How to Build a Successful Fashion Styling Portfolio in 2023

Ever wondered “Why do you need a fashion styling portfolio?” A fashion styling portfolio is one of the crucial aspects of any styling courses that you pick.

If you are a fashion student, chances are that you’re already aware of the term and trying to figure out how to get one prepared for yourself.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss how to build a fashion portfolio from scratch and points to keep in mind while creating one.

What is a Fashion Portfolio?

A Fashion Portfolio is a common term used in fashion schools as young graduates develop a portfolio as a medium of showcasing their interests and skills.

They put in their best work to get hired. Similarly, a fashion stylist’s portfolio consists of their best work or the category of work they aspire to do.

This helps the companies to get a better understanding of the work of who’s getting hired and what to expect while the students get the right clients after their fashion degrees.

Fashion Portfolio Guidelines

You must remember that a fashion styling portfolio is a visual representation of your skills. Hence it should have the following:

  • Creativity (a perfect balance of art and design)
  • Technical ability
  • Research Skills
  • Understanding of visual communication principles
  • Storytelling

While being in a fashion college or taking a course in styling already approves you of having these skills you must be able to compile them beautifully to attract the brands you want to work with.

A fashion portfolio provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your creativity, potential, and genuine love for fashion and styling.

Image design and art direction are everything, while building that fashion portfolio might seem a bit expensive, the better you create it for yourself the better place you land yourself in.

Dos and Don’ts in Making a Fashion Stylist Portfolio

After asking some of the best stylists around the world and compiling a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind before you create your Fashion styling portfolio.


  • Include your published works, if in college, put your best projects.
  • Mention your testimonials if they’re available online
  • Have a digital portfolio along with a physical one.
  • Showcase a variety of projects that are flexible enough to be an ideal candidate for many departments.
  • Keep it as professional as possible.


  • Don’t add too many projects, only your best work in your portfolio.
  • Adding too many clumsy texts might be distracting, keep it clean and professional.
  • A simple layout works the best so no complicated portfolio layouts.
  • Do not add similar works in the portfolio, add variety.

Should you make a Digital or a Physical Portfolio Book?

Should you make a Digital or a Physical Portfolio Book

A portfolio consists of your best work to get hired in creative. No matter if your portfolio is digital or physical, put 100% effort into creating your portfolio.

While a physical portfolio helps when you go for a walk-in interview, it is most preferred to have a digital portfolio and everything has shifted to digital media.

The brands mostly reach out to you asking for resumes and portfolios while you apply! Also, it is the most secure way of promoting your work by presenting it online it is displayed for the world to see it, hence more opportunities.

To conclude, a digital portfolio is always more relevant than a physical portfolio book.

What are the websites to create Digital Fashion Styling Portfolio?

Following are the websites best for Digital Fashion styling Portfolio:

  1. Wix
  2. Squarespace
  3. Instagram
  4. Canva
  5. Indesign/Photoshop

1. Wix

An online website creates a platform that makes the process much easier. There are a lot of free templates to use for creating a styling portfolio. they are easy to navigate website that showcases your work in much hassle-free situation.

2. Squarespace

Another website-making platform was putting out pictures and storytelling is so easy! You can create your portfolio easily with many free templates to use.

3. Instagram

Instagram has become the most used platform by youngsters. While you make a digital fashion portfolio online on given websites, make your profile aesthetic on Instagram and make your personal brand. You can get projects from social media as well.

4. Canva

For people less tech-savvy, Canva has enough free templates to create your portfolio. If you haven’t used it before you can sign up for free and access a wide array of templates for not only portfolios but also CVs, business cards, Instagram posts, and more!

5. Indesign/Photoshop

If you’re too specific about the layouts of your styling portfolio, you can create one on your own in design software like Indesign and Photoshop. Fashion Designers, Photographers, and other Fashion communication students find it easy to create a portfolio in this software.

What is the Best order to lay out your Fashion Stylist Portfolio?

The best order to layout your fashion stylist portfolio goes as follows:

  • Inspiration
  • Mood Board
  • Ideation and Concepts
  • Photo Collection

1. Inspiration

You need to have inspiration before you start creating a project. While your inspiration can be from any source, make sure you’re well-researched.

2. Mood Board

Collect visuals of everything that inspires you and pick enough references for the same. Again, research is the key.

3. Ideation and Concepts

Create new concepts and ideas to put together as to how you want you’re to project to like. It involves fabrics, textures, colors, demographics, client details, etc.

4. Photo Collection

This is your final collection of photos. You can start with test or submission shoots which you can put in your portfolios. Get testimonials if you plan to do a few submissions or test shoots. You can put your freelance projects as well. Get the best shots to be a part of your collection.

How to make your Fashion Portfolio look professional?

How to make your Fashion Portfolio look professional

Here’s how can you make your fashion portfolio look professional when you are just starting out:

  • As a fashion stylist, you need to collaborate with a team of photographers, a model, and in case you need a makeup artist too. Try to reach out to members who are experienced in the industry to help you create better Image design. 
  • Look for videos and tutorials to perfect the skills you want to achieve and everything that you do should be crystal clear.
  • Assist seniors and talk to mentors about how can you make your projects better.


This is how you can create a Fashion stylist portfolio to kickstart the dream styling job that you want. As a portfolio would decide your career at the initial stage of your life, put 100% into creating that portfolio. Once you start getting work, your projects will get better and you’ll be known in the Industry.

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