Top 10 Fashion Communication Colleges & Career Opportunities in 2023

Are you willing to pursue Fashion Communication as your degree of specialization and dreaming your career in it? Popular by Fashion Journalism courses, this course directly helps you to find an ideal job in fashion editorials.

In this blog, we’ll talk about some of the best fashion communication colleges in India to pursue fashion studies.

Fashion and print media have been in the Fashion Industry since its beginning, and with growing opportunities in digital media and content creation, there’s a vast scope in pursuing fashion communication at the moment.

Fashion Communication studies count as an important field of the fashion business.

You learn communication knowledge and skills relevant to the fashion and lifestyle industry, how branding is done, what image building is, how digital media is different from print media, and the right way to do it.

Apart from creative and commercial aspects, Fashion communication also deals with the socio-cultural aspects of running trends.

Fashion Communication: About the course

B.Des. in Fashion Communication involves a 4-year undergrad program that offers subjects like forecasting, advertising, marketing, and PR; styling and photography as narrative; portfolio, self-promotion and career planning; visual and critical analysis. Fashion journalism and storytelling through visuals and graphics play a huge part in the course.

Top 10 Fashion Communication Colleges in India:

These are the best fashion communication colleges that you can check to pursue journalism in Fashion:

1. NIFT (Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai)

NIFT offers one of the best fashion communication courses in India. This 4-year undergraduate program consists of subjects like Graphic Design, Fashion Media and Fashion Thinking, Space Design, and the related genres of these major areas, using hand and digital skills through knowledge, application, and practice-based approach. There are numerous professions you can opt 

2. Symbiosis Institute of Design(Pune)

Symbiosis provides two courses, Media & Communication and Visual Arts & Photography that you can choose to pursue any job profile related to fashion communication. Fashion students in this study are recruited by Viacom 18, Amazon, Times Now, GroupM, Zee, etc.

3. Pearl Academy of Fashion(New Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai)

Pearl Academy of Fashion provides a diploma degree in 4 years. The students passed out from communication have these subjects:

  • Fashion journalism
  • Fashion videos and fashion films
  • Fashion photography
  • Publishing & printing
  • Social media, campaigns, and digital PR
  • Creative direction, Trends & Forecast
  • Advertising, PR, and event design
  • Art direction, layouts, and typography

4. JD Institute of Management(Mumbai, 20+)

If you’re looking for a diploma course in Fashion Communication, JD Institute of Management provides that with other design courses that include fashion design, interior design, fashion management, and event management courses.

5. Chandigarh University(Chandigarh)

You can choose Bachelor of Art and Masters of art that include journalism and mass communication.

You can pick this course if you want to pursue Art Director to Video Editor, Public Relations Executive to Photographer and Print reporter to Television anchor as designations.

6. Lovely Professional University(Phagwara)

The lovely professional university provides B.A. in Journalism and mass communication, a 4 year which provides you opportunities like Social media, campaigns, digital PR, Creative direction, Trends & Forecast, Advertising, PR, event design, Art direction, etc.

7. Amity School of Fashion Technology(Noida, Lucknow)

B.Des in Amity University of Fashion Technology consists of courses given below:

  • Fashion Marketing & Merchandising 
  • Fashion Promotion 
  • Fashion Journalism
  • Visual Merchandising & presentation
  • Fashion Photography
  • Fashion Forecasting 
  • Computer Applications in the Fashion industry

8. International School of Design(Pune, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Dehradoon)

You can pursue a variety of diploma courses in ISD like Journalism, graphic design and branding, apparel merchandising, which you can pursue.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly diploma course, this is it for you!

9. Satyam Fashion Institute (Noida)

Satyam Fashion Institute provides a 4-year undergraduate program that has various fashion courses like Fashion Design, Fashion Communication, Textile design, garment making, fashion styling, fashion forecasting, etc.

10. World University of Design(Delhi NCR)

The World University of Design provides courses like Graphics design, fashion communication, visual arts, Communication Design, Animation & Game Design, etc.

Eligibility for Fashion Communication

The eligibility criteria for pursuing fashion communication may vary for different institutes. In general, to pursue B.Des in fashion communication, aspirants have passed class 10+2 examination from a recognized state or national board of education.

Career Opportunities in Fashion Communication

There are various career opportunities in Fashion Communication, these are a few of the fashion jobs you can try after pursuing Fashion Communication.

1. Visual Merchandiser

Visual Merchandiser works on display, mannequins, and interiors of a retail store to create an aesthetic for the customers to see it which adds to a great shopping experience.

2. Brand Manager

Brand Managers are experts who work to create a positive and long-lasting impression by adding value to how brands should be perceived. They help in highlighting and creating a brand’s image.

3. Image Consultant

Image Consultants help in the overall grooming, stylist, and personality development of the clients. These clients can be corporate or personal as they what style, color, the material would best suit their personality and body type, and how to present themselves in front of others.

4. Fashion Journalist

A Fashion editor who writes about fashion trends, runway shows, generating content for advertisements as well as for the print media to communicate with the audience.

5. Corporate Communication at Fashion Houses

Corporate Communication at fashion houses handle all the communication that takes place between the firm and media, or the rest of the industry creating a brand image.

6. Visual Communications Expert

Visual Communication Experts use communication and design software to design visual graphics for websites and multimedia companies to create a brand image. 

7. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers create animations, marketing templates, graphics templates for brands. They’re mostly required for marketing and advertising purposes.

8. Advertising firms

Fashion communications experts work in advertising firms that take place between the firm and the media or the rest of the industry as a third party. 

9. Public Relations firms

PR Firms have fashion editors who deal with media and communications that build brand image, raise brand awareness, and create content for press releases on behalf of the firm, organizing and successfully carrying out press conferences.

10. Art Director

Art directors bring ideas, concepts, and stories in video format. They are required to choose which designs, artworks, and other elements such as photographs are to be used in order to improve the overall look of a given space.

11. Fashion Photographer

Fashion photographers are responsible for clicking pictures, conducting photoshoots and campaigns for publication and editorials. They mostly work with stylists, editors, and directors in different campaigns and shoots.

12. Teaching

Fashion designers who’ve worked in the industry for quite a long also choose to become faculties in Design colleges to lead students and give them insights into the industry. 

Pros & Cons of a Career in Fashion Communication


  • Fashion Communication is a fast-growing industry as more and more content is being posted on digital media. The rise of online business increases the scope of communication studies.
  • Since digital media is comparatively new, there is less competition.
  • Your posts will be published in famous magazines.


  • Your networking and communication skills should be up to the mark you’ll have a hard time.
  • Your language should be up to mark.

Fashion Communication Job Description

These are a few key responsibilities, a fashion communication student has to cater to:

  1. The brand image of a company or a client
  2. Brand Positioning to reach the right audience.
  3. Examine publicity methods to enhance brand awareness
  4. Communicating deals with media on behalf of business houses
  5. Develop client/ organizations branding and marketing plan
  6. Coordinating with designers, merchandisers, retailers, and manufacturers for branding inspirations.
  7. Develop design layouts, web pages, and multimedia designs
  8. You might also apply to different fashion magazines and websites as a journalist who writes fashion stories.

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