4 Myths about hiring a Personal Stylist

What Does a Personal Stylist Do?

A Personal Stylist, as the name suggests, is a personal fashion consultant who helps you stay updated with current trends, suggesting the best fits and providing you fresh outfit ideas for your day-to-day events. Just like a Fashion Stylist is hired to give a similar service to the clients of their brand, Personal Styling is based on an individual who has “What to wear” issues. 

Although people tend to get confused between Personal stylists and Image consultants, The key responsibility of a personal stylist is to create outfits for daily /special events concerning body shapes, skin tones, appearances while an Imag consultant Image Consultants is to help customers with appearance, behavior, and communication. 

Mostly Personal stylists work as self brands or freelancers who work with clients, celebrities, and other social media personalities curating sensational looks for them.

How much Does a Personal Stylist Charge?

An average cost of a personal stylist ranges from $50 to $150 per hour, depending on experience and their domain of work. Larger cities like New York and L.A. costs $200 per hour or more for Personal styling services. In India, personal stylists charge Rs 1500/- to Rs 5000/- per hour.

4 Myths about Hiring a Personal Stylist

Personal Stylists, most of the time judged as being expensive and not worth it due to a lot of myths that just seem to be vague. They not only help you find your style but they’ll help look your best in all the given situations.

Though there are immense reasons for hiring a personal stylist, here I am going to name a few myths about personal stylists that we need to rethink and hence must give a shot!

1. Personal Stylists are Expensive

No, not at all. We are not a celebrity stylist who would charge you thousands of bucks just to guide you through your wardrobe. We understand that not everybody can have the same budget, the same needs as same as a celebrity. Nobody has to attend events and look glamorous every day at any point in time but some events are regular in your schedule. 

Going to work every day, family brunches, weekend vacations, and sometimes family weddings too, these are some of the events each one of us encounters every day and we do get confused about what to wear on many such occasions.

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We, as personal stylists, curate a Capsule wardrobe that fulfills all your needs without spending much money as a personal stylist will only charge you around $50 to $500 maximum. With such an investment that makes you sorted with your life, is it too much?

2. Personal Stylists are not worth it

This is where people make mistakes is that they feel that they don’t need a personal stylist and spending a few bucks on something could be a waste as they can figure out what to wear, hence they find spending on a personal stylist won’t be of much worth.

But wait, we as Personal stylists have a lot to offer. We find people who are conscious of how they look, their body, and their skin that they’re not confident about. Here’s when Personal stylists come into the picture.

We figure out your body shape, skin color, and face shape and suggest to you the best silhouettes that would look the best on the best respective of your events and then curate a handpicked collection that you would love to own. We actually help you save a lot of time!

3. Personal Stylists Only suggest high-end brands

We know the importance of budget and we curate the best without actually spending much. There are so many brands that you might know about affordable and pocket-friendly.

We suggest you the brands that would be peaceful with your pocket. There are brands for literally every budget that you quote, we just figure out those right brands to the right clients without compromising on quality at all. It depends on what range of products you aim to own, that’s simple right?

4. Hiring Personal Stylists are time-consuming

I know a lot of you might feel the when you hire a personal stylist, it’s too much of a process and it takes too much time. But that’s not true, in fact when you hire a personal stylist, he/she knows what you exactly need and helps shop you, better than you, and helps you shop in lesser time than you expect. 

There are many times that our clients would say that they end up buying expensive stuff that they don’t wear as well and later regret the waste of money.

We as Personal stylists help you avoid those impulse buys and suggest what you must spend on, in a much affordable price range!

There were a few myths about personal stylists you just need to avoid. Come on, it’s 2021, you need to try it first as there are also a lot of benefits of hiring a personal stylist. Having that said, when are you booking your slots?

How Do you Charge for Personal Styling?

Virtual styling session consists of makeovers, specific looks for events that range from $100 to $300 per hour. New York City-based personal stylist, Valerie Halfon of Shop With Val, offers affordable personal shopping services, starting at $395 for a three-hour in-home closet consultation ($115 for every hour after) and a wardrobe update for $460.

Where Do Personal Stylist Shop?

Personal Stylist’ key responsibilities include suggesting outfits for their clients, so their clients get a better shopping idea. Personal Stylists, most of the time judged as being expensive and not worth it due to a lot of myths that just seem to be vague. They not only help you find your style but they’ll help look your best in all the given situations. 

Best Personal Stylist Subscriptions

Clothing subscription box and styling service is a fashion service that involves personal styling. It hires personal stylists to curate the best outfits for you according to the preferences you fill in their forms, they charge subscription and styling fees in return. You keep the pieces you like and send them back ones you don’t. Simple, isn’t it?

These fashion subscription boxes not only save time but they have other benefits too:

  • Access to bigger and better brands.
  • You get crazy discounts
  • You save a lot of time as the stylists pick the best for you.
  • You get to shop from the comfort of your home as the clothing subscription box gets delivered to your doorstep.
  • Customized services, hence you can trust the stylist who will pick the best options for you.

1.Stitch Fix

  • Cost: $20 styling fee
  • Sizes:Women sizes 0-24W & XS-3X, Men sizes XS-3XL, Kids sizes 2T-14, and Maternity (1st, 2nd, & 3rd trimester, and postpartum)

Stitch fix is the ultimate styling solution you need. They make you fill a questionnaire based on your preferences and accordingly they connect you with a personal stylist who curates outfits for you. With styling fees just as minimal as $20, you pick what you like and return what you don’t! Can it get better? 

2.Ellie Fitness

  • Cost: $49 styling fee
  • Sizes: 0-24W & XS-3X

Ellie Fitness has a wide variety of pre-styled fitness outfits that you can wear as it is or even mix and match would look like a dream. Their clothing subscription box consists of 3 types of subscriptions, one has a pair of garments, the other has a set of 3 garments and the third one adds up to 5 products per subscription box. You can get yourself registered in any of these packages and receive outfits accordingly!

3.Savage X Fenty

  • Cost: $49 styling fee
  • Sizes: 3X to 46H

Savage X Fenty, a perfect lingerie fashion subscription box that is my absolute favorite! Rihanna’s lingerie line brings us the widest collection of sexy lingerie of the most elaborated sizes. These quality bras range from 32A-44DDD; underwear and loungewear run from XS to 3X!

4.Dia & Co.

  • Cost: $20 styling fee
  • Sizes: 14 and above.

Di & Co. brings you the best plus-size fashion and gets you covered as it deals especially for sizes 14 and above. Once you fill your style quiz, they connect you to a personal stylist who curates the best outfits according to your style and budget preferences.

Keep the pieces that you live on and return the ones you don’t with an additional $20 for the styling fee. The best part is yet to come and that is they do have activewear and intimate pieces too which means you have a one-stop solution for everything you want!

5. Menlo Club

  • Cost: $60 styling fee
  • Sizes:Men sizes XS-XXXL & 29-44

Menlo Club is a clothing subscription box specially curated for men. You receive a curated package of 2 items per month from brands like Five Four, Grand AC, or the New Republic. We know how men hate to spend time on their shopping, hence a personal styling service like this is a huge bliss as it gets you the best quality products, handpicked by stylists that suit best at just $60/month.

6.Trunk Club

  • Cost: $25 styling fee
  • Sizes: Women sizes XXS-4X (including petite sizes XXS-XL), Men sizes XS-XXXL, and Maternity

Nordstrom’s own personal styling services Trunk Club has its own benefits. All you need to do is fill their personalized survey, based on your style preferences, they help you connect to a personal stylist via email who then guides you through the whole process and selects 6-10 high-quality fashion pieces for you.

7.Gwynnie Bee 

  • Cost: $49 styling fee
  • Sizes: All Sizes.

Gwynnie Bee is a one-stop solution for renting outfits. The Clothing subscription boxes allow you to check their wide catalog of garments and whatever suits you, you can add to your closet. Gwynnie Bee sends you 10 garment pieces depending on your plan.

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You can wear them as many times you want and return them for a new pack and all of this for just $49, can you believe it? Well, it’s true. Wear as many designer pieces as you want and return them whenever you want!