Cyber Lime Key Color Trends for Spring Summer 2024

WGSN Trend Forecasting brings Cyber Lime Key Color Trends of 2024. A Window to the Future of Colors. Cyber Lime (Coloro 051-76-36) is a synthetically realistic representation of reality that connects us to our ever-expanding digital lives.

A potent coping strategy for customers is to maintain a bright and optimistic outlook. The foundation of our five core colors for S/S 24 is care, connection, and community. These sensory filters provide a glimpse into the future of color and enable a smooth transition between the real world and the internet.

Introduction Cyber Lime Key Color Trends of 2024

The world is a compact digital space, the body and mind are stimulated and energized by the zesty near neon. The striking relationship between nature and technology is symbolized by this intense green. 

Cyber Lime Key Color Trends of 2024

In the luxury and youth fashion industries, this tangy lime is gaining popularity as a gender-inclusive, dopamine-bright trend and we’re continuing to be huge in the coming months.

It will be incorporated as an accent or statement solid hue in the fitness, outdoor, footwear, accessories, and childrenswear categories.

This lively color is ideal for gaming products, virtual homes, and metaverse beauty. Additionally, it can be used for e-bikes, scooters, tech accessories, packaging, retail, and house interiors.

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