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10 Popular High Paying Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree in 2022

You might wonder that high paying jobs need to have College degrees and Diplomas which a lot of you might not be willing to invest in.

With increasing opportunities, there has been an introduction of “New Collar Jobs” which have helped close gaps of various required skills.

There are various high paying jobs that don’t require a college degree but are skill-based, can be obtained through alternative means that include certification programs, apprenticeships, or internships.

For Example, in Healthline, people who are involved being assistants, technicians, who’re hired on the basis of skills and experience can be included in “New Collar Jobs” that adds on to the traditional “White Collar Jobs” and “Blue Collar Jobs”.

For a better understanding, read the elaborated Difference between Blue Collar & White Collar Jobs before diving into the newly introduced domain.

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These High Paying Jobs that consist of a different hiring process picked based on your skills and capabilities don’t require any formal education.

1. Radiology Technician

Radiology Technicians are the specialists who X-rays and other diagnostic imaging on patients. You’ll find them working in various spaces like hospitals, physicians’ offices, laboratories, and outpatient care centers.

To become a Radiology Technician, you can have an associate degree in Radiology Technology for 18 months before you apply.

A Radiology technician earns $62,280 per year and is rapidly growing year by year.

2. Database Manager

Also called a Database Administrator, is a professional who’s supposed to store and arrange data and make sure the security of the data. They mostly are hired in software and Tech companies hence are of great value.

Database Managers are one of the highest-paid professionals who’re hired without much training by simply having knowledge of database languages, such as Structures Query Language.

A Database Manager earns $93,750 per year and is rapidly growing year by year.

3. Computer Support Specialist

Computer Support Specialist helps with computer equipment and software are hired in IT, non-IT companies both. They also help people over the phone attending calls and offline.

In addition to computer skills, the person must be fluent in communication and people skills.

A Computer Support Specialist earns $54,760 on a yearly basis which can be cracked with basic IT courses.

4. Computer Security Analyst

Also known as Information Security Analyst are responsible for protecting networks and systems in various companies.

Although some employers look for a bachelor in Computer Science or Computer Programming, major skills that are required include programming skills and IT Security.

A Computer Security Analyst is paid $99,730 annually and is experiencing a 32% growth in hiring.

5. Tool-and-Die Maker

tool-and-die makers are technicians who set up machines and deal with machine-controlled tools that are used in a manufacturing factory.

You can get these specializations from attending, vocational schools, technical colleges, or through on-the-job training as it involves more computer-controlled machinery.

A Tool and Die Maker averagely earns $45,750 as of 2019.

6. Service Delivery Analyst

Service Delivery Analyst/ Expert makes sure of high-quality service to their clients. They analyze the process of how the services are offered and if there’s any scope of improvement.

He/she is given software to track the service performances delivered to the clients.

This job is totally based on experience hence there’s no specific course you need to pick.

A Service Delivery Expert earns $56,433 annually according to Glassdoor.

7. Network and Computer Systems Administrators

Network and Computer Systems Administrators help to install and operate computers who must again have skills related to IT, language, administration, finance, etc.

Although some recruiters look for Bachelors’s degree, you can be hired if have the required skills.

A Network and Computer Systems Administrator is crucially hired in most of the companies be tech or not, which makes a lot of scope for applying.

A Network and Computer Systems Administrators earn $83,510 annually according to Glassdoor.

8. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer is called Ultrasound Technicians is a specialist in Healthline who assists a physician who produces ultrasound images for patients.

They are mostly found working in spaces like hospitals, doctor’s offices, medical centers, and laboratories, to name a few.

You can get diplomas or mini certification in Sonography to get started with it.

A Sonographer earns $68,750 with an average growth of 14% since 2019.

9. Computer Programmer

A Computer Programmer is responsible for creating, writing, and running test codes that allow computer programs and applications to function.

Hence you need to be skilled in knowing computer languages like  Java and C++. A Computer Programmer works at Design, Software, or financial companies.

An average Computer Programmer earns $86,550 per year. You can get yourself trained in specific languages to get a job in this industry.

10. Pharmacy Technician

A Pharmacy Technician assists Pharmacist in a Chemist/ Pharmacy. These jobs are mostly catered by on-job training where you can later get hired. You can also work at Hospitals or private drug stores.

An average salary of a Pharmacy Technician is $33,950 annually and is experiencing a growth in job rate.

Take notes on different job roles that can be picked without a college degree and get yourself skilled in the above Job roles.

Not only they’ll save a lot of time but also save a huge buck of investment required for a Bachelors’s and Masters’s degree.

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