How to Find your Style in 8 easy steps!

There are times when you struggle to find your style. With 2020 coming to the end, we know how this year went by, in Lockdown quarantined in our rooms. It would be quite safe to say that we as individuals have got no chance to experiment on our looks and invest much in it.

We’ve seen lots of Instagram influencers and bloggers put their style game on even throughout the quarantine But as someone who’s a teenager or a young adult, watching those perfect divas acing every look can be stressful, hence a requirement to find your style. 

Lockdown won’t stay here forever and since the year is almost to its end, why not think of rediscovering ourselves for the year that lies ahead of us? As a personal stylist, I will help you to discover a Guide to Find your style in 2021.

What is a Personal Style?

A Personal style is a set of outfit styling aesthetics that you are drawn towards. It depicts how you are as a person, your unique essence, or how you see fashion as! You can be a classic, tomboyish, chic, boho, athleisure, or mixture of everything. Adding these little elements helps you define your personal style.

How to find your style?

Here are the following ways you can find your style:

  1. Know Yourself
  2. Take Inspiration
  3. Imitate the styles
  4. Analysing your current wardrobe
  5. Work on your assets
  6. Experiment your current wardrobe
  7. Build a capsule wardrobe
  8. Stay Updated

1.Know Yourself

This is one of the most important ends that you need to figure before even starting! Knowing yourself reflects in three major categories

  • Your Age
  • Your Occupation
  • The Events you attend

We need to find “What to achieve” which sets as a basic target we must cater to. The family background we come from, our work-life or college life, the events we attend on a daily basis help us introspect to find what is that “Exact Goal” ultimately will help you find your style.

Knowing yourself will also help you find your personal aesthetic, the colors, textures, and silhouettes that will help find your style.

2.Take Inspiration

A lot of times we’re obsessed with few celebrities, or someone that admires and we wish to look like them. When you are new to something like finding your aesthetic, it’s very important that you take inspiration for references. It helps you to stay in the direction that you want without being distracted. Keep taking notes and be observant. 

There must be different people who follow the same aesthetics and sense of style as you aspire to be but in multiple directions, its always great to take cues from them which helps you decide what to refer and what not to.

3.Imitate the styles

Not everybody is as perfect as Instabloggers that they seem, we as ordinary people might just think it’s their body shape that helps them wear certain things and that you have drawbacks.

Keep an open mind for trying and imitate things so that you discover what looks good and what you’re comfortable in. Also sometimes, certain outfits might look great on screen but once you try them, they might not work for you. So either way, it’s crucial to try and imitate things until you find your style.

4.Style your current wardrobe


Most of the time, there are certain pieces that you already have in your wardrobe but since you get too skeptical to try them differently, you feel it’s a waste of time and money. Pick those pieces out and try them. 

Experiment with all the reference pictures that you’ve got and seen if it still seems like a waste, most of the time those garments that seem useless are the best pieces that you own. You can find your style is as same as giving yourself a makeover, it takes time but you’ll figure it out, don’t worry!

5.Work on your assets

However you look, regardless of color, height, age, and everything else, it’s important that you know what you have the best and to flaunt it. Focus on your curves if you seem curvy, define your collar bones and broad shoulders if you’re one of them, flaunt your beautiful legs, experiment on the colors that look best on you.  

The best you can do to your style is to find what to flaunt and how to hide the flaws you have, it might take time initially, but trust me it’s a fun process!

6.Experiment on current style

The experiment is the key to anything you want to achieve. Finding your style is a journey to find yourself in terms of fashion and style, surely, you don’t wanna miss it! So keep experimenting on garments, accessories, everything that you own currently before you actually go out shopping! Colors, textures, prints play an important role in bringing out your real personalities so never be neglected about it!

7.Build a capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a closet that helps you own everything in concern of your needs. The events you attend like, and dislikes, so you should never have “I have nothing to wear” moments. With guys building a capsule wardrobe is still easy once you find out your right size and the right fit, for women it must be a bit confusing.

This also means you need to declutter garments and accessories you don’t relate to anymore and build a crisp clean closet that caters to all your needs in the most simplified manner!

8.Stay Updated

Now since you’ve aced the basics of how to find your style in 2021, it’s important to stay updated to know what’s coming and what’s not. Planning pieces and outfits beforehand helps a lot if done early. When you know what’s coming, you would now be comfortable to experiment with what looks good and whatnot, and build your wardrobe regarding that which will later help you stay hassle-free for the coming year! 


Staying up with trends, knowing what’s coming next, be comfortable with trying new things will do the job once you’re in the mindset to conquer the world through your personal style.

But in case even if you’re in 1% doubts, feel free to consult us, we as Personal Stylists will help you achieve the desired makeover, without much hustle! Are you ready to conquer the world with your sense of fashion? Which step did you find really helpful, do let us know in the comments below, until then, stay tuned!

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