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It is anticipated that Digital Lavender will be the Color of the year 2023, as confirmed by WGSN and Coloro in collaboration. While 2022 introduced us to a brand new color, Very Peri, a joyous periwinkle blue, the happiest and warmest decided by Pantone, Digital Lavender is very close to Very Peri which will be very popular in the coming months.

Since both hues have more to do with the feeling of isolation and merging lines between the digital and physical world, let’s take a look at how Digital Lavender is going to contribute as the color of the year 2023.

Color forecasters predicted Digital Lavender to be the color that will take over the Fashion Industry, a lot of glimpses at the fashion weeks in New York, London, and Milan are living proof. 

With visions of beautifully dusty hues and Southern French allure, the introduction of Digital Lavender by WGSN and Coloro is anticipated to be the contemporary shade that is set to make waves in the fashion and interior world.

Introducing Digital Lavender Color of the Year 2023

Forecasters at Coloro and WGSN believe that Coloro: 134-67-16, also known as Digital Lavender, will be the color for 2023.

Something that already has an online presence with Very Peri, a closer hue chosen for 2022, subtle lavender tones will lead the color charts as customers are now looking for more subtle and pastel tones that help them find solace and peace. 

This purple will be important for consumer electronics, digitized wellness, mood-boosting lighting, and home goods. Its sensory quality makes it perfect for self-care rituals, therapeutic practices, and wellness products.

Digital Lavender 2023: Key Inspirations

Inspired by art and design, WGSN and Coloro took inspiration from Argentinian designer Andrés Reisinger who had created a series of virtual furniture pieces, Puma and Living Color’s sustainability campaign Design to Fade, Mercedes-Benz’s ‘living creature’ vehicle the ‘VISION AVTR’ and the list goes on.

The spiritual references go back to rooting from Crown Chakra which is purple, as the hue is a color signification of spirituality and with the pandemic coming to an end, people are looking forward to more spiritual inspirations.

These colors are inspired by WGSN, Coloro, and various Spring Summer Fashion Weeks noting the highlights. This signifies stability, serenity, and digital escapism, things we are all looking for. 

Lavender is gender-inclusive, while the soft and subtle tints bring the feminine and self-care version of it, being closer to the hues of Blue makes it edgier simultaneously. 

Digital Lavender: Significance and Key points

These are a few points to pick from Digital Lavender as 2023’s colors:

1. It is a neutral tone that will be readily accepted by all generations, and celebrated by Gen Z.

2. The additional colors in collaboration with WGSN X Coloro include, Spring and Autumn color combinations.

3. Covid-19 has reshaped the way we see colors, trends, and the industry, we’re now more digitalized and looking for harmonious escapes, Very Peri for 2022 and Digital Lavender for 2023, follows a similar story.

“Our S/S 23 palette reflects a more hopeful and optimistic view of the future,” adds Jenny Clark, Head of Color at WGSN. “We anticipate challenges ahead, but we’re hopeful that our consumers would engage with these colors positively.”

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Why is Digital Lavender Becoming an on-trend Color?

A wider view of the color will represent many emerging moods of a human being, bringing the best of conveying a sense of calmness and cheerfulness that soothes our mind, which is something we’re all looking forward to.

Digital Lavender Bathroom Ideas

With customers finding their zen mode in the virtual spaces, Digital Lavender invites us to a frequent virtual era that we’re totally setting our eyes on. 

The soaring social media with a diversified blend of physical and digital, Lavender will soon will the Pantone color of the year 2023 at its best with a perfect harmony of cheerfulness and calmness. 

Both creative professionals and customers enjoy using Digital Lavender. In this way, the cheery yet also calming, almost healing shade blends in with the now popular earth tones and natural yellows, which produce an impact that is both calming and bright and friendly. 

People want a solid, uplifting environment, especially in their private living areas, especially in light of recent events. 

This explains why the color “Digital Lavender” is becoming more and more well-liked.

How does Digital Lavender Affect Mood?

According to research, viewing digital lavender induces sensations of tranquility and peace. Deep violet has a lavish, creative appearance.

Pale lilac conveys gentleness and serenity. The corresponding wavelengths of the various tints cause these sensations of color.

Longer wavelength colors, like red, have an energizing and invigorating effect on our mood.

Red and other colors with longer wavelengths have an energizing and stimulating effect on our emotions. On the other side, cool colors with short wavelengths look more harmonious, such as blue or turquoise.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that digital lavender has become popular. This is from the perspective of color psychology.

What is the Coloro Code for Digital Lavender?

Coloro code 134-67-16 is the color code for Digital Lavender, as announced by WGSN and Coloro, presenting itself as varied yet soft. 

Everybody who frequently works from home or spends a lot of time there wants peaceful surroundings. 

Lilac wall paint, light wood furniture, and a rug with a delicate design may all be seen in a contemporary space in 2023. A cozy atmosphere is produced in the home by combining colorful and soft colors.

Why is It Called Digital Lavender?

According to Joanne Thomas, head of content at Coloro, it “signifies that stability, tranquility, and digital escapism that so many of us have incorporated into our recuperative rituals to both safeguard and promote our mental health in trying times.” We strangely can see that which is the core reason why it’s named Digital Lavender. 

What is the Key Color for Spring Summer 2023?

These are the tops colors for Spring and Summer 2023.

  • Luscious Red (Coloro: 010-46-36) 
  • Sundial (Coloro: 028-59-26) 
  • Tranquil Blue (Coloro: 114-57-24) 
  • Verdigris (Coloro: 092-38-21)

Digital Lavender Photo References

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