Create a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe for Men in 2023?

The concept of a Capsule wardrobe gets more relatable as soon as we talk about men. A Capsule Wardrobe for men can be perceived as a life-saver for many!

Not only do women find a need to have a minimalist wardrobe that has every essential, but I am also sure even men crib of having ” nothing to wear at all” moments when all that they see is piles of clothes in the closet and heaps just lying on that special chair that we all have.

The last thing they can do is either repeat what they wore yesterday or just randomly pick anything and step out.

However, it is as necessary to stuff yourself with neutral key accessories that become part of your capsule wardrobe keeping in mind its longevity. Hence, we bring you Ayla & Co’s exclusive range of bags and men’s accessories you can explore according to your choices.

Why do Men need Capsule Wardrobes?

Most men need Capsule Wardrobes as they make lives easier. Guys don’t plan before shopping. This is the reason why you either land up repeating old outfits or end up with a ton of outfits and get confused about what to wear.

Not only does building Capsule Wardrobe will make you look ultra-stylish in no time but also save excess bucks you shop for clothes and don’t wear!

How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe for Men?

Starting to create a Capsule Wardrobe can be a little intimidating overhaul your closet and start from the basics but is surely worth giving time to build the minimalistic put-together closet that you desire.

These are a few simple steps to create a perfect capsule wardrobe for men:

STEP 1: Understand Your Personal Style

Understanding your current style will help you get acquainted with the colors, prints, and textures you like. Look for inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram that will help you build a sense of aesthetic to choose outfits that look put together.

STEP 2: Analyze your Closet

You need to start from scratch. Analyze your wardrobe and look for the most worn and least worn pieces. Notice the colors, prints, and patterns present in your wardrobe. This will also help you figure out your current style. You can rethink continuing on the same vibe or totally choose to explore something new.

STEP 3: Keep the ones you like and remove the ones not.

Following the vibe of what kind of colors, textures, prints, and patterns will add to your new personal style, keep the pieces you like and remove the ones you don’t as you don’t want to keep excess garment pieces, the ones that are of no use.

STEP 4: Create a Moodboard

Using apps like Pinterest and Instagram, you can create a moodboard of styles that interest you. Keep references to colors, textures, prints, and trends that you like to follow. You can also look for Instagram Fashion Influencers to help curate a moodboard.

STEP 5: Shop the rest from sustainable brands

To keep your closet on a sustainable end, choose to shop from thrift stores or local sustainable brands that focus on quality than quantity. These pieces will last you a long and the quality will be maintained.

Refer to these Sustainable Fashion Brands that will help you get your ethical journey started.

Capsule Wardrobe Basics for Men in 2023

1. Tshirts

Any casual hangout or running errands is incomplete without nice and comfy t-shirts. What you can do is first look for neutrals, Black, Navy, and White(Grey if you like that), and next pick some stripes, prints, textures anything that you feel you might wear for a casual hangout with friends.

Since T-shirts can be styled on both casual and formal occasions, it makes a crucial part of Capsule Wardrobe Essentials.

2. Jeans

You can not create your wardrobe without jeans, not one but it’s preferred to keep a set of 3 jeans minimum, as you might need them anytime.

A light washed in blue ripped(slightly) jeans in Navy and sleek Black jeans are a must-have in your wardrobe. You can not do without these trust me.

3. Jackets

The third layer is always important, you might not always feel like layering but casual jackets can really take a basic jeans and t-shirt look to an event-appropriate.

What do you need for that, Jackets? A Denim Jacket, one in corduroy, and a casual blazer are all you need to keep your casuals going for occasions!

You can also add printed shirts in case you don’t feel like layering a heavy and chunky bit. Jackets can be your go-to wardrobe essentials if casual outings interest you!

4. Sneakers

Again, they are sneakers! A white pair of sneakers, a sports shoe in black, flip-flops, and in case you like slip-on trainers, you’re done!

Get them from good brands, these 4 pairs of shoes will last you longer without really spending bucks on buying shoes again and again.

Sneakers can come a long way with your journey of perfecting your capsule wardrobe as they are comfortable and flexible for different occasions. Maintenance is the key!

5. Belt

The accessories include glasses, belts, hats, watches, wallets, and bracelets if you like them making an essential part while building a capsule wardrobe for men. Always keep something as an accessory as it can uplift any given look.

6. Shirts

capsule wardrobe for men

You must always have a few shirts: a white oxford shirt, one in mandarin collar( any color), a black or navy in polyester satin finish, and a printed shirt.

Make sure you’re aware of your sizes as there are a variety of fits that include regular fit, classic fit, slim fit, modern slim, etc so make sure you’re aware of what fits you perfectly.

7. Trousers

Even trousers while picking, make sure you try them in-store before really buying them as they have a variety of fits too, buying them online will not only waste your money by spending on the wrong product but will also make you look shabby.

You don’t want that right? Well, a black, navy, charcoal, or light grey and one in pastels are all you need!

8. Blazers

You might need casual blazers to amp up your daily workwear looks so make sure that you don’t wear a denim jacket to work! You can also add waistcoats if a blazer is not your thing!

9. Suit

You need one or two, pick any color of your choice. I would suggest one in neutrals like black or navy and one in grey, beige and win red whatever suits you.

10. Accessories

You can always keep satin hankies, ties, watches, and wallets as a part of your workwear as not only does it uplift the whole look but you can actually swear by the functionality.

Essentials involve socks, underwear, and vests that come in handy on an everyday basis. Make sure you invest more in these and shop from sustainable brands.

Marks and Spencer could be an ideal brand to shop for essentials for men. If curating the above sounds time taking and stressful, you can also refer to Online Personal Stylists to make your job easier.

Key points to building Capsule Wardrobe for Men

There are certain things you must remember while you declutter your existing closet and shop for more items in your wardrobe. Here is a list of points to take care of to build a Capsule Wardrobe for men:

  • It should be versatile.
  • No compromise on quality
  • Pick classic colors
  • The Right fit and Size matters
  • Invest in good essentials

Is Capsule Wardrobe for men relevant in 2023

A capsule Wardrobe will always be relevant for men. It solves a lot of fashion dilemmas that men hate to admit. With a sustainable capsule wardrobe handy, you will never have a “what should I wear” moment ever in your life.

With the current pandemic crisis, we’re facing, building a sustainable wardrobe not only fixes your dilemmas of work from homework attire and grooming issues, but it also saves burning a huge hole in your pocket when rising the economy is much more important.


With the least options to go out to various destinations, wardrobe decluttering could be a great idea while you keep limited pieces that serve every occasion while you stay only at home!

Our wardrobe needs have vastly changed since the pandemic hit. The current state of fashion lies in Sweatpants, pajamas, and loungewear as comfortable fashion. 

Hence, having a minimalist capsule wardrobe is what people must choose to prefer.

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