18 Trending Fashion Apps to Download for Style & Shopping

Fashion apps can be a great friend to the user end and the seller’s end that’s why We’ve curated the best fashion apps to download for you to explore at your best.

Fashion Apps not only help fashionistas keep updated but also it’s a powerful tool to boost the overall online retail experience.

Recently the rise of fashion apps has become a major sales opportunity for several fashion brands as you get to see the best customer experience.

There are plenty of fashion apps that can help you find products, explore, and curate everything that you need.

We’ve also listed the Top 20 Fashion Magazines In the World for you to have plenty of options, so do check it out!

Why Do You Need Fashion Apps?

Fashion apps are widely used by people, especially women who love shopping! These are a few reasons how fashion apps help consumers and retailers:

  • The fashion apps help users to navigate their favorite styles and get similar suggestions makes their shopping experience easier. 
  • Social media in recent times is such a boom during the pandemic as retail shopping is mostly shifted to online shopping, it helps retailers and brands build better customer relationships and provide them a personalized experience that results in increased sales.
  • Apart from that 64% of smartphone users browse through different options of the brands they want to purchase before getting it shopped from an offline retail store, It makes their processes easier.
  • Best fashion apps include Discovery platforms, personal shopping apps, and fashion aggregator apps, that are used for different purposes according to what the retailers need.
  • Discovery platforms redirect the user to the brand’s website while personal shopping apps allow you to shop from their collection directly. Bespoke solutions help you to wishlist your favorite products and notify you when it comes on sale.

18 Best Fashion Apps to Download for Style & Shopping

List of some best fashion apps to download that will help you with a better shopping experience.

  1. Stitch Fix
  2. Net-A-Porter
  3. The real
  4. END
  5. Depop
  6. Stylebook
  7. Drest
  8. Farfetch
  9. Like To Know It
  10. Save Your Wardrobe
  11. ShopStyle
  12. Lyst
  13. Gilt
  14. ASOS
  15. ThredUP
  16. Etsy
  17. Pinterest
  18. Poshmark

1.Stitch Fix

Get a personalized styling experience with a style expert who provides curated outfits from the best brands, best colors, and best fits without much hassle!

Stitch fix also helps you schedule the items you want to get and gets your delivery at your doorstep. You can also get their subscription box for an amazing styling experience!


Net-A-Porter is another great fashion app for wishlist your favorites, you can check what’s trending, and shop for your favorite brands whenever you want to.

It is one of the best fashion apps that you can easily download from iOS and Android.

3.The Realreal

Recently buying second-hand clothes has been a thing since are more aware of fast fashion and how thrifting helps in reducing carbon footprint, youngsters are more inclined towards second-hand fashion and Realreal works the best if you consider according to that With Realreal


END is another personal shopping fashion app that has unique and modern clothes and features brands like VISVIM, Thom Browne, Stone Island, and more.

Apart from the easy navigation that this fashion app provides, it also provides us with a live chat feature to help their customers with online payment options like you can pay with Apple Pay and, very soon, Google Pay as well.


DePop is a social networking website that has turned into an online shopping platform is one of the most popular brands amongst Gen- Z.

You can earn and spend money on this site as it helps to buy and sell unique fashion just like Shien whatever is feasible. 


Did you know virtual closets or wardrobes were a thing? If not, it exists for all great reasons. Outfit curation, tracking up your favorite pieces, and planning your everyday looks are made much easier with this app.

You can even practice your styling tips and tricks virtually using this app.


Playing dress-up is the favorite game any fashionista can play. App and game developers have finally brought video gaming format into a fashion that the new age fashion enthusiasts love.

Drest is a fashion gaming app that you can get your virtual avatar and get dressed up virtually and if you like the clothes you wear, shop them too!


Farfetch is one of the best fashion apps to download if luxury shopping is your thing. With over 100,000 options, a 24-hour lead on sales, and exclusive promotional offers, there’s literally everything that you need.

It features fashion brands, curators, and creators to get their target customers to shop from their site, and is a great online shopping site to shop from.

9.Like To Know It

Instagram is undoubtedly our favorite app but hassle-free shopping isn’t a thing yet there. Meanwhile, you can try the fashion app “Like to know it” where you can sign in using your Instagram id and your profile gets integrated.

As soon as you like a picture, this app sends you an email with shopping similar options! You like it, you get it!

10.Save Your Wardrobe

Outfit curation could be a real task for some of us. We don’t even tend to remember pieces that just end up lying at the backside of our wardrobe.

Save your wardrobe helps you to keep snaps of items that you already have hence you can curate more outfits from the same lot without spending much on rebuying or excess buying clothes.

It’s one of the best shopping fashion apps that you must try if outfit curation is an issue and shopping is not on your agenda.


Sometimes the pieces that you like might seem unavailable. With Shopstyle, you can check the availability of products you like from different stores rather than just one and browse their stocks according to you please while also keeping you updated about the latest stocks.

In addition, you can also get notified if the products come on sale! How cool is that! The only reason why you download this fashion app right now!


Let’s say, you’re a sucker for different styles, unique pieces tailored fits, and don’t want a basic wardrobe, here’s where you need to come to. Yes, now you know it.

With more than 12,000 brands based on your personality and choices creates a feed for you for easy and faster access. If it saves your time, what better can it get?


We all love discounted items, don’t we? And sometimes checking out branded products is fun until we unfold the price tag so here’s the deal! Gilt provides sales and deals up to 70% off on designer brands like Jimmy Choo, can you believe it! Yes, that’s the reason why you download this fashion app right now!


If you’re always confused about your fit or likes to get things altered ASOS is the brand for you as it can tailor items according to how you want according to your style.

They also have a “See my Fit” section where you can find similar garments by just putting up a reference snap! It’s one of the best shopping fashion apps that you must try!


ThredUP is a consignment thrift store that only promotes decently name brands with tags. You can find the latest collection and trendy pieces at many affordable prices and a comparatively better situation.

It works best for people who’re looking for affordability yet want to shop for good brands.


At this moment nobody is shocked to know about Etsy this fashion app is not an alien at all.

Etsy is an online shopping fashion app, much affordable and you get pretty much everything and sell anything on it based on your likes.


Pinterest is a hub of all things creative. People from all generations use this fashion app to display their ideas as well as come here to get inspired. From outfits to designs to DIYs, Pinterest has it all!

Looking for any creative ideas? Get this fashion app get yourself sorted!  It’s one of the best shopping fashion apps that you must try!


Poshmark is a fashion app where you can buy items and sell the old ones, we admit buying fashion could sometimes just be painful on the pocket, selling the ones you don’t need works as a great boon.

In addition, it’s a great Best Fashion app for shopping and knowing current trends.

Why Do Most Women Use Fashion Apps?

The reason why women use fashion apps is similar to asking why women shop! The fashion apps seem almost like a blessing for women users as well as retailers due to various reasons.

Did you know?

Before this, Burberry was one of the first fashion brands to Livestream runway shows to audiences which was a major step in making the whole digitalization of luxury fashion accessible to everybody.

This step ensured increased sales as the show was now accessible to a wider audience which also helped them establish their online presence.


These were the best fashion apps to download according to your needs. There are plenty of fashion apps made for different purposes and all of them are worth using once for sure.

Fashion apps of these retail brands and collaboration with other styling apps help them boost their presence on social media and it gets more engagement from the audience.

Hence, in conclusion, fashion apps are powerful tools in both customers’ and retailers’ ends and will have a long way to go!

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