How to Become a fashion designer? Skills, salary, job profiles explained

You love fashion trends and sketching designs on the back page of your notebook is the best time pass for you, then you might be considering Fashion design as a course to pursue. But before you become a fashion designer or pursue your studies there might be multiple questions that need to be answered.

Fashion designing is one of the most charismatic career choices as it involves creativity, works best for people who’re highly passionate about art and design.

But the question arises? Who is a fashion designer? What does he/she do and how to become a fashion designer? In this blog, we’ll go through the fashion designer key responsibilities and career opportunities of the same.

What does a Fashion Designer do?

How to Become a fashion designer

A fashion Designer is a highly creative profile who’s responsible for what people wear. keeping up with trends, coming up with sketches for their clients(market), coming up with new designs and fabric innovations is where a designer comes into play.

There are different types of Fashion designers, ready-to-wear, mass market, shoe, and accessory designers to name a few. Below is a detailed fashion designer key responsibilities explained one by one.

1.Find inspirations

As creative professionals, fashion designers may draw their inspiration from anything they like. But an inspiration helps them to maintain a theme around their collection that further brings uniformity and originality to their collection.

2.Textures and Fabrics

Fashion Designers have a good hold on different fabrics. They know what fabric to use for any silhouette that they want. Their choice of fabrics depends on the color, texture, buying power of their target audience, durability, etc. They use software like Illustrator and CAD to sketch designs.

3.Come up with a Collection 

Once they know every detail of the other dynamics, based on their research and creativity, they come up with their collections which are either displayed through runways or retail stores later.

4.Check production & manufacturing

The collection is first on paper which is then doodled on Illustrator. The manufacturing and production start if it’s a mass collection. Custom-made designers mostly get it done by their teams.

5.Market and Sales

Taking care of marketing and sales means if you’re an independent designer, you need to market them as a setup for the promotion of your designs or send them to retailers for selling them further. Marketing plays a major role in keeping your buyers/ audience aware of your collections.

The average salary for fashion designers

Most of the time, a fashion designer works full time. Either he/she works independently as a brand or works under a brand to design their clothes. An average salary for fashion designers ranges from $7.25 to $50.25 per hour, where New York pays the highest of $79,110 an average per year followed by California ($78,680), Maine ($72,940), etc. 


How to Become a Fashion Designer

To find out how to get into fashion design, follow these six steps:


Irrespective of any career that you chose to be in, getting a professional education that will enlighten you with the fashion industry facts helps a lot. It covers the history of design, a lot of design and fashion references in the context of evolution, the current and future trends. There are a variety of fashion schools you can choose to attend.

2.Develop a portfolio

A portfolio helps a head designer or recruiter understand your creativity, thought process, and understanding is recruiting. It helps you as a designer to collect your work and showcase it as a souvenir of the work you’ve done so far. It’s ideal to make a portfolio before you work so it’s easy on both ends.

3.A resume

A Fashion designer, just like any other job profile would need an impressive resume to be able to work with big brands and designers. Most of the time, a recruiter asks for your resume and portfolio before hiring or getting considered for a job.


Internship at a respected brand or a designer label helps you improve your skills and get a real-life experience on how work-life would look like and the skillsets you need for a specific designation. An Internship is considered crucial for your learning module as it provides hands-on practical knowledge about things you’ve theoretically read.

5.Building a professional network

Networking involves building connections with people in the fashion industry while becoming a fashion designer as it helps you get to know more people that brings more opportunities and jobs.

6.Learn every possible skill

Skills are more important than having a graduation certificate. With better skills your problem-solving capabilities and design techniques. Good hold on specific skills will always be better than your competition.

7.Niche down your skills

While it’s important for a fashion designer to have a list of skills, it’s important to niche down to 2-3 skills which should be your USP than your other skills while you work.

Technical knowledge of software, rendering, sketching, and sewing helps you provide a better quality of content. There are a lot of fashion apps that help you to build skills like styling etc.

Fashion designer salary in the USA?

The average salary for a fashion designer in the United States is around $68,960 per year. An average salary for fashion designers ranges from $7.25 to $50.25 per hour in the US, which makes an average of $63k to $97k, where New York pays the highest of $79,110 an average per year.

Are Fashion Designers happy?

Fashion Designers rank highly among careers. Overall they rank in the 77th percentile of careers for satisfaction scores. Fashion designers have rated their job profile 3.6 out of 5 which makes it better than average job satisfaction.

Even if workload and pressure are quite much expected as in other designations, since Fashion designing is more on a creative end, people tend to enjoy the designation better than others.