Top Key Color Trends 2022 for Design & Forecasting

With the collaboration of The Coloro and Wgsn, Key Color trends 2022 has been announced. The global authority of trend forecasting WGSN also mentions Orchid Flower as the color of the year 2022. 

While Orchid Flower will have an impact on fashion, swimwear, home design, and beauty. Vibrant pinks are already having an impact on activewear and occasionwear, particularly for women.

It will appeal to both men and women due to its undertone of purple and will first be driven by the youth market.

These key colors in 2022 evoke a range of emotions, including energizing, calming, and reassuring ones. We selected these tones for this period of change and unpredictability because they have a powerful presence.

They provide a window of escape from the outside world and connect with it, ranging from the natural and true to the computerized and saturated.

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Top Key Color Trends 2022 for Fashion & Design

Orchid FlowerColoro: 150-38-31
Olive OilColoro: 044-52-13
ButterColoro: 040-86-20
Mango SorbetColoro: 030-67-34
Atlantic BlueColoro: 115-35-20
Golden HarvestColoro: 034-70-21
BloodstoneColoro: 011-27-26
Dark SpringsColoro: 087-20-02
A.I AquaColoro: 098-59-30
Electric MagentaColoro: 001-35-31

1. Orchid Flower 

Nature and its vitality will be appealing after extended periods of solitude, but technology will also be cherished as connections made through digital tools become a more important and valued aspect of daily life. 

Witness Vibrant pinks in all hues, forms, and shapes in the field of design, apparel, jewelry, and decor. In exciting hues give a dopamine dressing memo which is much anticipated after the pandemic ends and the world opens its doors to new opportunities.

2. Olive Oil

Green is a consistently important color, thanks to its association with nature, and for S/S 22 we will see it shift to the nourishing plant-based hue of Olive Oil, which feels restful and balanced. This is a rich trans-seasonal tone with a timeless, comforting quality, and much like its namesake, it makes a great base to combine with other colors.

Making its way to the neutrals, we’ll be witnessing many aesthetic Olive hues cultivated in various domains of design and fashion.

3. Butter 

Over the past three years, yellow has gained in popularity and now includes both saturated brights and light shades. For S/S 22, yellow will gravitate toward the gentler tone of Butter, which has a creamy, almost edible feel, driven by a desire for nutritious and nourishing experiences.

This is a soothing and flexible color that goes nicely with accent brights and strong pastels.

While bright colors will be leading the color trends for months, all credits to dopamine dressing, get ready to be introduced to the best sunshine hues that come with the name Butter, a creamy and glossy effect to break the monotony of dopamine hues.

4. Mango Sorbet 

S/S 22 will feature a much clearer appeal for upbeat hues like Mango Sorbet. It can be utilized to bring a much-needed injection of vitality to seasonal palettes, promoting feelings of well-being and health. This energizing, tropical hue combines the appeal of orange with the brightness of yellow.

Another orange hue that’s an extension of butter but intense, Mango Sorbet will be the perfect beach color for summer and resort wear.

5. Atlantic Blue 

Blue has a steady, adaptable, and trustworthy appeal that makes it a consistently well-liked color. Wgsn and coloro have selected Atlantic Blue for S/S 22 because it is a grounded, reassuring, and trans-seasonal tone that evokes the hues of organic indigo dyes and the ocean, making it ideal for sustainable and traditional designs.

6. Golden Harvest 

Beige, ecru, and yellow are combined in a cozier way in Golden Harvest. It has a relaxing presence and a nostalgic appeal, reminding one of the Moroccan Saharan vistas and earthen clay buildings as well as the vintage gold-tinted filters that are now commonplace on social media.

Denim, jersey, and timeless pieces like trench coats will go well with this. For interiors, it will complement upholstered furniture and give coziness to communal spaces like living rooms and dining rooms.

7. Bloodstone

Bloodstone has a recognizable quality with a darker edge that fits with the world’s more primal atmosphere. These historical elements are evoked by a color trend that grew out of the popularity of red and, more recently, brown.

This tone is adaptable and will work for knitwear, dresses, jersey, swimwear, outerwear, and accessories – particularly in the partywear industry and we’re most excited about this one!

8. Dark Springs 

Black has been making a strong comeback on the most recent catwalk shows, while Dark Springs provides a more intriguing option. Dark Springs’ undertone of green also lends it a depth akin to Rothko’s; the longer you stare at it, the more it seems to shift.

This is a flexible tone that will change depending on the type of material and light source. When it’s dark, it appears to be the deepest black, and when it’s bright, glimpses of green can be seen.

9. A.I Aqua 

Key color A.I. Aqua remains a major hue, highlighting the growing importance of trans-seasonal tones. The saturation level gives it a digitally enhanced, bluer-than-blue appearance, although it has a naturally occurring character, like a summer sky.

This can be used by both men and women because it is adaptable. Use it for activewear, which is particularly effective in technical fabrics, and to give classic pieces a clean, modern aesthetic is a perfect contrast to the dopamine hues like hot pink and tangerine that we’re going to witness soon.

10. Electric Magenta 

Electric Magenta is a vivacious color with an unreal edge that resembles a synthetic cherry tone. Although it would seem out of place for the fall and winter, it is only a few shades off from more traditional crimson and burgundy tones, making it unexpectedly appropriate.

Use for women’s party attire, knits, jerseys, activewear, and beauty products. It will also make a powerful statement for graphic and print menswear which will be a rage in the coming months.

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