders like Squarespace & GoDaddy that help you publish your work effectively and creatively as they provide different templates to choose from.

We’ve listed the Top 10 Fashion Journalists of today, which you all must follow.

The Current State of Journalism

Readers say that Digital Journalism is the way forward as it rules the traditional media. Pew Research Center conducted a survey in January 2021 which said that they mostly get their updates from digital sources. 

Simply due to its convenience aspect, new content and updates are available all over the internet and people have their favorite fashion websites to refer to.

These are the different digital platforms that have made digital fashion journalism much more accessible for users:

  • Websites
  • Podcasts
  • Youtube
  • Social Media
  • Augmented reality
  • Data analysis and visualizations
  • Mobile Apps

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Fashion Journalism demands different skill sets that add to reporting, writing blogs, interviews, video journalism, photo editing, and scripting, Live streaming, being social media-friendly, etc.

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