Cool Matcha Key Color Trends Autumn Winter 2025

Cool Matcha has been chosen to be one of the core key color trends for Autumn Winter 2025, announced WGSN in collaboration with Coloro. All in line with consumer influences such as a focus on well-being, creativity, the environment, and technology.

A colored pastel with a calming and calming characteristic is called Cool Matcha. By bridging the gap between nature and technology, it emphasizes the significance of advancements in plant- and bio-based products, dyes, pigments, and energy sources.

The additional colors include Intense Rust, Sustained Grey, Midnight Plum, and Apricot Rush that rule the key color trends of 2025.

Introducing Cool Matcha Key Color Trends of 2025

Cool Matcha Key Color Trends of 2025

Colors that relate to nature and well-being continue to be important, and these restorative tones lend a sense of quiet and tranquility to the season, in contrast to these timeless and anchoring tones.

Finally, a sensation of escape brings back colors that seamlessly transition between the physical and digital worlds, says Clare Smith, Colour Strategist for WGSN.

We seek to color to assist calm the mind and create a sense of rest and reflection as consumers continue to battle with feelings of anxiety and stress. The ideal marriage of a vegetal green and meditative pastel, Cool Matcha is a tranquil, calming pale with a medicinal aspect.

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