13 Best Fashion Books Every Fashion Lover Should Read

Reading Fashion Books is quite a crucial part of your Fashion Education if you’re a fashion enthusiast, just like me. But why do we need to read the best fashion books anyway? When the world’s gone modern, who reads them?

Well, Fashion might seem like an ongoing parade of artsy dresses on the runway, a luxury lifestyle guide for women, and non-stop shopping sprees every time, there’s a lot more to what fashion has to offer.

Looking good on camera and transitioning into different outfits could be a fun job but reading fashion books will help enlighten your mind about the history of fashion, its evolution over the decades, and how history has carved our contemporary fashion aesthetic.

As a fashion enthusiast myself, I used to be curious to know where these terms came from(what we call “fashion terminology”) to different aspects that our fashion industry went through.

And trust me when I say this, Fashion Books will not only help you get the industry knowledge you’re looking for but also help you break into your favorite fashion jobs of your dream!

13 Best Fashion Books to Read

To make your task of finding the right book for you to read, I am listing out the 13 best Fashion Books you can read during quarantine, and pull your sock up to break into your dream fashion job!

1.Elements of Fashion and Apparel Design

Elements of Fashion and Apparel Design

Written By Sumathi GJ (FAD International), the book takes you through Elements of Fashion and Apparel Design talks about fashion terminology, principle, and element of design and history. If you’re a fashion student or want to pursue fashion, one of these fashion books can help you stronger and concepts much easier way! It is one of the best fashion books and I definitely refer you to read.

2.History of Modern Fashion

History of Modern Fashion

Just as the name suggests, the History of modern fashion consists of a historical approach of fashion decade by decade specifically from 1850 to 2010. You’ll get to learn a lot of details which otherwise we tend to miss out on. Written by Daniel James Cole and Nancy Deihl, this book was also shortlisted for the Costume Society of America Millia Davenport Publication Award in 2016.

3.Fast-Fashion, Fashion Brands & Sustainable Consumption


The impact of Fast fashion in the Fashion industry is the talk of the town as the awareness about its shortcomings tends to rise. This book connects the dots between fashion brands and the rise of sustainable fashion and how to make fast fashion more sustainable. Guys, this is what we need to know right now!

4.Fashion in Film

Fashion in Film

Fashion in the film is written by Adrienne Munich introduces us to fashion shows, costume design, and different fabrics and weaves, it talks about surface development and the whole psychology while designing costumes in movies. It is a fun book to read as you learn how fashion in the movie industry works and come on, movies and fashion have a lot of things in common, it’s fun to read!

5.End of Fashion

end of Fashion

End of fashion is written by Teri Agins where he talks to us about how the market is changing and how the certain shift of market has changed the fashion business forever. It is one of the best fashion books and I definitely refer you to read.

6.Fashion & anti-fashion

Fashion & anti-fashion

Ted Polhemus, the author of Fashion & Anti-fashion explores fashion as a language, means of communication, the identity, and politics of fashion. It clears a whole lot of societal concepts and how fashion molds these thoughts. This book might seem a bit boring initially but it has infinite things to learn making it one of the best fashion books you must read.

7.Vogue: The editor’s eye

Vogue: The editor’s eye

Published by Conde Nast written by Anna Wintour, ahh! She’s an icon already! Vogue: the editor’s eye takes us through the pivotal role of fashion editors and journalists who’ve played a major role in shaping what fashion is today and the evolution of fashion magazines is jaw-dropping. If you consider yourself to be a magazine hoarder and want to step into fashion journalism, this is your one-stop solution! Read this one, please!

8.The Little dictionary of Fashion

The Little dictionary of Fashion

In this book, Christian Dior reveals the ultimate guide to women styling, every question answered, what to wear, which outfit to choose for different occasions, accessories, and styling tips. It’s the charming handbook every modern woman should have! What are you waiting for?

9.Woman in Clothes

Woman in Clothes

Woman in clothes is written by Siela Heti is been The New York bestseller. It takes us through the essential conversation with a woman of different nationalities. If you consider yourself to be a magazine hoarder and want to step into fashion designing, this is your one-stop solution! Read this one, please!

10.Love style life

Love style life

Written by Garance Dore, it has also been a New York Times bestseller, he brings out the voice and vision behind the fresh and appealing approach to style through storytelling, keeping life as a backstage behind fashion frontlines, peppered with French girl next door vibe with mix and match styling concepts.

11.Paris: Through a fashion eye

Paris: Through a fashion eye

This one is written by the famous illustration Megan Hess. In her series to write about the famous fashion capital through a fashion eye, she takes us through the best fashion destination inside the city. It is one of the best fashion books and quite an interesting creation to read.

12.Coco-Chanel: An illustrated world of fashion icon

Coco-Chanel: An illustrated world of fashion icon

Again, written by Megan Hess, this book mentions the brand history and the story of the designer whose collections have had quite a significance in the fashion industry. You want to be a fashion designer and looking for some motivation, he is the most influential designer you’ll ever read! so yeah, go forward!

13.Iconic: The master of Italian Fashion

Iconic: The master of Italian Fashion

Written by Megan Hess, Italy is celebrated like never before. As it’s known for its luxury fashion and craftsmanship. It celebrates Italy’s top 10 designers like Versace, Dolce, and Gabbana, Fendi, Valentino, Pucci, Prada, Miu Miu, Missoni, Gucci & Armani. It is one of the best fashion books and quite an interesting creation to read.

These fashion books serve as the ultimate fashion encyclopedia for anybody who’s studying fashion or wants their career in fashion. Apart from digital books, blogs, and magazines that are at the peak of their popularity, these fashion books hold more value that would be relevant forever.

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