21 Best Apps for Fashion Designers in 2023

According to the United States Nonfarm Labor Productivity, we do four times more labor than our grandparents did in the 1950s. It’s no secret that businesses’ productivity demands are increasing, and a slew of new apps are assisting us to maximize our output.

However, with over 4 million software, browser extensions, and phone and tablet applications to choose from, it can be overwhelming.

In this blog article, we will recommend top apps that will make running a fashion business much easier, faster, smarter, and more profitable. In a nutshell, higher ROI (Return on Investment).

Apps for fashion designers, pattern makers, and illustrators will help you work quicker, smarter, and more professionally, even if you only have a smartphone.

You can use them to keep track of clothing you like while strolling down the street or when designing your own outfit line.

21 Best Apps for Fashion Designers in 2023 for Maximum Productivity

These are the top fashion designing apps you can refer to:

1. Pinterest

Pinterest mimics a digital bulletin board. Each season, you can discover many unique ideas for creating stunning fashion collections here.

This is one of the best apps for fashion designers because it enables you to discover great bundles of pictures more easily and quickly than Flickr or Google. Users create and manage image collections.

The application contains 602 million boards and 21 billion fashion-related concepts. Pinterest is a wonderful place to get ideas for new fashion designs.

2. WGSN‌

WGSN is a trend forecasting platform. It constantly monitors what people think, feels, and do. Their specialists assist brands in remaining relevant by forecasting the products, experiences, and services that people will require in the future.

The WGSN network of industry professionals inspires a community of over 43,000 product designers and thought leaders in 32 worldwide marketplaces.

3. Art Authority

In the fashion business, art will always be the most powerful source of inspiration. The Art Authority app allows you to browse over 100,000 paintings and sculptures by 1,500 of the Western world’s best artists, dating from antiquity to the present day. Their visual collection is simple to use and accessible to all designers.

4. Vogue Runway

Take inspiration from the work of other designers! The world’s top fashion publisher has released an app called Vogue Runway. Furthermore, it provides unrestricted access to the world’s most recent collections.

Their database includes over 1 million runway photographs from over 12,000 fashion shows, both new and old, dating back to the early 2000s.

5. Repsketch

You don’t have to design technical sketches from scratch for all of your fashion projects. Apps like Repsketch allow you to repurpose and customize existing sketches generated by a community of elite technical fashion designers.

Choose from a selection of styles, ranging from tank tops to gowns, and customize as needed.

Change the sleeve style, and neckline, or add a logo on your shirt quickly. Download, embed, or simply share a public link to your creations in web-friendly SVG format with the world.

6. Business of Fashion

This is one of the most popular fashion design websites for entrepreneurs, designers, and executives all around the world.

Hundreds of insiders and journalists from all around the world are gathering the most recent information for the Business of Fashion.

Here you may find thorough information about global markets, business intelligence, retail, fashion week, new trends and names in the field of design, as well as other relevant studies.

7. Adobe Illustrator

Fashion and technical designers utilize Illustrator to create flat sketches (or functional sketches) with callouts for construction and style details, which are then included in tech packs for your team and manufacturer to simply comprehend and follow. 

Adobe Illustrator is an amazing clothing design software. Although the app may appear to be too hard for newcomers, there is a wealth of information available to help them figure it out. For example, there are numerous free tutorial films available on YouTube. 

8. Techpacker‌

Techpacker took on the task of making tech packs better, faster, and more collaborative. The process of developing tech packs is simplified, visible, collaborative, and 70% faster by breaking them down into cards.

The beauty of cards is that they can be copied, moved, reused, connected, and used for a variety of purposes. Bring your entire team or manufacturer onto Techpacker and combine it with other apps to make it very strong.

9. Sketch

CLO 3D is a futuristic pattern-making software or a means to visualize your designs in 3D so you can delete at least one sample.

It all starts with choosing a 3D body avatar or dress form, which comes in a variety of forms and sizes. Then you may either import your patterns or draw them directly in CLO.

Finally, choose a fabric and pair each seam of the garment to see it all come together in 3D. You may then alter the pattern and fine-tune your patterns in real time.

10. ColorSnap

ColorSnap is one of the greatest apps for fashion designers since it provides detailed information about the color of any apparel or accessory. The app works on both Android and iOS devices.

It allows you to recognize colors as soon as you see them. This software also assists you in selecting the ideal colors for the clothing you want. By the way, this application is entirely free.

11. Evernote

Although Evernote is not a fashion designing program for PC, it appeals to consumers due to its ease of use and flexibility to operate across devices.

You may simply mix videos, photographs, and words into folders and files thanks to the advantages of this application. Because your media is saved in the cloud, you can access it from any device.

12. Zapier & Workflow‌

With all of these apps, the new difficulty is moving data around and communicating between them, so we discovered that Zapier (for the web) and Workflow (for iPhones) are the ideal ways to do it.

It integrates over 750 web apps for you, allowing you to construct workflows and automate chores in the background so you can focus on more important duties. Thousands of pre-configured procedures are available, such as automatically resizing photographs and adding them to Dropbox.

13. CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW is a fantastic vector graphics application. It is also an excellent option for inexperienced designers. You can virtually design your outfits with its capabilities, starting with sketching patterns and sketches and progressing to drawing geometric mannequins.

One of the application’s features is the universal vector-drawing package. It enables you to generate and edit multi-page documents without using a DTP program.

14. Sketchbook

SketchBook for Android and iOS is one of the most popular fashion design apps. It has everything you need to make amazing drawings in the smallest amount of time.

SketchBook has a straightforward and user-friendly interface, as well as professional painting and sketching tools. The user interface is straightforward and uncluttered. During the work, it remains inconspicuous until a tool is required.

15. Swatchon‌

Swatchon, established in Seoul, South Korea, is a wholesale fabric marketplace. It ships to 52 countries and offers 100000 textiles online. This platform works with businesses of various sizes, allowing them to place orders as little as 3 yards long and as much as 500,000 yards long.

16. Pantone Color Finder

Pantone is one of the top fashion designer apps since it includes an extensive color matching and identification mechanism. It enables clothes designers to build the most effective collaboration with manufacturers. You may acquire the color you need practically instantaneously.

Colour Picker and Eye Dropper in Firefox and Google Chrome can be used to find RGB colors. Pantone Colour Finder converts the discovered colors into the associated Pantone number. The app is available for both Android and iPhone users.

17. Procreate

Procreate has a Streamline tool that allows you to create and repair realistic brush strokes. You receive 120 painting brushes when you buy this program. If this set is too little for you, try the artist brushes.

This virtual fashion app includes a good color picker as well as a selection tool. Using this function, you can edit elements of the image without affecting the rest of the canvas or drawing. 

18. Instagram

Posting regularly on Instagram allows you to make your identity more well-known and attract potential consumers. You can also share photographs and find ideas for future projects.

Many businesses monitor comments on their posts throughout the first six hours to learn about people’s perceptions of their brand. It assists them in understanding how potential clients perceive their business or items. 

19. BrandBoom

BrandBoom is one of the greatest tools for fashion designers, wholesalers, retailers, and other businesses that need to organize product distribution. This online platform is a terrific way to take orders and payments, as well as deliver booking and payment links to showrooms and consumers.

Set up your line sheet so you can spend less time communicating with clients. Using BrandBoom is more convenient than manually developing line sheets in Adobe InDesign and importing them into Excel documents. Furthermore, it will be easy for you to maintain the information up to date.

20. Shopify

Shopify is a fantastic web platform for organizing your e-commerce firm. It includes all of the tools required to set up a storefront, tracking and order acceptance system, payment, and so on.

The platform serves approximately 1,000 Enterprise Plus subscribers and 350,000 organizations. This platform is user-friendly, straightforward, and uncluttered.

Furthermore, its connectivity with sites such as Facebook and Amazon helps you to gain more prospects for your business in one spot.

21. Higg Co‌

Higg Co is a technology business that focuses on developing tools to power sustainability measurement. Higg Co assists brands in reducing energy use, combating audit fatigue, and protecting those involved in the supply chain. Higg Materials Sustainability Index enables designers to build bespoke materials while also understanding their environmental impact.

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