How to Start a Fashion Blog & Earn Money 2023

Have you ever wondered how to start a fashion blog? Well, maybe you’re considering starting one, the reason why you’ve dropped in! In this blog, we’ll cover everything about starting a fashion blog.

From not being recognized as a full-fledged job to a full-time job that pays thousands of bloggers, fashion blogging has evolved in its steady style.

It is a dream job for all the fashion enthusiasts out there, the reason being the freedom of expression that it provides but numerous opportunities that come as a blessing apart from a huge viewership.

In addition, fashion blogging can become a great hobby that provides a good passive income as well.

Ready to become the Fashion Influencer you’ve always dreamed to be?

Here’s what you’ve got to do!

What is a Fashion Blog?

A fashion blog is a piece of article or essay that consists of content related to the fashion industry, apparel, garments, accessories, and footwear, everything that adds to making fashion into what it is.

A fashion blog gives insights about fashion, styling, grooming from a writers’ vision, sometimes they also target to deal with fashion problems faced by humans and help them get through it like a pro.

Types of Fashion Blogs 

Before you start a fashion blog, know these types of fashion blogs you can tap into:

  • Street Style Blog
  • Fashion News Blog
  • Personal Style Blog
  • Fashion Blog
  • Celebrity fashion blogs
  • Critic blogs

1. Street Style Blogs

Who says you can’t make a fashion statement while going to work or grocery shopping?

That’s precisely what street-style blogs are all about. They share different styles and vibes of fashionable people in the streets.

Various street style photographers click fashion bloggers who post runway-inspired street style looks.

2. Fashion and Retail News Blogs

Fashion Retail news is a huge domain in the fashion industry where bloggers write about fashion news and everything trending in fashion.

Blogs like fiber2fashion, yahooFashion, update of running fashion news about the retail industry.

3. Personal Style Fashion Blogs

This is what most fashion bloggers do. Writing about personal style, fashion guide, and styling tips.

Personal style bloggers have websites named at their name.

Some of the famous fashion bloggers including Chiara Ferragni (TheBlondeSalad), Aimee Song (Song of Style), Julia Engel (Gal Meets Glam)…to get influenced from.

4. Fashion Blogs

Regular Fashion blogs contain any sort of data regarding the fashion industry.

It can consist of topics like the runway, style, trends, shopping ideas, celebrity outfits, and explaining fashion in general.

If you’re passionate about writing anything about fashion, create a fashion blog.

5. Celebrity Fashion Blogs

Celebrity Fashion Blogs have all updates related to Celebrity fashion.

It introduces us to various designers who dress various celebrities, their collaboration with different brands, and trending celebrity fashion looks.

6. Fashion Critique Blogs

Fashion Critique Blogs talk about critique fashion trends, designer collections, celebrity looks, or anything else related to the fashion industry.

Writing such fashion critique blogs needs an expert eye which needs knowledge and expertise. Famous fashion editors and journalists are known to write most fashion critiques.

Why Do You Want to Be a Fashion Blogger?

Knowing the reason for why you want to be a Fashion Blogger, kind of sorts a lot of mess.

Loving fashion is one thing but if you’re not passionate enough to turn that love into your career, it’s gonna be damn hard!

Hence your main reason to start a fashion blog should be for the right reasons.

1. To Follow Your Passion

You should be passionate about blogging. A true fashion lover at some point does think of starting a fashion blog. If Fashion Blogging doesn’t excite you and scare you at the same time, while deciding on how to start a blog, you need to re-think it.

2. Networking

Apart from Blogging, if you feel meeting new people and attending events can be your thing, it’s again a wake-up call for you, and growing your fashion blog journey will result in you meeting new people, launches, and shows. So basically you’ll be “Networking” a lot.

3. Grow Social Media

It will help you grow your audience. A lot of people look up to fashion bloggers and influencers for style tips and tricks, and when you blog solving their issue, they love your work, resulting in more followers on Instagram!

4. Get Work Through Collaborations

As your reach grows, you get to work with more brands, and hence, you get more opportunities. So if you feel you’re a person whose influences could help build your brand name and collaborate with different brands, you must give it a shot! 

A lot of Fashion Bloggers have grown their blogs to the level that they’ve started their youtube channel and a retail brand and earning through multiple sources and it works great for them.

If they can do it, you can do it too!

Popular Fashion Blogs to follow : 

Here’s a list of popular Fashion Blogs to follow to get inspired from.

  • Who What Wear
  • The Fashion Fruit
  • Repeller
  • The Budget Fashionista
  • The Sartorialist

There are many more like these, so take notes on who inspires you and how you want your content to be and get benefit by following them! Read more about Top fashion Blogs to follow to stay updated on their content!

How to Build A Fashion Blog?

Here are 5 basic steps you need to follow to build a fashion Blog:

  • Choose a Niche or Name
  • Pick a Domain
  • Get a Web Hosting
  • Select a Theme
  • Publish

1. Choose a Niche

how to start a fashion blog and Choose your niche

Choosing a niche is basic. The smaller the niche, the more chances to perform from the initial stage. How much you ignore the fact that mini details do matter a lot, trust me it’s gonna take you nowhere. It helps you to have a direction you can follow and expand in similar niches later on.

2. Pick a Domain


A Domain name helps you build your unique identity on the internet, a Fashion Blog is just like a mini business that’s going to get you paid for the way you express your love for Fashion.

You need to think or decide on a unique and creative domain name that you will be known for.

3. Get a Web Hosting

GET A WEB HOSTING for your fashion blog

Web Hosting is a quintessential part of getting a Fashion Blog started. Web Hosting provides a space where you can store all your data, blogs, images, and everything that helps people to view their content on the internet.

Web hosting is a service that encourages your website accessible on the internet. The world of the internet is a huge space.


If you get a domain and host yourself it might cost you somewhere between $14.9 per year for your Domain name and Web Hosting costs $7.9 per month. 

Bluehost Web hosting Offer
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Use our referral link to get an exclusive deal of a Free Domain, Free SSL, and 60% discount on the whole thing that may just cost you $2.75 per month.

4. Select a Theme

Choose wordpress theme

Well, now you know how to start a fashion blog and there’s something very crucial you must know at this point.

As a successful fashion blogger, your blog theme should be your utmost priority hence try to keep your fashion blog aesthetic, sleek, and classy. 

There are numerous templates and options you can pick from WordPress, free and paid. Preview to see how the theme exactly looks, keep in mind the reviews and ratings before you finalize one.

5. Publish Your Blog

How to write a fashion blog

Writing fashion blogs requires knowledge and writing skills.

You can hon your writing skills by reading many fashion bloggers and journalists depending on the type of blogs you want to create. 

Try to solve mini problems that you know your target audience would have, that way they’ll look up to you for inspiration and that return to visit yours again.

Images play an essential role in the look of your blog, attractive images always grab more attention.

Want to get inspired? These are a few New York fashion bloggers, you can follow to get the right inspiration.

How to Get Traffic to Your Blog?

Getting traffic initially while starting a Fashion blog could be intimidating as you’ve just started, nobody knows you yet. You need to make that presence to be able to organically attract readers to your blog.

1. Be Consistent

Keep writing, post consistently as that would help you get noticed by Google as well. The more you post regularly, the better reputation your blog will receive from Google.

2. Add Tags and Keywords

They play an important role in building your fashion blog. Appropriate tags will help your blog to get recognized by users, hence your fashion blog will grow organically.

3. Join Communities and Groups 

Join groups that promote fashion blogging. You would come across a lot of Fashion bloggers updating about their latest posts, you can even visit their blogs to find inspiration and also, ask for backlinks for better reach.

4. Use Social Media 

It is a medium to promote your blogs. Fashion Bloggers mostly prefer Instagram to promote their content and parallelly engage with the audience to get a better reach.

5. Add a Link in Your Bio 

Add your link in bio on all your social media platforms for the ones who follow you to get access to your blogs as soon as you post a new fashion blog.

6. Share Interesting and Eye-catchy Pictures 

Images and captions on social media to increase awareness about your fashion blog and talk about it often.

7. Sponsored Posts 

When you post about your fashion blog, try to sponsor it for like day so that people of the same niches will get introduced to your profile through that sponsored ad. 

8. Collaboration 

While you’re starting a fashion blog, there are a lot of other fashion bloggers who are doing it well. You can ask fashion bloggers of your domain to come up with projects where you guys can collaborate or even you can ask them to guest post.

How to Monetize Your Fashion Blog 

Most of the known fashion bloggers do get paid only when they’ve achieved a position where they have a good user base, which means, Traffic! So once you have enough traffic on your fashion blog, here’s what you can do to monetize it.

  • Google AdSense (Use Ad Network e.g, Ezoic)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling Services
  • Create a Store
  • Email Marketing
  • Sponsored Posts

1. Ad Networks


Google ads are a great source of income for your fashion blogs. There are many ad networks like Google Adsense, Ezoic, and Mediavine that help you earn through ads displayed on your blog. These networks have different criteria to be able to display their ads. 

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate-marketing Become a Successful Beauty Blogger in 2021

Affiliate marketing is a great source of earning initially when you’re starting a fashion blog.

You can always list your set of recommended products on your blogs and get commissions when your users purchase them!

3. Selling Services

Selling Services Vector

You can sell services and courses that help your users to get to know more about you and also get benefits from you in form of a service that provides them with knowledge.

You can put short courses for aspiring bloggers where you help them know the industry better!

4. Create a Store

Create a Store Vector Image

Listing your favorite products could be a great way to help your users with choosing your recommendations.

Moreover, you can have a retail brand of yourself, put a shop section in your fashion blog, providing goods and services, of course, fashion!

Be your brand ambassador and promote your blogs and products on social media.

5. Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is quite an interesting tool to pursue when you want to monetize your fashion blog.

You can always collect emails from your users and update them on your blog post and products by sending them emails, you would get some loyal users and shoppers from here.

How to Promote Your Blog in 2023

These are a few ways of promote of your Fashion Blog:

  • Seo
  • Use Social Media
  • Email Newsletters
  • Guest Posting
  • Collaboration
  • YouTube Channel

1. Seo

Search Engine Optimization is a process where you can optimize your website according to Search Engines, online and offline that will help your blogs to rank better. Increased performance of your blogs will ultimately help you earn more through ads. 

2. Use Social Media

Being vocal about your blog and inviting people to engage with your blog is easily achievable through social media. Your blog’s presence on media helps you get brand deals and wider reach.

3. Email Newsletters

People can subscribe to your blogs, by this people will get updated every time there’s a new blog up. You will find your loyal audience who’ll keep supporting you by checking your blog posts regularly.

4. Guest posting

Research other fashion websites that create similar content to yours. Posting on their website will help their audience know about your content as well, and if they relate to you, you get more readers!

5. Collaboration

You can collaborate with content creators of your domain on your fashion blog, social media, or any platform which suits you. It allows an exchange of audience and helps you with a better reach that helps you boost your online presence.

6. YouTube channel

You can either start your blog in form of a youtube channel or widen your audience by making similar content on Youtube.

Since visuals like photos and videos are more likable, considering a youtube channel will be a boon.

Final Advice on How to Start a Fashion Blog

Fashion Blogging as a major source of income is not new anymore. We have seen hundreds of fashion blogs reaching greater heights through blogging.

Consistency, socially active and engaging audiences and collaborations are the keys to succeeding in this field, you need to have time and patience, and you shall reach what you want.

What’s inspiring is that a lot of Fashion enthusiasts are opting for Fashion blogging, so if they can, why can’t you?

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