Difference with Fashion Communication & Fashion Design

If you want to pursue your career in fashion, you must be confused about which of these courses to choose, Fashion communication or Fashion Design, which of these would be more relevant to the latest scenarios? In this blog, I am here to talk about the same.

After the pandemic, we’ve noticed low-economic profits where business owners are on the front end seeking to innovate and make the industry as relevant as possible.

Fashion education has been compromised too.

Check out the various fashion colleges that offer courses that need more hands-on experience than theoretical, online classes brought a sudden change to traditional education methodology.

Now, the question that arises is, which of the courses that include Fashion Communication and Fashion Design is more relevant in 2021?

What is Fashion Communication?

Fashion Communication is a degree course that involves the print and media aspects of the industry. Graphic design, photography, branding and image design, event planning, management, advertising, fashion journalism, and blogging are some of the designations you’re eligible for once you specialize in Fashion Communication.

Fashion Communication studies count as an important field of the fashion business. You learn communication knowledge and skills relevant to the fashion and lifestyle industry, how branding is done, what image building is, and how digital media is different from print media, and the right way to do it.

Apart from creative and commercial aspects, Fashion communication also deals with the sociocultural aspects of running trends.

Fashion Communication Monthly Salary in India

Graphic Designer20,500/-
Fashion Photographer32,368/-
Fashion Journalist30,000/-
Photo Journalist 30,000/-
UI/UX Designer 41,666/-
Stylist 33,000/-
Copy Writer 36,600/-
Visual Merchandiser 35,000/-
Event Manager 36,000/-
Brand Manager 1,12,000/-
Font Designer 45,000/-
Art and Set Director65,000/-

Fashion Communication Pros & Cons


  • Less competition since it’s an emerging field.
  • You will get the opportunity to work and meet new people.
  • Your articles will be published in famous magazines.


  • You might have a hard time if you’re an introvert, but Networking is the key.
  • You would be required to work long hours to meet the deadline.

What is Fashion Design?

A fashion Design course is a highly creative genre of design studies as it is based on what people wear. Keeping up with trends, coming up with sketches for their clients (market), and coming up with new design and fabric innovations is where a designer comes into play is the key role of a fashion designer.

Let’s also read about different types of Fashion designers, like ready-to-wear, mass market, shoe, and accessory designers that will help you understand the diversity of the course.

There are other designations that you also get access to if you consider pursuing Fashion Design as your degree of specialization.

Fashion Design Monthly Salary in India

Fashion Designer 30,000/-
Retail Buyer 32,000/-
Retail Manager 54,000/-
Fashion Stylist 30,000/-
Textile Designer 36,000/-
Retail Merchandiser 55,000/-
Fashion Merchandiser 28,000/-
Fashion Model28,000/-

Fashion Designing Pros & Cons


  • Extremely creative field, you’re open to drawing inspiration from anything, anywhere.
  • You will get the opportunity to work and meet new people.
  • You can create your brand and be a successful businessperson too.


  • Long hours of hard work and dedication.
  • You aren’t guaranteed to rocket to the top of the industry
  • Working for yourself initially will have inconsistent pay, work pressure, and client issues.


While Fashion design takes us through the creative, business, and glamour aspects of the industry, Fashion communication is more of print and digital media, creating brand image of the designer brands at the end of the day.

Concerning 2022, Fashion communication is an emerging industry as the rise of digitalization, social media, and content creation has opened doors to new positions that the future journalism industry would consist of.

Having that said, your area of interest is also something to be kept in mind, as the fashion industry is all about creativity, whether you write of design, so choose wisely and choose what you like!

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