Future Dusk Key Color Trends for Spring Summer 2025

Color forecasting agencies wgsn and coloro revealed the Future Dusk Key Color Trends of 2025. The hues of this season represent a significant change toward strategic creativity, where imaginative solutions will be essential in overcoming the problems posed by a prolonged period of disruption, volatility, and uncertainty. 

Introducing Future Dusk Key Color Trends of 2025

Future Dusk Key Color Trends of 2025

The Colour of the Year 2025 Future Dusk (Coloro 129-35-18) is also one of the key color trends for 2025. Future Dusk is a dark, melancholy, and intriguing hue that sits between blue and purple.

It has a sense of mystery and escape, and serves as a transition from the powerful dark purple of Midnight Plum – a Key Colour from our A/W 24/25 forecast.

The bizarre and otherworldly aspects of Future Dusk combine with the influence of the second space age to give it a celestial allure. It also plays on ideas of transition, whether from dark to light or twilight to dawn, making it ideal for a time of great change. It’s a unique take on trusty dark blue that manages to feel both familiar and futuristic.

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