WGSN & Coloro Announce Top Key Color Trends of 2025

Heading towards 2025, WGSN in collaboration with Coloro is exploring the key color trends of 2025. The ongoing economic, political, and environmental challenges will continue to be a problem for consumers. The overriding force will continue to be a sense of future uncertainty. 

The focus is on well-being, creativity, the environment, and technology are just a few of the influences that @wgsn and @coloro_ have chosen as their Key Colors for A/W 24/25. A/W 24/25’s “Key Colors” are Deep Rust, Midnight Plum, Sustained Grey, Cool Matcha, and Apricot Crush. 

The need for stability, escape, and restoration is reflected in our main colors for A/W 24/25, according to WGSN’s Clare Smith, a color strategist.

While they’re still picking up their best choice for the color of the year, here are the top key color trends of 2025. 

Top Key Color Trends of 2025

Best applied in Fashion, Beauty, Consumer Tech, and Interior, Key Colors Trends of 2025 to look up for.

1. Intense Rust

Intense Rust Key Color Trends of 2025

Intense Rust, which was initially predicted for A/W 23/24, is back as a prominent color for A/W 24/25. Intense Rust is a trans-seasonal brown with a warm, rich hue that inspires thoughts of solidity.

This color is reminiscent of soil, full of warmth and serene textures, and it strikes a balance between luxury and a raw, earthy edge. It is motivated by consumer trends that favor sustainability over novelty, a culture of secondhand shopping, and long-lasting goods.

This color encourages a return to the classic style and emphasizes authenticity and quiet luxury.

It is motivated by consumers who value sustainability above novelty, resale culture, and products with enduring appeal. This color encourages the comeback of traditional style and symbolizes authenticity and understated luxury.

2. Midnight Plum

Midnight Plum Key Color Trends of 2025

A potent dark purple with associations with notions of space travel and the metaverse is called Midnight Plum. Space’s vibrant colors have captured our imaginations thanks to NASA’s James Webb Telescope photos that have made it possible to solve cosmic origins questions. 

This shade of dark, almost-black color embraces gloom and evokes feelings of intrigue, the gothic, and the subterranean. It fits with consumers’ growing need for escape.

3. Sustained Grey

Sustained Grey Key Color trends of 2025

Sustained Grey affirms the continued value of neutral colors and environmentally friendly color schemes, which encourage recycling and the goal of “just enough.” This color has a utilitarian edge and stands for dependability and practicality. 

It is anchoring and foundational, representing practicality and reliability, As a timeless tint with an all-year appeal, it speaks to encouraging balance and slowing down.

4. Cool Matcha

Cool Matcha is a tinted pastel with a soothing and calm quality. While its peer colors like Sustained Grey, which emphasizes recyclability and the search for “just enough,” affirms the continued significance of neutrals and more environmentally friendly color choices,

This color, which stands for usefulness and dependability, is anchoring and foundational with a utilitarian edge. 

As a classic color with year-round appeal and trans-seasonal appeal, it appeals to encouraging balance and slowing down. Cool Matcha is the ideal blend of a vegetative green and thoughtful pastel. It is a calm, calming pale with a medicinal aspect.

5. Apricot Crush 

Apricot Crush Key Color Trends of 2024

A reviving and revitalizing color is apricot crush (Coloro 024-65-27). The fruit-inspired shade is a little less vibrant than its tangier orange sister that was recently featured throughout New York Fashion Week.

Anticipated as the color of the year 2024, it borrows from the beauty of nature while incorporating the natural vitamin- and antioxidant-rich advantages of apricots and oranges. Apricot Crush is reinforcing its significance in these times of great uncertainty by serving as a color that embodies optimism and hope.

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