5 Biggest Fashion Color Trends Celebrities Are Wearing in 2022/23  

Fashion Weeks of Autumn Winter 2022/23 have introduced us to some mood-uplifting hues that we’ll see people obsess over, inclusive of celebrities and fashion influencers.

If you’re eager to know the 5 Biggest Fashion color trends in 2022/23 that will be huge in the coming months, stay tuned till the end.

New York and Parish fashion weeks seem like an invitation to add Spring color trends into our autumn wardrobe, whether we add pops of pink with accessories or opt for head-to-toe brights in a monochromatic tangerine pantsuit.

Designers from Paris to Milan employed a variety of colors in their shows, such as bright yellows (Proenza Schouler, Max Mara), blood oranges (Dior, Saint Laurent), and everything in between. 

Fans of the Kelly green color trend will appreciate a slightly more kiwi-flavored variation of the shade, while those who like flirtier hues will benefit from the candy pink trend’s perennial appeal.

5 Hottest Fashion Color Trends 2022/23 

We anticipate returning to the fundamentals in the upcoming year, in contrast to the complicated, edgy color trends of the previous few years. 

The trends we’re noticing range from mellow, muted tones and straightforward color schemes to cozy nostalgic hues and decadent nostalgia, offering inventive yet recognizable palettes with a modern twist.

Listing the 5 Hottest colors of the season that celebrities and Fashion Gurus are obsessed with, so will you!

1. Hot Pink (Barbiecore)

(MEGA / GC Images)

The Barbiecore trend is everywhere. The hot pink fashion trend of 2022 has recently taken over nearly every article of clothing, demonstrating that the dopamine dressing style—which completely rejects the need for neutrals—no longer mandates that you wear numerous colors at once. 

Introduced with Valentino’s Pink PP Collection, debuted at the iconic brand’s Fall/Winter 2022/2023 fashion show during Paris Fashion Week, we saw Zendaya who’s the face of the brand, wearing a hot pink pantsuit to the presentation. 

Travis Barker donned a bright pink satin trench coat to the Grammys, and Justin Bieber wore a hot pink beanie by Balenciaga. On the U.K. leg of her stadium tour, Dua Lipa also wore a hot pink bodysuit that has gained popularity on TikTok.

Given how much buzz Greta Gerwig’s impending Barbie movie has generated, it’s hardly surprising that everyone is currently thinking about the pink-dominated fashion trend.

2. Tangerine (Orange)

(Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

Referred to as the new pink of the season, Celebrities can’t stop wearing this cheerful color. Orange suits have practically become Hollywood’s “It” costume of choice ever since Rihanna appeared in a fuzzy orange coat earlier this year (really, orange suits are everywhere!). 

We anticipate orange will grow even more popular as we approach the summer, which has traditionally been the color’s time to shine, and will continue to rule far into the fall and winter, as well. 

While In March, Lily Collins wore a vibrant orange outfit while remaining comfortable by pairing it with heels and a T-shirt. 

You can even go subtle or lighter than orange, more like sunshine yellow, aces the deal too. A white t-shirt and grey sweats, or even a button-down and jeans, are appropriate on some days. Put on a few orange accessories to instantly brighten up your look, just like Kaley Cuoco did with these fun sunglasses.

3. Latex Red

Source: @deepikapadukone (Instagram)

If you follow celebrity fashion through social media, you’ll know that Red is considered the showstopper of all the colors. Designers and fashionistas use red to great effect in their designs.

It may make a statement without doing anything since it is strong and interesting. It makes its way to every season, and even if repeated numerous times, it never gets overdone.

Everyone from Rihanna to Miley Cyrus has been spotted in this vibrant color over the past few months, convincing us it’s one worth investing in for the year ahead.

Given that celebrities like Zendaya have already been spotted donning it to press events, we already expect it to be a popular choice during Fashion Week and Award Season.

Check out the color analysis on Latex Red that will also rule 2023, as it becomes a core of color trends, check that out!

4. Digital Lavender


Anticipated as the Pantone color of the Year 2023, is also Fall 22’s pop color trend, mentioned by Instyle, Not to be overlooked is how adaptable purple can be, particularly if you like color blocking. 

Adding green to the mix will produce a striking combination that is now favored by street style stars, in addition to mixing it with pink, blue, yellow, and even orange.

Along with celebrities, purple appears to be on the rise. Victoria Beckham, a fashion icon and designer, frequently wears purple in her clothes. 

As glamorous as it looks, it has a perfect outlook for casuals and street style looks as well.

Oversized blazers and tee shirts will rule the street style trends for 2022 and fashion influencers will be seen acing it to the core.

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5. Indigo


Making a comeback with the name Elemental blue is one of the crucial pop colors this season. A color trend for more contemporary classic interiors, with the ocean element here represented.

Indigo is such an easy trend to try for yourself because it is pretty much for everyone. First of all, it complements all skin tones.

There’s no need to worry about that because every tone complements indigo’s deep, rich tint. It not only complements all skin tones but also all other colors.

This means that the colors you choose for an outfit will probably complement the indigo component.

Even if you tried, there is no clashing to be seen. You might find fewer celebrities acing the color or the look but will be highly chosen by the mass and will be seen in the streets by 2023.

What is the Pantone color for 2022?

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2022 is a brand-new hue called Very Peri, which, in the words of Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, and executive director Leatrice Eiseman, embraces the uncertainty and cautious optimism of the present.

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