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15 Best Fashion Podcasts to listen Right now

What better than Fashion Podcasts to listen to while all you need to do right now is quarantine? Apart from Fashion Books, what else can help you build your knowledge? That’s when these Fashion Podcasts will come in handy. A podcast is an audio medium for entertainment or education just like what Youtube does as a video medium.

It’s the best way to keep you updated using Podcasts and audiobooks as you can utilize the same time multitasking which is not possible watching a video! 

Best Fashion Podcasts you need to listen 

Here is a list of 15 Best Fashion Podcasts you need to listen to if you love fashion:

1.Corporate Lunch

Corporate Lunch Best Fashion Podcasts

Hosted by GQ editors Noah Johnson, Rachel Tashjian, and Samuel Hine, who invite guests from a fashion background and discuss best to the worst collection and the story behind it. It’s a light-hearted way to get yourself involved in fashion while learning from it, hence this is one of the best fashion podcasts to listen to.

2.Creative Conversations With Suzy Menkes

Creative Conversations With Suzy Menkes Best Fashion Podcasts

The editor of Vogue International, Suzy Menkes brings us a series of in-depth interviews with the best designers, photographers, stylists, and other fashion professionals to explore the challenges that professionals face in the industry, the behind-the-scenes struggles and stories of well-known designers, and a lot more. Trust me this is one of my favorite fashion podcasts, you must listen to it too!

3.Dressed: The History of Fashion

Dressed: The History of Fashion Best Fashion Podcasts

Cassidy Zachary and April Calahan take us through a podcast series interviewing specialists from fashion backgrounds where they talk of the history of different sorts of garment pieces and how they’ve evolved. It’s quite an interesting fashion podcast that’ll keep you enlightened on the history of fashion. “With over seven billion people in the world, we all have one thing in common. Every day we all get dressed, as said in its introduction, it’s quite a fun piece to listen to.

4.Fashion Fix With Charli Howard

Fashion Fix With Charli Howard Best Fashion Podcasts

Charli Howard being the host was a model and activist who brings us the concept of body positivity and how body image impacts the fashion industry while also catering to how unethical is low payments and fast fashion is in the fashion industry. Once in for all, this fashion podcast will help you be aware of the fashion industry, hence you must listen to this one.

5.Fashion No Filter

Fashion No Filter Best Fashion Podcasts

Fashion no filter is written by fashion journalists Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley co-host to get us a sneak peek of the fashion industry. It talks about Instagram algorithms, and how fashion partnerships happen, etc. They also interview Eva Chen who answers to the inside details of the industry.

6.Fashion Revolution Podcast

Fashion Revolution Podcast Best Fashion Podcasts

Fashion revolution podcast takes us again, through the reality of the fashion industry, investigating and interviewing fashion journalists like Tamsin Blanchard who talks about his year-long project research based on 540 garment workers in India, Cambodia, and Bangladesh. Get to know the harsh reality of the manufacturing units, this podcast will hit the harsh reality of the Fashion business and I recommend you to at least give this fashion podcast a shot!

7.Fashion Unzipped

Best Fashion Podcasts

Hosted by their two senior fashion editors, Fashion Unzipped is brought to us by Telegraph that takes us through current evolving trends and business as a whole. They also talk to Alexandra Shulman about how things have changed quarterly inside British Vogue and a lot of such stories.

8.Fashion Victims

Best Fashion Podcasts

Luke Meagher and Darnell Jamal bring a funny podcast where they talk about the spicy gossips around the fashion industry. Well, it’s not a very ideal fashion podcast to listen to if you’re looking for some serious knowledgeable stuff, but surely lits one of the light-hearted fashion podcasts you can listen to. You don’t need to be serious about everything that has fashion. As an industry, it’s quite filled with gossips and exciting stories you will love!

9.In Vogue: The 1990s

Best Fashion Podcasts

Presented by Anna Wintour, the podcast invites the editorial team during the 90s who’ve changed the philosophy of fashion in so many ways. It includes curators, stylists, and history-making designers including Miuccia Prada, Marc Jacobs, and Tom Ford, etc. They talk about the era as a whole, the fashion, styling context, accessorization, and a lot more. I’m a huge fan of Anna Wintour so it’s been quite a ride for and must say it’s one of the best fashion podcasts ever.

10.Industry Insights

Best Fashion Podcasts

Industry insights is a podcast that shows us the reality of how different industries work, how digitalization has affected the business processes overall. It might seem a bit boring but listening to it is quite worth it. You can hear it on Apple Podcasts.

11.The Business of Fashion Podcast

Best Fashion Podcasts

The business of Fashion is the best podcast you can ever listen to. Lead by Imran Ahmed, he discusses the future of the fashion industry, how sustainability is evolving and how fast fashion is impacting the business and all the topics that hold a deep impact on the fashion industry with designers, stylists, and other creative professionals. Trust me, this fashion podcast is a global resource for everybody who wants to dig deep into the Fashion business, hence this is one of the best fashion podcasts to listen to.

12.The Cutting Room Floor

Best Fashion Podcasts

Hosted by designer, Recho Omondi, who takes us through the process of Fashion retail, Ibrahim Hasan talks about his journey in Nike, James Scully takes us to the time in Vogue before Anna Wintour, and a lot more. It is surely one of the best fashion podcasts you must listen to!

13.The Fashion Slashie

Best Fashion Podcasts

Hosted by fashion journalist Lara Johnson-Wheeler launched this podcast shown on a London-based fashion community platform ClickerMe, which talks about the topics that are often neglected and not spoken about. Hunting for some out-of-the-box conversions, this fashion podcast is the one for you.

14.The Wardrobe Crisis

Best Fashion Podcasts

Vogue Australia’s first sustainability editor, Clare Press launched this podcast in 2017 bringing sustainability into the bigger picture. She spoke about how fast fashion brands are resulting in carbon emissions that cause the climate crisis too. Learn in-depth conversations about what harm is done and how it needs to be taken care of, it’s surely one of the best fashion podcasts to listen to while the world’s hit by a pandemic, it’s time that we’re well informed of our choices that we make.

15.Pop Fashion podcast

Best Fashion Podcasts

Pop fashion podcast is the true replication of when fashion meets comedy. It’s a light-hearted podcast that gives fashion news and discusses the fashion industry from insider and outsider’s eyes. You host Kaarin and Lisa and all set you to take you through the fashion weeks and a lot of juicy stories you would absolutely love.

These were a few fashion podcasts I recommend you to listen to. Not only will they help you know an industry insight into how things work, but they will also prepare you to be familiar with the fashion vocabulary. Which one of these fashion podcasts are you planning to listen to first?

These were a few fashion podcasts I recommend you to listen to. Not only will they help you know an industry insight into how things work, but they will also prepare you to be familiar with the fashion vocabulary. Which one of these fashion podcasts are you planning to listen to first?

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